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Example sentences for "commandeer"

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commandant; commandants; commande; commanded; commandedst; commandeered; commandeering; commandement; commandements; commander
  1. He told us that the wretched skeleton who was driving us had power in Turkish days to commandeer the services of Christian labourers, and to pay them nothing.

  2. Ob at last decided to commandeer a cocked hat boat rowed by four women with which to navigate the river to Rieka, and thence by carriage to Cettinje if carriages came.

  3. The very next day the Frenchmen told us that the Serb Government had arrived at Scutari; the Montenegrin Governor had telegraphed to commandeer and keep back the Benedetto.

  4. After that, you commandeer some labs at Toshiba and NEC.

  5. Dai Nippon must have plenty of clout, she told herself, to be able to commandeer an entire hotel.

  6. While we were driving around trying to locate Tamara, Ken was busy on his car phone pulling strings to commandeer one of the two MITI helicopters.

  7. Lord Milner: "I do not see any difference between these receipts and commandeer notes.

  8. Lord Kitchener: "I understand that General Botha refers not to commandeer or requisition notes, but only to actual receipts issued on the Treasury.

  9. When we can get in touch with the commander at this section of the British forces, we might be able to commandeer some sort of wagon on which the machine can be packed, after we've taken it to pieces, and transported it to town.

  10. And Chalon-sur-Saône, where the workpeople commandeer a convoy of artillery destined for the army of M.

  11. The Emperor had already sent Cambronne on ahead with forty of his grenadiers to commandeer what horses and mules he could, as we were not able to bring many across from Porto Ferrajo.

  12. Most likely what we'll commandeer will be trouble," grumbled Ivan.

  13. Maybe we can commandeer three horses, or an automobile or something.

  14. Rain continued all that day, and I was thankful to be able to commandeer three small houses for shelter for hospital and staff in the village.

  15. They went to his place, and started in to commandeer all his stuff.

  16. Nobody's going to eat you or commandeer you.

  17. When war was declared one of the first steps taken by the military authorities was to commandeer every motor-car, every motor-cycle and every litre of petrol in the kingdom.

  18. Even the few people who had influence enough to retain their cars found them useless, as one of the very first acts of the military authorities was to commandeer the entire supply of petrol.

  19. They may commandeer schools, factories, warehouses, farms, or any other kinds of public or private property.

  20. We intend to commandeer your food supply," said the man in the cocked hat, "and I must ask you to show me the way to your provisions.

  21. Come along, Mrs Marriott, let's go and commandeer some of that crockery and the kettle of water in the yard.

  22. Then we must commandeer them," said Major Kinsella.

  23. He was about to commandeer the last of his strength before frost demanded his shop close for the winter.

  24. The lamp-switch allows me, of course, to commandeer the ignition keys to this vehicular room.

  25. I managed to commandeer a motor ambulance and stow them in it.

  26. One day at Estaires I tried to commandeer a fine car standing in the square, but desisted when I was informed by the driver that it was the private property of the (p.

  27. When these rogues tried to commandeer the room, claiming they'd come to seize the governor, to 'protect' him.

  28. I'll take odds the Spaniards are not going to let us commandeer this island without soon posting a fleet to try and recover it.

  29. Something tells me the fleet's likely to move in tomorrow and commandeer whatever ships they can get their hands on.

  30. As soon as I saw you put into the dock I made up my mind I'd commandeer the craft.

  31. So you want to commandeer the Bluebird.

  32. Even for that first supper, the marines and all others they could commandeer to help them were rushing about preparing things to the very top of their bent.

  33. Further, General de Villiers was enjoined to commandeer the Harrismith burghers anew.

  34. They were compelled by it to prepare themselves for any emergency; and enjoined, in consequence, the landdrosts to instruct the commandants of all the districts of the two States to commandeer the burghers.

  35. A fellow has to carry every blooming thing he's got, For whatever he lets fall they'll commandeer it.

  36. Hanker ye after the fleshpots, commandeer ye not, but buy!

  37. I was sent off on the same old bike to commandeer the first taxi I came across.

  38. Masters and officers on motor bikes and “push” bikes were careering over the surrounding country to recall the cadets who had gone out on leave, and to commandeer every kind of vehicle capable of carrying the big sea-chests down to the river.

  39. I shall pop in again and commandeer all these delightful young creatures of yours.

  40. But it was never difficult for Miss Vivian to commandeer volunteer typists from the departments when her enormous correspondence appeared to her to require it.

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