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  1. When he removed his bowler hat, as he frequently did to wipe away with a red handkerchief the sweat occasioned by furious bicycle riding, it was seen that his forehead was high, flat and narrow.

  2. In his haste to dismount, he fell off his bicycle into the muddy road, and nearly smashed the plate-glass window with the handle-bar of the machine as he placed it against the shop front before going in.

  3. They just caught sight of one of the wheels of his bicycle as he rode away.

  4. They wanted to be able to go for country walks or bicycle rides, to go out fishing or to go to the seaside and bathe and lie on the beach and so forth.

  5. He did not look at the man, but stooped down, fidgeting with the mechanism of the bicycle as if adjusting it.

  6. He wanted to go away now, but he did not want them to know that he was gone, so he sneaked out of the back door, crept around the house and out of the gate, mounted his bicycle and rode away.

  7. Just before he arrived at the gate of the house, he saw Hunter sneak out and mount his bicycle and ride away.

  8. Thus while the bicycle seems almost to have attained perfection, the automobile is only in its pioneer stage and may be capable of extraordinary improvement.

  9. Since then its utility has very greatly increased, and its recent employment for bicycle and carriage tires opens up a new field for its use which must enormously increase the demand.

  10. This is probably the earliest Bicycle seen in England; it was made in 1868 by Mr. W.

  11. The value of the bicycle in actual warfare has yet to be proved; but, like the field telegraph and the military balloon, it has already taken its place in the equipment of European Armies.

  12. Our bicycle party crossed many bridges over little and big canals.

  13. He would have been perfectly at home in the saddle of a motor-bicycle at anything up to fifty miles an hour.

  14. A volume of effusive thanks on the subject of the bicycle aided her efforts still further.

  15. Did you say the young lady's bicycle was smashed, Wagram?

  16. One glowing summer morning saw Delia Calmour spinning her bicycle along at a great rate up the Hilversea drive.

  17. Her bicycle got smashed, and we are sending her a new one, probably ten times as good as the one she had before.

  18. Gerard, eagerly scenting the fun of a moonlight bicycle ride.

  19. Fancy, that splendid new bicycle I'm riding he insisted on sending me in place of mine that got smashed up by the gnu--an old rattle-trap of a thing that would hardly have fetched its value in old iron.

  20. And," he supplemented, "again let me remind you that the utter wreck of your bicycle is our affair.

  21. In the midst of the mutual laugh evoked by this parting jest Delia mounted her bicycle and glided away.

  22. A girl on a bicycle was skimming the broad white road which banded the level sward.

  23. I'll forgive you again on one condition: I'm just spoiling for a bicycle ride.

  24. Pledge the bicycle to the Government in time of need.

  25. Make satisfactory report to Captain, of a bicycle Scouting expedition as to the condition of a road with camping site for an overnight hike.

  26. This doll dropped out of your car in front of our house," panted the bicycle boy.

  27. By this time the boy on the bicycle had caught up to the auto, which had stopped in a shady place.

  28. Carnaby refused point blank to drive with them; he would bicycle to the party or else not go at all, so it was alone with Miss Smeardon that Robinette started in the heavy old landau behind the palsied horse.

  29. You never told me you had a sister," said Robinette, as they walked together, Lavendar wheeling his bicycle and Carnaby sulking behind them.

  30. Mrs. de Tracy, and explained that he would bicycle to Weston and catch the London post himself.

  31. Two bicycle fiends got off at Brunen; they were English, and we saw them afterwards scorching along the Axenstrasse in clouds of dust, evidently trying to get to Fluelen before us.

  32. Crowds of people passed us; some were very smartly dressed, but most of the women wore bicycle skirts with buttons in the back and felt hats with a feather at the side, and carried edelweiss.

  33. So we decided that it was too much trouble to dress for meals, and dropped into the habit of coming in just as we chanced to be, from lounging in the hammock, or fishing off the pier, or bicycle riding down the beach.

  34. One laid aside a bicycle dress, another a half-invalid negligee, till you could hardly have believed it was the same company of a few weeks before.

  35. Cycle tours were taken and cycle clubs established almost as soon as the cycle appeared, the Pickwick Bicycle Club in London, founded in 1870, being the oldest in the world.

  36. For the next 20 years little was done, and then began the evolution of the high "ordinary" bicycle with a large driving wheel in front and a small trailing one behind.

  37. The improvement of the high bicycle was attempted in two directions.

  38. The Cyclists' Touring Club, organized in 1878 as the Bicycle Touring Club, has members scattered through Europe, America and even the East.

  39. He beheld a bicycle policeman, riding ahead, to develop his speed, with the certain intention of calling to his driver to stop.

  40. The bicycle officer, clinging half a minute to a hope made forlorn by his sheer human lack of endurance, drifted to rearward with the dust.

  41. Before his recent talk with Peter Sadler, Phil would not have dared to go out into the woods in company with the bicycle man.

