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gradus; graffe; graffed; graffiti; graffito; grafted; grafter; grafters; grafting; grafts
  1. Graft prevailed, and the old order disappeared in a slough of selfishness.

  2. Then the investigation of each particular case is difficult, and favoritism and graft of various kinds inevitably finds its way in.

  3. The years, they say, graft love divine On the lopp'd stock of love like thine; The wild tree dies not, but converts.

  4. So be it; but the lopping hurts, The graft takes tardily!

  5. When worked at the top of a stem formed of the stock, the growth from the graft or bud must be pruned in a similar way.

  6. Side-grafting is performed like whip-grafting, the graft being inserted on the side of a branch and not at the cut end of the stock.

  7. The parts are, however, sometimes so small that the tongue of the graft is dispensed with, and the two stems simply pared smooth and bound together.

  8. Here the graft is fixed to the side of the stock, which is planted or potted close to the plant to be worked.

  9. In a soil, for example, naturally moist, it is proper to graft pears on the quince, because this plant not only thrives in such a soil, but serves to check the luxuriance thereby produced.

  10. It's a long story--just some graft that I wouldn't stand for.

  11. There was never any graft in the world so easy as the national bank graft, declared Bates.

  12. It's the easiest graft that's going," said Oliver.

  13. For there had been serious graft and dishonesty in the politics of New Hampshire, and led by Anthony Graham the younger men in the state had been able to defeat the old-time political ring.

  14. He had promised to stop the graft and crime in the state and to give positions to no persons who were not fitted for them.

  15. Then later on the writer suggests that Anthony may not be above taking graft himself.

  16. BEST STOCK ON WHICH TO GRAFT Mr. Burbank, Judge Leib, and George C.

  17. The walnut has generally been considered a very difficult tree to graft successfully.

  18. The third year from setting of the graft you will have a crop of nuts.

  19. In three or four years after planting cut off the trunk about as high as a man's waist or shoulder and put in the graft from the best variety available.

  20. Even speech, at first, necessarily has nothing to do with it; but it follows after silence, as the buds in the graft do not put forth into leaves till long after the graft has taken.

  21. I, which letters stand for an attempt to graft a new creed on to the tree of religion in India which was bearing fruit at a period when we were hobnobbing in caves, with a boulder or good stout club as reasons for existence.

  22. Many persons cannot understand why it is that plants so luxuriant in growth fail to bloom, but when they discover that this growth comes from the root below where the graft was inserted, the mystery is explained to them.

  23. This deplorable social condition is largely responsible for the multitudinous forms of graft that exist to-day.

  24. In spite of the apparent prevalence of graft and the seemingly unprecedented dishonesty of those who serve the public, there are not wanting signs of the coming of better things.

  25. The public mind is becoming especially active just at this time in combating graft in all forms, and is ready to aid in its destruction.

  26. The spirit of graft that has pervaded our ranks, especially here in the West, is doing much to lower the standard and undermine the morals and ethics of the profession.

  27. The graft that has been uncovered lately in connection with the preparation and sale of medicines, drugs and nostrums is almost incredible when we think of the danger to health and human life involved.

  28. The graft is to have a near-worm manufactured of delicate rubber and compressed into a capsule.

  29. He not always hated because he mutilates humanity so much, as because his spectacular graft in surgery is sure to be taken as proof conclusive that he is superior in all other departments of therapeutics.

  30. And it is time for society to recognize some of the responsibility for graft that rests on it, for setting standards that cause commercialism to dominate the age.

  31. There is another graft now that is taking the place of the one just mentioned, to some extent at least.

  32. Not alone has graft pervaded the schools whose business it is supposed to be to make capable physicians.

  33. Are they men who took to graft and disgraced their profession because they loved that kind of life, and the stigma it brings?

  34. Only recently I chanced to learn that even in the business of publishing there is a little world of graft peculiar to itself.

  35. In the great tome of his record of archaisms and neologisms, the grey moss hangs about the oak, and the graft shoots forth with fresh verdure.

  36. To insert (a graft) in a branch or stem of another tree; to propagate by insertion in another stock; also, to insert a graft upon.

  37. The stem or branch in which a graft is inserted.

  38. To graft by cutting the scion and stock in a certain manner.

  39. The two unite and become one tree, but the graft determines the kind of fruit.

  40. A small slit in the bark of each graft for investigation showed that the cambium was green in four grafts, the fifth graft was completely dead.

  41. One Thomas black walnut tree four feet tall, one year from graft bearing a Thomas walnut.

  42. When I started out I thought it would be cheaper to plant seedlings and graft them, as explained above.

  43. Perhaps I might defeat natural processes by leaving a leaf or part of one at the distal part of a green graft shoot.

  44. An attempt will also be made to graft a few large--unfruitful Japanese chestnuts at various places in the State with scions of this good Chinese strain.

  45. We used the modified cleft graft method and we set the grafts on layered plants of the Barcelona filbert which were lined out in April.

  46. In no case was an entire leaf left at the distal end of a graft because it was felt that even one-fourth of one leaf would attend to the required functions.

  47. This would seem to mean that the terminal leaves in scions conducted or helped to conduct repair in green graft wounds to a point where buds are now bursting on two persimmon scions.

