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  1. His Exclusive Territory A mother grizzly and her year-and-a-half-old cub came shuffling along the shore of a little lake in the No-Summer Mountains.

  2. A grizzly cub in Yellowstone Park found a big ham skin--a prized delicacy.

  3. I had seen this cub and his mother on the other side of the Medicine Bow Mountains, at least fifty miles away.

  4. The cub tipped over in the water, but hastily took a tail-hold and was towed rapidly away.

  5. A grizzly cub learns speedily and from the first tries to know everything around him.

  6. The little cub landed some yards away, tumbling heels over head.

  7. Then, all forlorn, he turned to look eagerly into the face of the hunter, who had been watching the little cub all this while with big tears upon his cheeks.

  8. One little cub sniffed in a bewildered, puzzled way over her cold, still body.

  9. A mother grizzly crossing a lake just south of Long's Peak swam low in the water with a cub sitting contentedly on her back.

  10. The cub placed his fore paws against mother's side and from this secure position peeped over and beyond her.

  11. The other little cub after much tugging finally uprooted a lily.

  12. On rare occasions it betrays him into trouble, or lands a cub in a trap.

  13. This little cub was so thin and weak that he must have been lost for some days.

  14. Just as the hunter was about to start skinning the bear I caught sight of a cub peeping from beneath large slide rocks not thirty feet away.

  15. But how--no Eysie came on board--no Salarik either, except for the cub who showed us what they thought of catnip.

  16. The cub remained where he was, his head up, his wide nostrils visibly drinking in that smell.

  17. And Dane's surprise must have been plain to read for the cub followed his speech with a vigorous nod and set one foot on the ramp to underline his desire.

  18. What if he had introduced to the natives of Sargol a dangerous drug--started that cub on some path of addiction.

  19. Also, thar's nothin' in them cub coyote claims of yours for r'arin' children.

  20. One day the Cub of a Wolf was put into his hands, and he was asked what it was.

  21. When the wonderful meal was at last finished Bo enticed the bear cub around to the camp of the girls, and there soon became great comrades with him.

  22. The little bear cub whined at his heels; the tame deer seemed to regard him with deep, questioning eyes, the big cougar padded softly here and there as if searching for something.

  23. As it happened, the little bear cub saw this transaction, and he plainly indicated his opinion of the preference shown to Tom.

  24. And with only cub engineers--" He threw out both fat hands, with a gesture of despairing scorn.

  25. Strikes me that their company is mighty lucky to have cub engineers employed on this job.

  26. He's a cub engineer, they call him; a grizzly cub at that.

  27. None the less, as Rod had remarked a day or so before, it was up to every member of the Breckenridge Company, from Breck the Great down to the meekest cub engineer, to keep that lead.

  28. She remembered the captain's terse description--"a cub engineer, and a grizzly cub at that.

  29. The cub caught sight of the pretty little striped creature, and came darting clumsily and gaily to the attack.

  30. The pretty striped creature gave its stern a contemptuous jerk, and the deluded cub fell in a heap, squealing, gasping, choking, and pawing convulsively at the horrible sticky stuff which filled his mouth and eyes.

  31. She gave a low call to the cub; but the cub was preoccupied now, sniffing at the rabbit tracks, and lifting himself on his hindquarters to stare longingly at the rabbits, who were hopping off to discreeter distance.

  32. The cub wandered off a little way, with some vague notion of chasing the elusive rabbits.

  33. If we had not interfered just now, the fox's cub would have lost its life.

  34. Last spring, when I was taking out my cub to play, it was carried off by some boys, and only saved by your goodness.

  35. His wolf cub had shown her teeth at last, at the lash, and he did not venture to sting her to revolt with too long use of scourge and chain.

  36. Like any other young cub of the woods, she had only two instincts--air and liberty.

  37. This Cub was just like his sire to look at, in shape and colour, mane and claws; but in voice he took after his dam.

  38. This Cub used to play about with the young Lions, and merry times they had to be sure, tumbling head over heels, and trying to knock each other down.

  39. One day, in the midst of their game, the mongrel Cub thought he would frighten them; so he opened his mouth wide, intending to roar, and all that came out was a yelp like the yelp of a jackal.

  40. The poor Cub slunk away with his tail between his legs, while the other Lions sniffed and turned up their noses at him.

  41. Rick climbed as the Cub passed over Seaford, then turned out to sea and went northward again.

  42. He sat down on the grass under the wing of the Cub and hurriedly stood up again.

  43. And Gus had promised to get the necessary lights for the Cub from Newark early Monday morning, and to have them installed by Monday evening.

  44. He lifted his hand from the wheel and the Cub held course without a waver.

  45. The Cub was at the correct approach angle.

  46. On each of the craft, fishermen waved as the Cub sped past.

  47. The Cub flashed across into the open, dropping steadily.

  48. Then, as the Cub flashed overhead, he saw a large truck that had backed down the reef toward the wreck as far as it was safe to go.

