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Example sentences for "imputations"

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impure; impurities; impurity; imputable; imputation; impute; imputed; imputes; imputeth; imputing
  1. He commenced with the imputations upon himself, General Jackson and Mr. Van Buren, and scornfully repulsed the base and gratuitous assumptions which had been made.

  2. It is painful to see the unceasing efforts to alarm the South by imputations against the North of unconstitutional designs on the subject of slavery.

  3. An insinuation turns on no such double use of language, but consists in artfully winding into the mind imputations of an injurious nature without making any direct charge.

  4. He shows, too, that he is not restrained by any scruples when it comes in his way to attack his old patrons, and he adopts the current imputations upon their private character.

  5. The Tale of a Tub was brought up against him; and imputations upon his orthodoxy were common.

  6. Strong Jacobite imputations are farther conveyed in the pictorial version of “Great Britain’s Union; or, the Litchfield Races, 1747.

  7. He knew not how gentlemen could reconcile their pretensions of regard for the Western people with the odious imputations which were constantly cast upon their attachment.

  8. But such vile imputations attach not to the Western people, but to those who employed them.

  9. Alarming reports, however, have been pertinaciously circulated at home and unjust imputations among the people of the States.

  10. For any imputations against yourself in your official capacity, you are indebted in chief measure to Major Rector who made them openly, anywhere, and in the presence of many.

  11. What foundation there may have been for the imputations thrown at this time on Halifax cannot now be fully ascertained.

  12. Why then should he, under pretence of vindicating himself, attempt to throw dishonourable imputations on an illustrious name, and to apologise for a judicial murder?

  13. Imputations similar to those which it was the fashion to throw on the French government were thrown on the Campbells.

  14. Most of the imputations which have been thrown on Barere he does not even notice.

  15. It is needless to say that these imputations were, not only false, but destitute of all show of truth.

  16. But these imputations of envy, before Mr. Murray, must make the man very considerable with himself.

  17. As Prince of the Republic, as Chief Pontiff of Rome, I proclaim this Priestess cleared of all imputations whatever.

  18. If you succeed you will expect to be then and there absolved from all accusations and imputations connected with your deportment or behavior.

  19. His too frequent coarseness is to be explained by the manners of his age and race; and the imputations which he makes on his enemies were, in all probability, never meant to be taken seriously.

  20. He is absolutely unrestrained both in regard to the imputations which he makes, and to the choice of the language in which he conveys them; and in these imputations he spares neither rank nor sex.

  21. Had he attached the meaning to the imputations contained in them, which Suetonius did two hundred years afterwards, even his magnanimous clemency could not well have tolerated them.

  22. Their past is secure, and the imputations of the Senator from Pennsylvania will pass harmless by them.

  23. Mr. Fessenden, having the resolution in charge, made a second speech, in which he answered objections which had been urged, and defended the Committee of Fifteen against imputations of a disposition to delay the work of reconstruction.

  24. Howard's and Cecil's imputations only confirmed an impression of long standing.

  25. In a letter among the papers of Mr. Murray of Abercairney, the imputations upon the Highlanders are strongly and ably refuted.

  26. The Camerons, at the field of Culloden, sustained the greatness of their fame; nor have the imputations which were cast upon other clans, perhaps had a just foundation of truth.

  27. The Master of Sinclair having heard of these assertions, resolved to avenge himself for these imputations cast upon him.

  28. Sir Francis Bacon his Apologie in certain Imputations concerning the late Earle of Essex.

  29. More happy than the Athenian orator, the American statesman had no foul imputations to repel.

  30. I recollected all its reproaches and imputations against us, and those which were made or implied in the speech of the honorable senator were also fresh in my memory.

  31. I dissent from the imputations on the character of the bill.

  32. If there were any other king beside His Imperial Majesty Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan, he would exercise his autority in another way in the face of these unjust imputations and the conspiracies of the external and internal foes.

  33. The imputations against Wright were quite needless, even if they could be justified.

  34. Their writers brought forth wild imputations against the opposition scribblers, and twisted and tortured their language and their meaning.

  35. Colonel Fullarton, who was in command of the army about to invade Mysore, writes, "The knowledge and the integrity of this irreproachable missionary have retrieved the character of Europeans from imputations of general depravity!

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