  48. Terminal leaves had finally died but two of the buds of green graft on green have burst forth into leaf.

  49. Persimmon tree (a) One graft, green on green; one green graft on old wood.

  50. One green graft in bark slot of older wood.

  51. As the tree roots are established it's nice to be able to stick a graft on these and save waiting a year to replant them with nursery trees.

  52. This past spring we tried to graft several of the most promising hybrids in the older block of trees.

  53. Such is the manner of graft in the Holy Land.

  54. Work on the limbs above the head so as to preserve the advantage of the old forking, using a cleft graft and waxing well.

  55. Graft evergreens like the olive in the nursery row; not by bench grafting.

  56. Can I graft French prunes on the Silver trees?

  57. Will pears do to graft on the peach, or will plums do well on the peach?

  58. Cut off and graft in the branches above the main forking of the tree; leaving at least one large branch to be grafted later or to be cut out entirely if you have peach growth enough to fill the top sufficiently.

  59. Would it be proper to graft one-year California black walnut seedlings that must also be transplanted?

  60. The peach is more difficult to graft than other fruit trees, because of the drying back of the bark.

  61. Graft toward the latter part of the dormant season, say when the buds are swelling for a new start.

  62. I have 10 to 15 acres of black oak trees which I wish to graft over to chestnuts.

  63. How shall I make the bridge-graft or root-graft over the trunks of trees girdled by gophers?

  64. A flute or ring graft or bud does well on small seedlings - that is, removing a ring or cylinder of the bark from the stock and putting in its place a cylinder from the variety desired, cut to fit accurately.

  65. I have an idea to plant apple seeds instead of trees: planting three or four seeds for each hill, right in the place where I would grow the trees, and select the best one to graft on.

  66. Graft near the ground all those which are sending suckers from below the graft.

  67. Can I graft over a few Ben Davis apple trees 25 years old or thereabouts, but thrifty and vigorous?

  68. If the device of using the public lands to graft Government onto Conservation had not been invented by some civic genius, we would have had 90 percent of conservation to 10 percent of controversy.

  69. A good graft was to work the fairs at Danbury, Waverly, Philadelphia and Pittsburg, and the foot-ball games at Princeton.

  70. Sheenie Annie's graft broadened, and from dipping and small shop-lifting she rose to a position where she doubled up with a mob of clever hotel workers, and made large amounts of money.

  71. I did not graft except when my funds were very low, and so, of course, contrary to my plans, I saved no fall-money.

  72. When I got my hand in again, I began to go for stone-getting, which was a fat graft in those days, when the Lexow committee was beginning their reform.

  73. He explained the insurance graft to me, and I still think it the surest and most lucrative of all grafts.

  74. Our tools for this graft were pen, paper, and ink; and one new shovel and pick-axe.

  75. But I wasn't much at the graft during the seven months I remained on the outside.

  76. I continued to dip, however, more boldly than ever and to do a good deal of day work; in which comparatively humble graft the servant girls, as I have already said, used to help us out considerably.

  77. It lasted for five or six months, when Mike stopped it as a regular graft because of the growing cupidity of the keepers.

  78. But after a while this lucrative graft came to an end, for the collector began to get "next".

  79. His graft was burglary, outside of New York.

  80. As soon as I had picked out a good mob to join I began to graft again.

  81. I was eager to get out, of course, but I knew way down in my mind, that it would be only to graft again.

  82. The stock on which the graft is made is not the thing which you wish to fructify.

  83. But though the stock does not need to be changed, you can change and renew your graft as much and as often as you like.

  84. You are an admirable example of that happy graft which we mentioned just now.

  85. One may wonder how the morality of those tawny Semites was enabled to graft itself upon your alien white-skinned race with such tenacity as to influence your whole national development.

  86. When the roar comes, it'll be up to you, and Mullins will throw up his hands and accuse you of having a private graft of some sort with the railroad clerks in the claim office.

  87. The crooked chief of police had turned me over to the crooked coal company to do crooked work, and I was to be held up for a graft on my salary.

  88. He might be following you up to get a graft out of you.

  89. Graft became the one object of the political seeker after office.

  90. Grafting in this state never has cost the taxpayer a dollar," was one of the slogans of a machine government in its attempts to perpetuate that machine for the purposes of King Graft and his court.

  91. Nine states in the union of forty-five states recently have declared that graft exposures have not been in their categories of political publicity for a year.

  92. No man in all our country is so feared by evil doers of all classes as the author of this revelation of the ways and wiles of wicked men and women, who graft and swindle, rob and corrupt their fellows in defiance of law and justice.

  93. Suddenly the "good fellow" at a state capitol who had with him the perquisites of good fellowship in graft measure found himself facing the interrogation: "What are you doing here?

  94. After these, the huge powers of the land, cleansed states, counties and cities must join the Augean stable-cleaning, for graft is everywhere.

  95. The court of King Graft has been attacked and threatened as never before, and with greater showing.

  96. There have been many virtuous kings and honest feudal lords, but the despotism of graft never founded its rule upon a semblance of the moral law.

  97. Graft in its highest personification is the king of the American nation in political, commercial and social life.

  98. Here is a story, given in the words of the man himself, which shows how the charity graft is worked in a number of ways.

  99. This is a story of the most despicable graft extant.

  100. The writer of this article has enjoyed intimate personal association with the great detective, both in the capacity of a newspaper reporter, magazine writer and anti-graft worker.

  101. The result, first, was a campaign upon the man who had the graft to dispense.

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