  49. He waited a second too long, and his wheels touched and the Cub bounced.

  50. The Cub was out; there was no place to land at Seaford.

  51. Rick pointed the nose of the Cub directly at him and held it there.

  52. We can't fly at night in the Cub because we don't have landing lights.

  53. The Cub held its tight circle and Rick kept his finger down.

  54. The Cub now carried a pair of landing lights, like auto headlights, one under each wing, and red and green navigation lights on the wings.

  55. The Cub flashed across Salt Creek and Rick pulled the control wheel back into his lap.

  56. Rick applied the brakes and the Cub slowed to a stop.

  57. The cub bounded through the glade, dragging me with him.

  58. The bear cub showed signs or weariness, which pleased me.

  59. The cub had gone up the right-hand trunk some fifteen feet, and was now hugging it.

  60. I made up my mind to hold to the cub until the last gasp.

  61. The cub dove at Herky, under him, straight between his legs like a greased pig, and, spilling him all over the trail, sped on out of sight.

  62. With a natural impulse to shoot I raised my rifle, but the cub looked so attractive and so helpless that I hesitated.

  63. If I had not been angry clear through at that cub I might have let go.

  64. Thar's two old bears an' a cub been foolin' with one of my traps.

  65. Very soon I saw that not only was the bear cub running away, but he was running away with me.

  66. The ole feller with the trap went up the right-hand draw, an' the mother an' cub took to the left.

  67. Youngster, you don't want to pack thet pesky cub back to Pennsylvania?

  68. I dropped the rope and leaped for the branch above, and, catching it, lifted myself just as the sharp claws of the cub scratched hard over my boot.

  69. The cub has more sense than the dog," Jule exclaimed.

  70. Now," thought Alex, "the cub has gone and done it!

  71. Fontenelle, as the bulldog and the bear cub were assisted, streaming, to the deck.

  72. So far as I know," Clay answered, "he's the only cub that ever did a stunt like that.

  73. The cub put his paws upon the edge of the bunk and tried to answer in bear talk that it did.

  74. Jule heard both the dog and the cub protesting at being kept away from the fellow, and saw the man turn sharply about.

  75. The boy waited a long time, but the cub did not return.

  76. At any rate, the white bulldog and the bear cub got the supper the boy had sweated over for an hour or more.

  77. We all agreed to that, you know," he added as Alex wrinkled a freckled nose and pointed to the bear cub still trying to look out.

  78. One Cub never should make that accusation against another unless he's prepared to back it up with proof," resumed Brad severely.

  79. Furthermore, unless he's forgotten Cub training, he'll eventually find his way back to camp or to the road.

  80. Let's stick to the Cub motto: 'Do Your Best.

  81. The story of the Cubs' encounter with the foreman of the farm and their part in saving his prize pheasants during a disastrous flood, has been told in the first volume of this series: "Dan Carter, Cub Scout.

  82. Rolling up the trouser legs of their Cub uniforms, the boys removed shoes and socks, hiding the latter in the bushes.

  83. And yet Brad and Red surely had had more than ample time to get to the Cub camp and return with a stretcher.

  84. The Cub made no reply, but was sunk in gloom.

  85. By far Dan was the most popular Cub in Den 2.

  86. Mr. Holloway manned the rope attached to the Cub leader's waist.

  87. He thought he could guess why the Cub leader had called.

  88. You're the first Cub to come looking for food.

  89. Outwardly showing no uneasiness, the two Cub leaders went ahead with last-minute preparations for the pow-wow.

  90. With Wolf Cub hanging to their heels, they started the upward climb.

  91. That's right, let old Wolf Cub snuggle up against you.

  92. At least, she follows me around about as close as Wolf Cub does.

  93. And when you are warmed up, you creep into the blankets with Wolf Cub and sleep for four hours.

  94. The Wolf Cub was gnawing on a bone, and the sun sifted brilliantly through the cedars.

  95. The far-drawn cry of the coyotes disturbing him now no more than it did the Wolf Cub listening but unheeding.

  96. Old Johnny had gone down to the post-office and Douglas finished his supper and was sitting on the doorstep when Judith galloped up, with the Wolf Cub under the heels of her mount.

  97. They fell to work swiftly, and before the Wolf Cub had half finished his meal they were on the march.

  98. The Wolf Cub lay as close as he could crowd against Judith's other side, his nose almost in the embers.

  99. The Wolf Cub trotted importantly into the camp with a scrawny jack-rabbit dragging against his shaggy gray breast.

  100. Too done up to protest, Judith allowed Douglas to wrap her in blankets and, with the Wolf Cub snuggled against her back, she dropped into slumber.

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