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  1. She put the bud quietly but with a most satisfied air of affection into Mr. Carleton's hand.

  2. Fleda was usually very quiet in her demonstrations; it was as if a little green bud had suddenly burst into a flush of loveliness; and he saw, it was as plain as possible, that good-will to him had been the moving power.

  3. In less than that time she came running back with a beautiful half-blown bud of a monthly rose in her hand, and in her face such a bloom of pleasure and eagerness as more than rivalled it.

  4. With many a bud if flowering Almonds bloom, And arch their gay festoons that breathe perfume, So shall thy harvest like profusion yield, And cloudless suns mature the fertile field.

  5. The part which is removed and set into the stock is called a cion if it is a piece of a branch, or a "bud" if it is only a single bud with a bit of tissue attached.

  6. In the South, the peach stock may be budded in June or early July of the year in which the seed is planted, and the bud grows into a saleable tree the same year: this is known as June budding.

  7. For ordinary planting, it is desirable to choose trees two years from bud or graft, except in case of the peach, which should be one year old.

  8. The sand was packed down, sprinkled, and single-joint rose cuttings, with a bud and a leaf near the top, were inserted almost their whole length in the sand.

  9. It consists in inserting a bud underneath the bark of the stock, and the commonest practice is that which is shown in the illustrations.

  10. Ordinarily the bud does not grow until the following spring, at which time the entire stock or branch in which the bud is inserted is cut off an inch above the bud; and the bud thereby receives all the energy of the stock.

  11. Cover the crown bud 2 or 3 inches, being careful not to injure it.

  12. The bud is then shoved into a slit made in the stock, and it is held in place by tying with a soft strand.

  13. Usually, hardwood cuttings are made with two to four joints or buds, and when they are planted, only the upper bud projects above the ground.

  14. The bud artichokes should be separated and set fully 3 ft.

  15. Efter at Berg havde faaet lidt Mad i Livet, vilde man »ende Dagen« og sendte Bud efter to Drosker, hvor man kom til Sæde hulter til bulter.

  16. Aw give him enough to eat, Romper, he's only had three helpings already," jeered Bud Weir.

  17. Pshaw, don't give up so soon," said Bud Weir.

  18. He grasped Bud Weir's arm and shouted: "Look!

  19. If we don't win that prize now all our chances for a motorboat are gone for sure," said Babe Wilson when Bud Weir announced the withdrawal of part of the fund.

  20. Oh, we're only juveniles," said Bud sarcastically, turning away to hide his feelings.

  21. This last was addressed to the four other occupants of the room, Bud Weir, Romper Ryan, Babe Wilson and Nipper Knapp.

  22. You see, Bruce, Bud and Romper were waiting patiently the decision of the Councilmen, who were convening behind the closed doors of the room to their left.

  23. Just the way we all should look at it," insisted Bud Weir, leader of the Blue Heron patrol.

  24. Come on, fellows, and help unload the sleigh," shouted Bud Weir as Jiminy finally reached the ground after he had finished wiring the big star in place.

  25. Three were attached to the north station crew, of which Bud was made leader, and the other three were appointed members of Bruce's south station crew.

  26. That's exactly what it means," said Bud quite soberly.

  27. While this was being done, Bud Weir strapped on his climbing spurs and began to climb the tall pole, carrying the end of a good strong manila halyard.

  28. Say, fellows, this is going to be fine," said Bud Weir.

  29. We'll get busy immediately," said Bud Weir.

  30. They had been expecting Stockton, and as he did not come it was decided to send Bud down to the mill; in fact, Bud decided the matter himself.

  31. If Bud hadn't put you out we'd have come closer to licking this bunch.

  32. Once Bud deliberately asked what he intended to do with me, and Buell snarled a reply which no one understood.

  33. When Bud rode down to the mill an' told me the kid had got away I made up my mind to ketch him an' shet his mouth--one way or another.

  34. I heard Bud and Bill yelling, and the angry crack and hiss of the fire.

  35. So while Bill cracked hoarse jokes and Herky swore his pleasure, I made Bud drink all he could hold.

  36. His companions, Bud and Bill, as Buell had called them, were sitting at a table, and as Jim Williams walked into the center of the room they slowly and gradually rose to their feet.

  37. Perhaps Buell had sent the Mexican with Bud and Bill on my trail again.

  38. With that Bud and Bill began kicking in the piles of brush.

  39. Buell was abusing Bud for something, and Bud was blaming Buell.

  40. But Bud was white and sick, and Herky flaming with excitement.

  41. I wonder how they feel about me an' Bud an' Bill?

  42. Even Bud was kind to me, though he still wore conspicuously over his forehead the big bruise I had given him.

  43. Then I saw Bill and Herky running up the gorge, and, farther down, Bud staggering and lurching.

  44. To put forth or produce buds, as a plant; to grow, as a bud does, into a flower or shoot.

  45. To graft, as a plant with another or into another, by inserting a bud from the one into an opening in the bark of the other, in order to raise, upon the budded stock, fruit different from that which it would naturally bear.

  46. Having a bud or button, or a kind of trefoil, at the end; furnished with knobs or buttons.

  47. A little bud springing from a parent bud.

  48. The act or process of ingrafting one kind of plant upon another stock by inserting a bud under the bark.

  49. Yep, Gov," was the answer that good Bud man made as my Gouverneur Faulkner and I took our way through many chickens into the low little house.

  50. And, when at last the stars were again there to look down upon me, we arrived behind the barn of that Bud Bell to find all in the little house at rest.

  51. From my honored father I had learned the ways of woods in hunting and also I knew that the good Lightfoot would in darkness carry me in safety to his stall in the barn of Mr. Bud Bell, beside which stood my Cherry.

  52. The roses bud and bloom, again; But Love may haunt the grave of Love, And watch the mould in vain.

  53. Of course it is possible that on the bud stocks which I brought over there was this hereditary tendency to produce these keels.

  54. Constantinople hazelnuts grew two feet from all terminal branches and not a bud winter-killed.

  55. Either that or the bud wood which I brought over from Spain was not representative of the Jordan variety although I picked it from trees that were bearing these nuts and I saw the nuts and they were typical.

  56. Summon the haunted beetle, From twilight bud and bloom, To drone a gloomy dirge for me At dusk above my tomb.

  57. Now only night is where the Pedlar was; And bleak as frost upon a too-sweet bud His magic steals in darkness, O alas!

  58. And now you're grown A little girl, and this same helpless mite Is come like such another bud half-blown, Out of the wintry night.

  59. To Peggy, laughing up at Bud Bevington, it seemed that the whole world was dancing.

  60. So you see," Katherine turned and laughed up at Bud Bevington, "there's an awful task ahead of you.

  61. So in the woods we sing and shout, Heigh-tralala loud ringing; We sing, while all things bud and sprout, To May our welcome bringing.

  62. So in the woods we sing and shout Heigh-tralala loud ringing; We sing, while all things bud and sprout, To May our welcome bringing.

  63. McTurkle found his glasses, fixed them on his lean nose, and regarded Bud with genuine alarm.

  64. We had some more cheering then, and then Bud leaped up on the steps and announced "Speech by McTurkle!

  65. Then Bud climbed up on to the edge of the Stadium and we did some more cheering, and when he called for "a regular cheer for the band" the way we hit it up was a caution.

  66. The bud of the plant attacked by those grubs, instead of forming a shoot, pushes out nothing but leaves, and these are all rolled, and turned round the stem.

  67. The operations of an insect in boring into a leaf or a bud to form a lodgment for its eggs appear very simple.

  68. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bud" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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