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  1. Choice varieties may be grafted or budded on to the common sorts in June or July.

  2. It is generally budded on an orange or lemon tree and plunged in a bottom-heat.

  3. Fruit trees are sometimes budded close to the soil on stocks 1-1/2 ft.

  4. All seedlings from the thinning test were set out in nursery rows the following spring and those large enough were budded in the summer.

  5. The object was to develop nursery practices which would yield the large uniform seedlings most desirable as understocks for grafted or budded trees.

  6. Chestnuts can be budded by the same method, but the spring budding should be done earlier, while the stocks are in bud, and the summer budding should be done two or three weeks later than with the walnut.

  7. Most of you are chiefly interested in grafted or budded trees, and this is as it should be.

  8. Some budded trees of it are over a dozen years old.

  9. I recall when all our trees producing small and inferior nuts, were cut down level with the ground, and the sprouts growing from the roots, were budded or grafted to paper-shells.

  10. Richards' trees when budded by the "Twin-T" method, but Carr and other Chinese varieties were budded successfully.

  11. I am giving this variety the name Rhodes, and suggesting it for use in west Tennessee because of its adaptability and the fact that it can be budded upon black walnut.

  12. Seedling trees may be raised easily by anyone, whereas much skill and practice are required to produce grafted and budded trees.

  13. The French say that the tree makes a very weak growth budded on the Mahaleb and that it should be worked on the Mazzard, which is generally true of all Dukes.

  14. Baldwin is supposed to have grown from a sprout of a stock on which Early Richmond had been budded on the farm of S.

  15. Brown Best was introduced some twenty-five years ago by Brown Brothers, Rochester, New York, having been budded from an old tree.

  16. Probably 95 per centum of the cherries grown in this country are budded on the Mahaleb.

  17. If budded high the branches are pendulous, which, with the large, dark fruit, makes a handsome ornamental.

  18. On the other hand larger fruits of the Sand Cherry can be grown when it is budded on stocks of the Americana.

  19. For a long time after its introduction in New York, the cherry, in common with other fruits, was grown as a species--varieties and budded or grafted trees were probably not known.

  20. Cherries are now grown almost wholly as budded trees but they can be more or less readily root-grafted, depending upon the variety.

  21. I find the Yellow Transparent that I have budded on the standard better on the dwarf than on the standard.

  22. From all sources the reports were that all fruit trees, vines and other plants came through the previous winter in good condition, and that all fruit trees budded and blossomed earlier than usual.

  23. These are one year old budded trees; they have made in the congenial climate of California a growth of about eight feet and are an inch through the stem.

  24. For this "flower fallen from the budded coronal of Spring" took root and flourished, even in London mire, and again the fragrant petals unfolded and the greenery grew.

  25. All budded and grafted trees will in November want constant attention.

  26. Trees budded at the beginning of the year must now be cut down within about two inches of the bud; this space above the bud being left to tie the young shoots to, to prevent their being broken off by the wind.

  27. The tops of the budded stocks are by some left uncut until the August or September following; but a gardener of much experience in the Colony makes it a rule to cut his tops off immediately, as the buds strike much sooner with this practice.

  28. The stock to be budded should have a T-shaped incision made in the bark.

  29. Budded trees are better than those grafted, as a general rule, the union being better; indeed grafting is usually adopted because budding has failed.

  30. Of these it puts forth a goodly number: and it may also be budded with great improvement.

  31. The hickories budded in a strange, pale yellow, but the oaks stood sturdy with some of the winter's brown leaves clinging to them.

  32. Trees budded into a beautiful haze and then sprang into leaf, into bloom.

  33. The collar, or point at which the dwarf rose is budded on to the briar, should be from one to three inches below the surface of the soil when the planting is completed.

  34. Wouldn't a natural tree be preferable to the budded one?

  35. In the absence of wild hickories, I believe the future will prove that the next best method of starting an orchard of budded shagbark hickories is to buy them budded on hardy northern pecan stocks.

  36. Reed of Vincennes reports Busserons that were budded fourteen months ago setting as high as sixteen nuts this year.

  37. The pollenization of budded and grafted fruit trees or nut trees is brought about, in my opinion, wholly by the surroundings or environment of that tree.

  38. If he has no seedling trees, then his next best plan is to purchase budded trees of good varieties from some honest nurseryman, set them not less than sixty feet apart and cultivate and care for them.

