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Example sentences for "chauffeur"

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  1. She told the chauffeur to go to the Benedict Apartments, and sitting back read the notice again.

  2. She was feeling very bitter, especially toward a certain chauffeur who had prophesied the end of all service.

  3. The chauffeur was half-way up the walk by that time, and broke into a run.

  4. If I have bothered your chauffeur or delayed you in the least, I am very sorry.

  5. The chauffeur jumped right here as the machine left the road, and he escaped with a few slight bruises.

  6. I bribed the chauffeur of Warren Hatch to send him crashing over the bank.

  7. He talked confidentially with the chauffeur of Warren Hatch a short time before Hatch was smashed up in his automobile.

  8. At this moment the chauffeur uttered an exclamation of satisfaction, backed from beneath the machine, wrench in hand, and announced that the breakdown was remedied at last.

  9. Further than that, I hope to place within your grasp the wretch who drugged Scott and bribed Hatch's chauffeur to bring about that accident.

  10. His chauffeur has a broken wrist," Anthony explained.

  11. My chauffeur is laid up with a broken wrist, a matter of a month or more; how would you like to run my car until he returns?

  12. My chauffeur at a hundred a month does better than eighty per cent, of the young ones in the West.

  13. He would make his way to the nearest city, find employment in a public or private garage as chauffeur or mechanic, and, in a month at most, have the money necessary for the continuation of his journey.

  14. She is as efficient and as deadly as the workman that makes the powder, the chauffeur that drives it to the trench in transports, and the gunner that shoots it into the hostile line.

  15. As our chauffeur drew his camera, one of them sprang into a bush entanglement, aimed his rifle, and posed.

  16. The chauffeur threw the little cab up the steep turn with a rush.

  17. The chauffeur tipped his cap and the throbbing machine shot around a curve and swept along the river's edge down the green carpeted valley which stretches out for miles below the ramparts of the great chateau on the mountain-side above.

  18. It was a summer evening and the windows of the church were raised and the door was open, and as they approached the church Mr. Page told the chauffeur to slow up.

  19. As Mr. and Mrs. Page were being driven home in the automobile, after their ride something impelled the father to tell the chauffeur to turn the corner and go up the third street.

  20. Dorothy turned and was led by the pastor out of the baptismal waters and the father bade the chauffeur move on; but an arrow had entered the hearts of the parents.

  21. Mr. Page told the chauffeur to take Dorothy and her friends to the church first and then to return and take him and his wife for a ride.

  22. It was only when the chauffeur let the car out to a speed greatly in excess of the limitations on some clear stretch of road, that the breath of the country brought them any relief whatsoever.

  23. This from the woman who thinks my chauffeur is an ideal of manly beauty," Dick scoffed, "a dimpled man with a little finger ring.

  24. Emilia, Miss Wellington's maid, had of course lost no time in imparting to all with whom she was on terms of confidence, that the new chauffeur was the same with whom her mistress had flirted on the General.

  25. I will say this for Miss Wellington though; she would marry her chauffeur if she took the whim.

  26. But I don't believe he 's a chauffeur by profession.

  27. As he stood glaring at Armitage, his face devoid of color, his eyes green with anger, the chauffeur placed his hand gently upon his arm.

  28. I know; but he 's hardly of the chauffeur type.

  29. This chauffeur business, he felt, was fast becoming a bore.

  30. Anne," she said, "your chauffeur is badly trained as to manners.

  31. I could hear Thomas going up the stairs, could hear him rouse Warner, and the steps of the chauffeur as he hurriedly dressed.

  32. We thought that these caves were only used for storing wine, but our chauffeur told us that most of those which are provided with a door and a window are used as dwelling houses, and they were, he assured us, quite comfortable.

  33. Till daylight doth appear," sang Walter as he went out to tell the chauffeur to be ready for an early start.

  34. La Tour and Archie vis à vis, and Walter with the chauffeur in front.

  35. The chauffeur continued to overhaul his engine and its complicated mechanism.

  36. What a lot had happened, I reflected, as in the same car in which the chauffeur had been shot, we purred down the main street, since I had last set out along that road.