  42. Now the young man in the bicycle suit emerged from the woods, with a girl in dark-blue flannel on each side of him.

  43. If I had seen that bicycle man and his party come running out of the woods, I should have been much better satisfied, and I should have thought you had more spirit in you, sir, than I gave you credit for.

  44. That bicycle chap don't know no more about a gun than he does about makin' bread, and I wouldn't go out huntin' with him for a hundred dollars.

  45. He had come to think that perhaps his bicycle attire, although very suitable for this sort of life, failed to make him as attractive in the eyes of youth and beauty as he might be if clothed in more becoming garments.

  46. But I shall have a word with that bicycle fellow when he comes this way.

  47. For this purpose the writer chooses the manufacture of bicycle balls in the works of the Symonds Rolling Machine Company, in Fitchburg, Mass.

  48. The particular operation to be described however, is that of inspecting bicycle balls before they were finally boxed for shipment.

  49. But for the small fact that he hates with a sickening hatred the hypocrisy and class cruelty, he would really accept and admire the bathroom and the bicycle and asbestos-stove, having no memory of rivers or of roaring fires.

  50. Again they found a custodian for their bicycle and followed Appleton into a theatre.

  51. Haslam and Amy dismounted near the theatre and entrusted the bicycle to a small boy's care.

  52. All this concern about a man you say you don't care for," said Haslam to Amy, as the bicycle turned up Broad Street.

  53. Haslam's athletic training and the acquaintance of both with the bicycle served to minimize this disadvantage.

  54. She stood outside the bicycle store and kept her gaze upon the 'bus, which was growing less and less distinct to the eye as it rolled down the street, while Haslam hastily engaged a two-seated machine.

  55. They quickly switched the bicycle from the street to the sidewalk, and both dismounted.

  56. Look at the men who engage in the atrocious six-day walks and bicycle races.

  57. Surely, your brain is more important and more worthy of conscientious use than a bicycle or a gun.

  58. If you are riding at night, and want to be on the safe side, it is wise to dismount, and either carry or push the bicycle across the bridge.

  59. Experts say that no other part of the world is so thickly populated as this neighborhood, so you can easily imagine how difficult it must be to go wheeling a bicycle through it.

  60. He kept straight ahead, and as the dog fell in front of him, the wheels of the bicycle passed over its neck and stunned it.

  61. Probably this is the first time that a bicycle was ever used as a weapon as well as a means of flight from danger.

  62. At Canal Street there was such a jam of vehicles that the bicycle rider almost had to stop.

  63. Several boys went on a bicycle trip of 1500 miles.

  64. The bicycle was painted red, and the boy had on a cap whose high peak gave it a semi-official look.

  65. And then, as they turned back, they saw along the dyke a boy riding a bicycle, a boy with a leather satchel around his waist, and the rim of whose bicycle was red.

  66. Then, as though afraid that Deane might change his mind, he mounted his bicycle and rode rapidly away.

  67. The boy jumped off his bicycle and opened his wallet, as he approached, with a familiar movement.

  68. Deane threw a coin to the boy, who remounted his bicycle and rode away.

  69. She stood with parted lips by his side, and they watched the boy drive his bicycle along the sea-stained bank.

  70. We passed through the stable yard and I stopped to put my bicycle into the coach house.

  71. She was riding a bicycle and jumped down as soon as she saw me.

  72. When Drury drove up in a borrowed farm cart, Isabel without expecting or receiving many thanks dragged her bicycle to the top of the glen and pelted off across the moor.

  73. Hid my bicycle in Brooklyn and walked across the bridge.

  74. I know where I can put my hand on a good bicycle or two at the Athletic Club--” Billy saluted and hurried on his mission.

  75. The lamp, indeed, proved to be one which Miss Duckworth had missed from her bicycle several days before.

  76. And who put that bicycle lamp in the Observatory window last spring?

  77. She hurried indoors and informed Mrs. Morrison, who at once visited the Observatory, and found there a lighted bicycle lamp, which had been placed on the window sill.

  78. Dismounting from his bicycle the Prince began looking for some means of crossing the river.

  79. So the giant put the bicycle in his vest pocket, and then he entered the house and walked to the kitchen, where his wife was engaged preparing the dinner.

  80. I do not see how you could ride on a bicycle even if you had one, and you certainly can not walk far in your present condition.

  81. So the King returned to the palace and bored a hole in Fiddlecumdoo's head, and then pumped him full of air with a bicycle pump.

  82. These plains were quite smooth, and very pleasant to ride on; but so swiftly did his bicycle carry him that he soon crossed the plains and came on a river of pure maple syrup, so wide and deep that he could neither leap nor swim it.

  83. He selected the best and ripest bicycle on the tree, and, having mounted it, was soon speeding away along the path to the mountains.

  84. There may be bicycle trees in the next valley, as well as here; and it is always dangerous and foolish for any one to leave this Valley, where there is everything that heart could wish.

  85. I am tired of this beautiful Valley," answered Fiddlecumdoo, "and as the bicycle tree beside the Crystal Lake is now hanging full of ripe wheels, I thought I would gather one and ride over into the next valley in search of adventure.

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