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Example sentences for "bike"

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  1. As we started the last lap I could feel the old bike shove forward, and I knew that Barney had some reserve strength left.

  2. We got to the track a good hour before the first race was slated to start, and after puttin' our bike in a safe place we meandered around, seein' if we could locate anybody we knew.

  3. Jerry took his bike and determined to get back in a hurry.

  4. Jerry really did not mind running (though he usually walked or rode his bike to the store) but it was a matter of principle with him to make a try at getting out of work.

  5. He threw down the despised hand lawn mower and started for the store, walking, not taking his bike this time.

  6. Leave your bike then, and I'll come," she consented.

  7. I say, I'm going to ask to leave the bike at the windmill here, then will you walk up the hill with me?

  8. Pitched it strong about urgent business and got a few extra hours off, borrowed a motor-bike and pelted here for all I was worth.

  9. And I expect you'll wear out the roads with that bike of yours, Miss Commerell.

  10. Let's go for a bike ride, Susie; a real good long one.

  11. She broke every spoke on the new bike they gave her.

  12. I can ride my bike backwards," said Barry.

  13. I'll have a shot at getting the bike across first, and make enquiries later.

  14. What I vote we do is that I ride the bike and take you on the carrier.

  15. The close attention he bestowed upon his motor-bike never varied; he kept it as clean as he did in the first few days after taking over his new purchase.

  16. The bike wobbled dangerously under the unusual burden.

  17. With assistance I could get my bike across in that.

  18. The question is whether the bike will stand it over the rough ground.

  19. I decided to end the bike trip, return to school, and take a break from the past.

  20. By facing intense sunlight and storms during the bike trek, I was in direct contact with the ancient, transcendental kingdom of nature.

  21. I was proud and relieved that I had used my rational side to alter the course of my bike trip when my world was in need of balance.

  22. Now, stretched out on a sleeping bag in northern Colorado, I realized that I had started and ended the bike trip in spontaneous meditation.

  23. At the top of the mountain one of my brakes had malfunctioned, so I hitched a ride to a bike shop in Escondido.

  24. The primary focus of the bike trip meditations, though, had been on my years with Rama.

  25. I recalled what Atmananda had said after I returned from a five-day bike trip in California.

  26. It occurred to me that I had meditated on the first day of the bike trip at Walden Pond.

  27. I told him about the bike trip, his book on Gandhi, and the reporter.

  28. Moments later the truck smacked me with a wall of air as it thundered by, and the bike quickly came to a halt.

  29. I had worn such a string during bike trips of my youth, before locking on to Rama's path.

  30. I haven't ridden nine miles on a push-bike to listen to you trying to be funny.

  31. I'll nurse, or drive a wagon, or ride a motor-bike with dispatches.

  32. I'd rather ride a horse than a bike any day," said Betty.

  33. To make old women's marrow freeze Is the best sport the bike has given.

  34. THE MORAL BIKE Truth has discovered that temperance is promoted, and character generally reformed, by the agency of the bicycle--in fact, the guilty class has taken to cycling.

  35. I read in the Lancet only the other day that merely increasing the pace of a bike a couple of miles an hour was sufficient to send up the normal pulse to 150!

  36. But she Had learnt to bike as well as he, And, what was more, had bought a new Machine to sweetly carry two.

  37. Truly, the bike is an excellent substitute for the treadmill and the reformatory!

  38. Round the bend of a sudden came Z 1 3, And I shot into his front wheel's rim; And straight was a fine of gold for him, And the need of a brand-new bike for me.

  39. An angel working his wings to propel himself through a vacuum were as ridiculous as a disembodied spirit riding a bike down a rainbow.

  40. Just because you've got a motor bike you mustn't take an advantage!

  41. I'm going to bike over there on my Rudge, erb round till I find the street, and then skid like hell right on to her doorstep.

  42. I threw my bike down on the grass and sat down on the cairn.

  43. Stepping as noiselessly as possible on the gravel, I pushed the bike across the yard.

  44. I took in the situation at a glance, and, releasing my brake, I let the old bike have her head.

  45. Then, wheeling my bike out into the roadway, I turned in the direction of Devonport and mounted.

  46. The old bike swerved violently, but with a wild wrench I just succeeded in righting her.

  47. They rode back to town on his little motor-bike and had cokes and hamburgers at a lunch-stand.

  48. He reached home, stored his motor-bike in the garage, and walked into the living room.

  49. I surely hope to, and recover my poor bike in the bargain.

  50. He had a basket on the front of his bike and we went off on a Sunday picnic.

  51. It wasn't a return to the girl who had gone on the bike trips with Timmy.

  52. He got hold of a broken-down boy's bike for me.

  53. Come along then, and we'll ask if anybody will look after the bike till you can send for it.

  54. Could you leave your bike at that cottage and ride on my luggage-carrier?

  55. That was your idea, making Low Jinks come out and meet me every evening as if the old bike was a foam-flecked steed.

  56. I was watching a chap on a bike tumble off in front of a motor bus, near as a toucher run over.

  57. What about getting your bike and going for a bit of a run first?

  58. You've no idea how much I enjoy the bike ride.

  59. Willets stood transfixed, for he saw the motor-bike and the dusty young man in overalls, and clasped close in the arms of the said dusty young man was Miss Mary!

  60. You can't ride home like that, and yet we can hardly leave your motor-bike on the roadside.

  61. We'll go in there, dispatch her son to look after the bike till I patch you up, and then if you can't manage to ride home we'll think of some other arrangement.

  62. Oh, I tell you, the bike is a great contrivance once you come to understand it," proceeded the Colonel of Cycle Infantry.

  63. My bike men are excellent foragers, since they have been so much on outpost duty.

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