  37. A taxi stood at a corner; its chauffeur had left it there, and evidently gone to a nearby lunch room.

  38. The chauffeur had not turned off his engine when he fled, so the cab stood throbbing.

  39. The chauffeur had perhaps heard us, and was cruising past to see if we were possible fares.

  40. Into the hands of the chauffeur he thrust the roll of bills.

  41. The chauffeur mechanically touched his cap and started down the steps.

  42. An hour later her car, on its way to Boston, passed through Fair Harbor at a rate of speed that caused her chauffeur to pray between his chattering teeth that the first policeman would save their lives by landing them in jail.

  43. He flung his arm at the chauffeur as though throwing him into space.

  44. Fred nodded sharply, and the chauffeur stooped to throw in the clutch.

  45. The added presence of a butler of magnificent bearing and of an athletic looking chauffeur increased his sense of security.

  46. With eager eyes and parted lips James the chauffeur was waiting for the signal.

  47. They little know of England who only Stiffkey know," chanted the chauffeur reprovingly.

  48. No, when she marries I trust it will be to a man who can afford to give her enough servants to do the work, a chauffeur to run her automobile, and a captain to sail her yacht.

  49. She had a cousin who was a chauffeur and he asked her to go.

  50. It was as if, since the General was in mufti, the lad had not quite been able to believe in his reality--until official car and chauffeur offered proof.

  51. Springing down from his car, he had pulled the chauffeur out of his seat by the scruff of his neck.

  52. In the golden circle thrown by the rover there stood an elegant, open-topped, twenty-horse Humber, with an undersized and very astonished chauffeur blinking from under his peaked cap.

  53. For the last few days I have been swinging a heavy pick and axe and playing chauffeur (with some other fellows) on a handcar.

  54. Beside the chauffeur of the first one sat the Crown Prince himself in a cloak with a high collar.

  55. The chauffeur was already in his place, and the two men were coiling up their ropes and piling the heavy planks and rollers on board the truck.

  56. The two men with the aid of the Stanton chauffeur were able, with props of the right length, to keep the Good Turn on an even keel, while the boys removed and replaced the rollers.

  57. The river road chanced to be deserted at this late hour (it was now approaching midnight) and standing where the chauffeur stopped it, this maroon auto could scarce be seen until one was right upon it.

  58. And when they halted at the railroad station to allow the deputy sheriff to take the train, the chauffeur did indeed change places with Dan Speedwell.

  59. He leaped back beside the chauffeur and they drove on again at top speed.

  60. He saw that the chauffeur was making a turn in the square, preparatory to taking the back track as he had been instructed.

  61. As it came on, however, the chauffeur showed no intention of reducing speed.

  62. The car did not swerve, nor did the chauffeur pay them the compliment of pulling down in the least.

  63. One of the men leaned forward and tapped the chauffeur on the shoulder.

  64. Mr. Briggs’ car was certainly fast, and Mr. Briggs’ chauffeur was the most marvelous manipulator of an automobile that Dan Speedwell had ever seen.

  65. The lamps of the turning automobile revealed at the last moment the standing car, and the chauffeur of the other swerved well to the right hand.

  66. The chauffeur stood up, evidently trying to peer into the darkness beside the road.

  67. The chauffeur of the maroon automobile swerved his car again, but only slightly.

  68. Why, Dan, neither of them would allow his chauffeur to commit such an act of violence as you relate.

  69. The lamps were already alight; the chauffeur spun the flywheel and the car moved on.

  70. The collapsed harmonium was hauled in last, and with the perfect unreason of crowds, they cheered it loudly, till the chauffeur slipped in his clutch and sped away.

  71. Your Mr. Leggatt now injected some semi-mutinous remarks to the effect that he was your chauffeur in charge of your car, and, as such, capable of so acting.

  72. Her chauffeur drew up beside me, and she threw open the door.

  73. Mr. Willing reassured her, however, when he stepped into the car, and ordered the chauffeur to drive to police headquarters.

  74. Mr. Willing ordered the chauffeur to stop the car, and he leaped out.

  75. To go on a pleasure trip at the invitation of a chauffeur in his employer's car was quite out of consideration.

  76. Then he's a chauffeur as well as fisherman and boatman," she thought.

  77. Did you put up the chauffeur or did you shoot him on the spot?

  78. Puccini and Antonio were unhurt, but the chauffeur had a fractured thigh and Puccini a fractured leg.

  79. The chauffeur started, knocking a tool from the running-board beside him.

  80. He didn't help her, and disguise himself as a chauffeur for her, and wing Schwartzmann, and bruise up the other chaps and send them rolling in a heap.

  81. Then to the chauffeur she added: "En avant, Georges!

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