  39. One tree was budded about three weeks ago and that storm about ten days ago broke every one of them.

  40. To get reasonably prompt and certain results from nut trees it is necessary to grow such trees grafted or budded from trees of known good bearing record, just as the same thing is necessary with the common fruit trees.

  41. But, a cultivated orchard of budded pecan trees of the right varieties ought to come into commercial bearing as soon as does an apple orchard.

  42. Mr. Rush reports one of his budded Rush trees four years old bearing fifty-seven walnuts this year.

  43. If you have no seedling trees, go to some reputable nurseryman and buy known varieties of hardy English walnuts budded on hardy black walnut stocks.

  44. The public in general is now getting educated to the importance of planting grafted or budded varieties of known merit, which is attested by the large plantings of the last several years.

  45. Every individual cell, now inhabited by its tentacled Hydra, has in its turn budded out from a branch, which was itself but a lateral process from the central axis.

  46. Plums should invariably be budded with the wood out.

  47. Budding can only be done when, ripe buds can be obtained, and when the stock to be budded is in a growing and thrifty condition, so that when opening the bark of the stock, the same peels freely, and opens readily at the touch of the knife.

  48. They can be budded in the same manner as other trees, and as a rule, the buds take readily if the stock is in the right condition.

  49. In no case can we obtain edible fruit of either Oranges or Lemons, budded or unbudded, in northern climates.

  50. When grafted or budded trees of the newer and improved varieties are available to orchardists chestnut growing for nut production may be based on the same sound practices as the other fruit industries.

  51. Those were the budded pecans, the type that is grown farther south of us.

  52. Some of the "seedlings" had been budded and then not cut back to force the buds.

  53. Of course, I have a small orchard of budded pecans, which do so well in our section.

  54. I had grafted and budded in all kinds of ornamentals and fruits, but I needed training in nut trees.

  55. Of the dozen I planted in the border in June, five were finely budded when taken up in September, and have since bloomed.

  56. The most desirable trees are those of hardy varieties, budded on the black walnut as a stock a foot or more above ground.

  57. The stock came from Pennsylvania and was budded to English walnut.

  58. The nut cracks well and the kernels are of pleasant flavor, but as a variety it has not been tested long enough to determine its adaptability to conditions in other states nor the extent to which budded trees will be productive.

  59. There budded a friendship between that trio that we full believe shall blossom into ripe fraternal love on a shore as yet unknown to Mr. Ward and the writer.

  60. Our grandest philosophers budded and burgeoned in the wilderness.

  61. For him, as for other youths, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil had budded apace; the fruit remained for ever unmatured.

  62. A profusion of flowers budded forth before his feet, followed by music as he resumed his journey.

  63. In the nut contests the word "propagated" is restricted to those nuts which any nurseryman lists in his catalog and of which he is prepared to furnish grafted, budded or otherwise asexually multiplied trees.

  64. I have about a peck from two budded Thomas black walnut trees that are four and five years old.

  65. I have five acres already set to budded trees and fifteen acres planted to seedlings which I hope to bud next year.

  66. I got them from the trees that were bearing these almonds, they were budded in California and we know where the trees are growing in California from these buds.

  67. I have budded chestnuts, black walnuts and almost all varieties of nuts that will grow here in the North.

  68. By this time the art of budding and grafting having become reasonably well known several pecan nurseries came into bearing and orchards of budded trees began to appear and the foundations of a real industry were laid.

  69. As far as I could understand it, the question between them was, whether the white moss rose did, or did not, require to be budded on the dog-rose to make it grow well.

  70. And mind, if you ever take to growing roses, the white moss rose is all the better for not being budded on the dog-rose, whatever the gardener may say to the contrary!

  71. I heard the fresh wild breezes birr, New budded boughs among, I saw the deeper tinting stir In the green tassels of the fir, I heard the pheasant rise and whirr, Above her callow young.

  72. Given like conditions, a budded six-year-old hybrid is twice as large as a black walnut at twenty years of age.

  73. The people were frantic, and many tried to climb the cart that they might touch Frey's new cloak, or kiss the budded staff in his hand.

  74. The oxen trudged over budded boughs and the first-born of flowers.

  75. When he put his hand to them again Frey brought his budded staff smartly down upon the back of it, and smashed it into his eggs.

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