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Example sentences for "impute"

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  1. There could at no time happen any strange sicknesse, losses, hurts, or any other crosse vnto them, but that they would impute to vs the cause or meanes thereof, for offending or not pleasing vs.

  2. It seems to involve an absurdity to impute to it the investiture of rights which the sovereignty alone had power to impart.

  3. But it would be very unfair to impute this violence to God, who is drawing us on, instead of to the world, which is holding us back.

  4. Let God not impute to us our sins, that is to say, all the consequences and results of our sins, which are dreadful, even those of the smallest faults, if we wish to follow them out mercilessly!

  5. It matters little in the telling of our story to know what lies Dick did in truth impute to his friend; but they were of a nature to fill his mind with righteous wrath and to produce from him the eloquence above described.

  6. Dick, with a smile, meaning thereby to impute it to Sir Francis as cowardice that he was unwilling to say the reverse.

  7. Suffer then my compassion, and do not impute to me ill-will.

  8. Impute it not to a disrespective forgetfulness of your Ladyship, who ministered to me in my bonds, that I write not to you.

  9. Let no man impute it to me, that the free and unbought wind (for I gave nothing for it) bloweth upon an empty reed.

  10. But yet, through thy mercy, I trust to be in the number of them to whom Thou wilt not impute their sins, but wilt take and accept me for righteous and just, and to be the inheritor of everlasting life.

  11. To this taste he had been heard to impute his unsettled disposition, and his averseness from the choice of any profession.

  12. He was inclined to impute all that had happened to a secret and powerful agency which had not yet been unmasked, and which was exercised, according to the statement of the honourable member, by a Jew stock-broker, and a Christian physician.

  13. If others choose, for base ends, to impute such a conduct to me, I must bear it, as former false suggestions.

  14. Through an inevitable inversion of thought, they impute to others the murderous intentions obscurely wrought out in the dark recesses of their own disturbed brains.

  15. Would you not impute to him an injustice of which none but the most brutal of our species could be guilty if he actually punished them for not having executed orders which he was never pleased to give them?

  16. Nor can you conceive how the supreme and equitable Governor of the universe could impute faults to those who have never been guilty of transgressions.

  17. Ripe or green, one could not wish to be the friend of so impudent a thing; and then to impute such sentiments to any respectable commercial man whether of Venice or of Amsterdam!

  18. Besides, to impute the present wise arrangements and organic creations of the world to law, is to endow that law with all the attributes with which the Theist invests the Deity.

  19. Theoretically it may be of little importance by what name men call the Deity; but practically to impute natural effects to law, as an independent power, is to put a blind, unintelligent agency in the place of Jehovah.

  20. Even though younger men should be found standing forth as the advocates of geology, yet how natural for those more advanced to impute this to the ardor and love of novelty, characteristic of youth!

  21. In their properties they are so entirely diverse from all known physical effects, that we must impute them to some other than a natural cause.

  22. But he soon found that it was an error to impute a special cruelty to the spiritual power.

  23. Voltaire in his later days as invariably sheltered himself behind the anonymous, and not only disclaimed works of which it was notorious that he was the author, but insisted that his friends should impute them to this or that dead name.

  24. I am quite sensible that I have often carried the opposite custom too far; but I am apt to impute it partly to not being able to bring out my own ideas well, and partly to haste--not to error in the system.

  25. If I have ever expressed myself with irritation in speaking of this business, you must impute it to the sudden, extensive, and unexpected embarrassments in which I found myself involved all at once.

  26. God forgives sin in that He does not impute it.

  27. To them it was that Julian and other pagans did impute all the discussions, confusions, and devastations falling upon the Roman Empire.

  28. Impute me righteous; thus purged of evil, For thus I leave the world, the flesh, the devil.

  29. To them it was that Julian and other pagans did impute all the concussions, confusions, and devastations falling upon the Roman Empire.

  30. I do not impute to this discourse the change which soone happen'd, but it was an identity I could not but take notice of.

  31. Strange with what freedom and quantity I pissed this night, which I know not what to impute to but my oysters, unless the coldness of the night should cause it, for it was a sad rainy and tempestuous night.

  32. In excuse of Maréchal's method, it may be noted that the prevailing practice of Christian apologists had been to impute atheism to heterodox theistic thinkers of all ages.

  33. But I have often gone about to consider the reason and the cause whence it may grow that the vulgar sort is so great friend to impute all things to God, and to reave them from Nature, and do so abhor the natural means.

  34. They have little studied his real disposition, who impute his occasional austerity of manner to misanthropy at heart.

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