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  1. I think, my lord, when you have heard a few words of explanation from me, you will see that this charge has not the gravity these newspaper-people would like to attach to it.

  2. Especial care that the administration of justice should be beyond even the malevolence of distrust, that men of station and influence should be clear-handed and honourable, not a taint of unfairness to attach to them?

  3. What value you men must attach to this gift of your affection, when it can nourish such thoughts as these!

  4. As I know, however, you attach value to the effect you produce in that coat, I'll go and recover it.

  5. No such suspicion can attach to combats in which the antagonists are of the same sex.

  6. Id swop it for a cooling station tomorrow with Germany or any other Power sufficiently military in its way of thinking to attach any importance to it.

  7. Wareham tried to attach his thoughts exclusively to Hugh.

  8. But I really did not attach to it the importance it deserved: I never, indeed, distinctly appreciated the nature of what was then mentioned to me!

  9. Permit me to add, in conclusion, that in future I can take no notice of any letters to which the writers do not think fit to attach their names.

  10. The subject was one likely to attach the imagination of a modern poet, and you feel all along, that pleasure inspirits the happy translation of Dryden.

  11. Those gentlemen did not attach their names to the Declaration of Independence on this table expecting a holiday on the next day, and that 4th of July was not itself a holiday.

  12. I wonder if we attach sufficient importance to Christianity as a mere instrumentality in the life of mankind.

  13. If you do not have direct current in the laboratory, attach the copper wires to the two poles of a battery instead.

  14. Attach one end of another piece of wire a foot or so long, with bare ends, to the other pole of the battery.

  15. One of his workmen suggested that he attach a long piece of glass tubing to the side of the tank, connecting it with an extra faucet near the bottom of the tank.

  16. Now attach the free ground wire to the free binding post of your telegraph instrument, and press the key.

  17. If you attach one end of a wire to a water faucet and connect the other end to an electric lamp in place of one of the regular lighting wires, the lamp will light.

  18. For my part I attach comparatively no importance to the marking of plates and the close supervision of the operator.

  19. Although, as I have said, I do not attach much importance to photographs appearing of well-known men, I confess that I was rather impressed by one of my most recent experiments.

  20. I merely record the facts, and although I may indicate conclusions and inferences which I have drawn from them, I attach no importance to anything but the facts themselves.

  21. This makes you my castle-keeper,' said Dane, proceeding to attach it properly to Wych Hazel's belt.

  22. Depends on what meaning you attach to the words.

  23. Every time it repeats this motion it seems to attach an additional hair, so that at the end of the four and twenty hours it has used many inches in length of cordage.

  24. It will be understood, from what has been said, that the chief obstacle to the reproduction of oysters is the absence of any solid body to which the young spawn can attach itself, and the means of shelter from animals which prey upon them.

  25. It can travel either on the back or stomach; whatever their posture, they have always a certain number of prickles, which carry them, and suckers, with which they attach themselves.

  26. Affecting warm and quiet waters, they attach themselves to bold and rugged rocks at depths ranging from five to twenty-five fathoms.

  27. The Romans were passionately fond of pearls, and they have transmitted their taste to the Eastern nations, who attach notions of great grandeur and wealth to the possessor of large and brilliant pearls.

  28. They can attach themselves to external bodies with force enough to determine the progression of the animal.

  29. By the influx of liquid which they inclose they become inflated throughout all their prickles, in such a manner that they can attach themselves to any solid body, at the will of the animal, by means of their terminal suckers.

  30. In this bay the State has organized two model farms for experimental purposes, in which tiles, fascines, and valves of shells are laid down with other appliances, to which the young oysters may attach themselves.

  31. The coral is known to attach itself to the summit of a rock and to develop itself, forming banks there, and it is to these rocks that the swab attaches itself so as to tear up the precious harvest.

  32. On the contrary, they exhibit a truly maternal care, taking much trouble to attach them to some submarine body, in which position the temperature of the water serves to hatch the eggs.

  33. Joseph had either forgotten that he'd promised to be ready hours ago, or else he didn't see why we should attach the least importance to a tiny discrepancy like that.

  34. If we should attach two wires to the two ends of this wire on the spool, they would be broken off when it turned around, so we must use some other method.

  35. We would then attach a wire to the carbon of the first and one to the zinc of the third, and there would be six volts in these two wires, which would light up one six-volt lamp nicely.

  36. We then attach a wire to the zinc and one to the carbon in the third cell, and we then can obtain from these two wires only 2 volts, but 30 amperes.

  37. It was also obvious that as long as they were kept and continued to matter, the Secretary of Defense would be saddled with the task of deciding in the end which racial tag to attach to each man in the armed forces.

  38. One to attach to the face and one to hold in reserve as a spare.

  39. You know exactly how they come up under a man when he's asleep, puncture his clothes and attach themselves.

  40. He could not attach the mask to his own face.

  41. The father taught his son how to string and unstring the bow, and also how to attach the arrow to the string.

  42. In all the changes and chances of a life that was singularly rich in change, there were far too many dark points, to which evil report had ample opportunity to attach itself.

  43. They attach themselves to certain of the sitters, whom they follow to their homes, which they subsequently haunt.

  44. Though I cannot say I have any great faith in the majority of omens, such as spilling salt and seeing magpies, nevertheless there are some to which I do attach importance.

  45. Of the former there would be no longer any ground for complaint; the latter would find nothing to attach upon.

  46. Others again seem more to attach themselves to what have been well termed the 'pomps and vanities of this world.

  47. To this it is true wisdom to attach ourselves, assenting to what is revealed where above our faculties, we do not say contradictory to them, on the credit of what is clearly discerned, and satisfactorily established.

  48. Some persons attach the box to the window, or support it on brackets attached below the window-sill; but a preferable arrangement is to support the box on a low and light stand of suitable height provided with rollers.

  49. It should be a rule to attach the label to a limb of minor importance, so that if the wire should injure the part, the loss will not be serious.

  50. As autumn advanced, it was known that the Earl of Northumberland had been sent to attach the Cardinal of High Treason.

  51. We believe that the only security for the institution to which we attach so much importance is secession and a Southern confederacy.

  52. Moreover, she was rather bored by the instructive conversation of the ancient parson, and wanted to attach herself to some younger and more frivolous man.

  53. And it would be the height of absurdity to suppose they ever will invent any one "obligation," and attach it to all contracts.

  54. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "attach" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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