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Example sentences for "fractured"

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fractional; fractionation; fractions; fractious; fracture; fractures; fracturing; frade; fradre; frae
  1. The loss in officers was considerable; Lord Uxbridge, who had his leg interred the next day, had a fractured knee.

  2. One fractured balustrade is laid upon the stem like a broken leg.

  3. Those with a fractured thigh or wounds which rendered them incapable of removal, shot themselves.

  4. The bones, however, most commonly fractured are the ulna and radius in the fore-limb, and the tibia and fibula in the posterior extremity.

  5. At last I was hit by a piece of shrapnel, which has taken away the use of the toes of my right foot and fractured three or four small bones.

  6. The beggars were not content with that--they shot me through the left forearm and fractured the bone.

  7. Every second I expected a bullet through my back, but I was lucky and was bowled over by one which fractured my right elbow, and I broke my forearm as I fell.

  8. It was in the forearm, and it came out just above the back of the elbow, and it fractured the bone.

  9. Quality and strength may be approximately judged by tearing the paper in both directions of the grain and observing the fractured fibers, but these matters are to be more accurately estimated by mechanical and chemical tests.

  10. In the first place, it is easier to tear the paper with the grain than across, as the fibers are parted rather than fractured in this way.

  11. The sense he had left, that of touch as acute as ever, felt the moist and fractured horror.

  12. When the above-mentioned instance was told me, I replied, ‘It is a pity that the black wool was not arranged in the form of the inscription “To the memory of the fractured leg of my dear mother.

  13. He springs upon her like a fiend, utters a fierce yell, and, snatching the lamp from her hand, dashes it upon the tiles, spreading the fractured pieces about the hall.

  14. This time, however, she is less valuable from having fractured her left wrist, deformity being always taken into account when such property is up at the flesh shambles.

  15. The minimum period allowable for solid union in a fractured hip is, in our judgment, two months, and we have known cases in which that was too short a time.

  16. This is crepitation, or the peculiar effect which is produced by the friction of the fractured surfaces one against another.

  17. This method is often practiced in the treatment of a fractured rib.

  18. Sometimes a bone is fractured in the immediate vicinity of a joint.

  19. Irregularity in the performance of the functions of the apparatus to which the fractured bone belongs is a necessary consequence of the existing lesion, and this is lameness.

  20. Thus the time required for the consolidation of the fractured segments is divisible into two distinct periods.

  21. I must besides do the driver the justice to state that he did not forget to throw after me the largest of my trunks, which, unfortunately falling on my head, fractured my skull in a manner at once interesting and extraordinary.

  22. A young man named Simmons, (whose leg was also fractured in extricating them from the bended iron of the Bridge with a crowbar).

  23. Then, for his stupidity, whipped him again, and fractured his skull with an axe-helve.

  24. Anderson, the coroner, brought in a verdict of death from fractured skull, occasioned by blows from an axe-handle, inflicted by John Mackey.

  25. The skull was fractured about two inches.

  26. It was too bad I fell on my head and almost fractured my skull.

  27. They said I had a fractured skull, at first.

  28. When the surface of this island was examined it was found to be strewn with innumerable fragments of pottery, some fractured stones, and a few stone implements.

  29. One broken baluster is placed on the pediment like a fractured leg.

  30. When a leg or an arm is broken, after bringing the bone into its proper position, a broad layer of the moss is bound round the fractured limb.

  31. The skull was fractured in a shocking manner by stones.

  32. By the aid of the X-rays it is now easy for the surgeon to assure himself that fractured surfaces have been well adjusted and are in close apposition.

  33. They are pieces of silver wire which have been used to repair fractured knee-caps.

  34. Now, if it had been the left instead of the right we might have had a clue, as I understand that your brother had fractured his left ankle, and there might have been some traces of the injury on the foot itself.

  35. To overlap (each other); -- said of bones or fractured fragments.

  36. The operation of restoring a dislocated or fractured part to its former place.

  37. The criminal was laid on a cart wheel with his legs and arms extended, and his limbs in that posture were fractured with an iron bar.

  38. A cellular calc tufa, which in some places forms incrustations on the stems of plants, -- formerly supposed to have the quality of uniting fractured bones.

  39. The act of keeping fractured limbs cool by the use of a fan or some other contrivance.

  40. Having a glazed appearance; -- said of the fractured surface of some kinds of pin iron.

  41. The stretcher bearers were as careful as possible, but every little jolt was painful to the fractured hip.

  42. Frances was laughing and blushing but she gave Tim's hand a little answering pressure and left the boy happy and not so indignant with the fractured hip as that member no doubt deserved.

  43. The weathered surface of each block was black, and covered with moss and lichens; the others beautifully white, with clean, sharp-fractured edges.

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