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  1. It may also arise in excoriations caused by an ill-fitting tooth-plate, or from the impaction of a foreign body, such as a fish or game bone, in the mucous membrane.

  2. A localised swelling of the mandible, associated with pain referred to the ear and neck, and in some cases with spasmodic contraction of the muscles of mastication, may be due to impaction of the wisdom tooth (lower third molar).

  3. Fracture through Base of Neck of Femur with Impaction into the Trochanters.

  4. There being no urgency, a careful examination is carried out, not only to confirm the impaction of a foreign body, but its site and its relation to the wall of the gullet.

  5. In some cases, when the impaction is of the anterior portion of the neck, the limb is inverted.

  6. Most surgical museums contain specimens illustrating the impaction of a bolus of meat in the pharynx; this fatal accident has occurred especially in men in a condition of alcoholic intoxication.

  7. Impaction of wax causes deafness only when the lumen of the auditory canal becomes completely occluded by the plug.

  8. The sudden onset of deafness may be due to impaction of wax in the external meatus or to hæmorrhage or effusion into the labyrinth.

  9. When the body is accidentally swallowed impaction is more liable to take place, probably on account of the spasm induced by fright and by inco-ordinated attempts to eject it.

  10. Impaction is less common than in fracture through the base of the neck; it usually results from the patient falling on the trochanter, the distal fragment being driven as a wedge into the proximal (Fig.

  11. I have elsewhere explained that the impaction of a renal or an hepatic calculus, in the ureter or the ductus choledochus, may set up a true neuralgia in persons with the requisite congenital predisposition.

  12. Impaction and inflammation are the two common diseases of the crop.

  13. The different forms of acute indigestion are bloating, overloading of the rumen and impaction of the omasum.

  14. Grellois has reported the history of a case of a child twenty-two months old, who suffered for some time with impaction of a small bone in the esophagus.

  15. Stewart has extensively described the case of a native "Puckally" of Ceylon who was the victim of the most distressing symptoms from the impaction of a living fish in his throat.

  16. Perrin reports a case of an old man of eighty-two who lost his life from the impaction of a small piece of meat in the trachea and glottis.

  17. Occasionally the impaction of artificial teeth in the neighborhood of the larynx has been unrecognized for many years.

  18. Lawson mentions the impaction of a portion of a breech of a gun in the forehead of a man for twelve years, with subsequent removal and recovery.

  19. Symptoms from impaction of a loose body are exceptional.

  20. Portions of malignant tumours also may form emboli, and their impaction in the vessels may lead to the development of secondary growths in distant parts of the body.

  21. There is sudden pain at the site of impaction of the embolus, and the pulses beyond are lost.

  22. The clinical features in this group are mainly those of the disease which has given rise to the loose bodies, and it is exceptional to meet with symptoms from impaction of the body between the articular surfaces.

  23. They never give rise to the classical symptoms associated with impaction of a loose body between the articular surfaces.

  24. I am willing to bet that a post mortem on Fenceviewer would reveal a collection of junk that would give impaction of the rumen to an ostrich.

  25. The farrier examined her, confirmed my neighbour's diagnosis and added that the attack was complicated by a serious case of "impaction of the rumen.

  26. When fibroids are complicated by pregnancy, impaction and consequent abortion may take place, or a cervical myoma may offer a mechanical obstacle to delivery or lead to serious post partem haemorrhage.

  27. The wound in the flank must be brought together in the same way as in the case of the wound made in operating for impaction of the rumen.

  28. Constipation may be followed by impaction of the stomach or bowels.

  29. XIX); from dropsy or other disease of the calf; from excessive or imperfect development of the calf; from the impaction of twins into the passages at the same time; or at times it may be from the mere excessive volume of the fetus.

  30. Sudden laryngeal obstruction due to impaction of food or other foreign body.

  31. The point at which impaction takes place is an element of great importance.

  32. Thus, Bamberger records a case of {801} typhlitis due to impaction of feces above a stenosis gradually developed from a dysenteric ulcer.

  33. Hazelhurst relates {891} a case of impaction in a negro where two hundred and eighty plum-stones were removed from the rectum after having been there for a week.

  34. When impaction occurs a local inflammation comes on, an exudation is poured out, ulceration begins, and presently the peritoneum is reached.

  35. The impaction of a biliary calculus has already been repeatedly referred to, but there are some additional points demanding consideration.

  36. Should there be any suspicion that the tumor is caused by impaction of feces, a positive opinion should be withheld until laxatives have been given.

  37. Typhlitis independent of fecal impaction is always a grave affection, requiring in every instance a very guarded prognosis.

  38. The large intestine is capable of great distention, as is frequently demonstrated in fecal impaction described in previous chapters.

  39. The pathological changes that result in rectal impaction of feces usually extend to the sigmoid cavity.

  40. When thus stored it should be in large mows, and it should be well tramped, otherwise the impaction may not be sufficient.

  41. The impaction of such soils by stock treading on them seems rather to advance than to hinder the growth.

  42. When the wound was opened up an opening was found in the external circumflex artery, hæmorrhage from which had been controlled by the impaction of the piece of shell.

  43. Control of primary hæmorrhage from a wounded vessel by the impaction of a foreign body was of much less frequent occurrence than appears to have been the case with the older bullets.

  44. Such a diet leads to impaction of the large intestine resulting in death, but does not induce scurvy.

  45. It was soon reported by various workers, Rappleye, Cohen and Mendel, Hess and Unger, and others, that there was no definite relationship between the occurrence of scurvy and impaction of the caecum.

  46. As the carbonaceous impaction advances, the sounds become exceedingly dull over the whole thoracic region, and in many of the cases no sound whatever can be distinguished.

  47. Unpracticed observers naturally conclude that the secondary urinary trouble is the main and only one, and the intestinal impaction and obstruction is too often neglected until it is irremediable.

  48. The result is rapid engorgement and swelling of the organ, impaction of the rectum with feces, and distention of the bladder with urine, all of which conditions seriously interfere with the return of the mass.

  49. Impaction of the large bowels is to be diagnosed by a slight abdominal pain, which may disappear for a day or two to reappear with more violence.

  50. Horses may suffer from impaction of the bowels for a week, yet eventually recover, and cases extending two or even three weeks have ended favorably.

  51. Another important point is to give bran mashes and other laxative diet only, and in moderate quantity, for a fortnight, and to unload the rectum by copious injections of warm water in case impaction is imminent.

  52. Twins are rare in the mare, and still more rare is the impaction of both at once into the pelvis.

  53. Recurring colics of the type of impaction colic, but more severe, may lead one to suspect the existence of this condition.

  54. Faecal impaction requires the regular and repeated administration of large enemata, given through a long tube, together with the administration of calomel and belladonna.

  55. Impediments to the passage of the urine through the urethra may arise from different causes, such as the impaction of a small calculus in the canal, or any morbid growth (a polypus, &c.

  56. Impaction of a large calculus in the prostate.

  57. The danger of subglottic impaction renders it imperative that attempts to aid spontaneous expulsion by inverting the patient should be discouraged.

  58. Pain may be caused by penetration of a sharp foreign body, by inflammation secondary thereto, by impaction of a large object, or by spasmodic closure of the hiatus esophageus.

  59. The possibility of the foreign body being coughed out after suppurative processes have loosened its impaction is too remote; and the lesions established may result fatally even after the expulsion of the object.

  60. Obstructive foreign body may be quickly fatal by laryngeal impaction on aspiration, or on abortive bechic expulsion.

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