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fractionation; fractions; fractious; fracture; fractured; fracturing; frade; fradre; frae; fragata
  1. A wide variety of symptoms are treated by hílut ranging from swellings and fractures to fevers and pains.

  2. Although he bore the possibility of fractures constantly in mind and examined the structure of the canyons with all possible care, he "everywhere found evidence of the exclusive action of water in their formation.

  3. On examination, it was found that fractures had been made in ten separate places in the outer skin.

  4. Gum Elemi, is exceeding good for fractures of the skull, as also in wounds, and therefore is put in plaisters for that end.

  5. Gum Elimi, authors appropriate to fractures in the skull and head.

  6. It helps all blows and bruises, and to consolidate all fractures and dislocations.

  7. Eight cases of union after compound gunshot fractures of the femur in these situations have, however, returned from the late mutiny in India; and this is a much larger proportion than was that of the recoveries from the Crimea.

  8. Occasionally simple fractures happen from indirect missiles; from direct, they are almost necessarily compound.

  9. Stromeyer, who in the early part of his professional career resorted to trephining in complicated fractures of the skull, records, in his Principles of Military Surgery, that he has abandoned the practice.

  10. In the treatment of fractures of the leg, where it has been determined to seek union, the same remarks apply as those made above in respect to fractures in the upper extremity.

  11. In fractures of the leg, where neither the knee nor ankle joints are implicated, the results of conservative attempts have been more favorable.

  12. Fractures of the bones of the arm are well known to be very much less dangerous than like injuries in the corresponding bones of the lower extremity.

  13. The fractures above and below the joint prevented the application of passive motion.

  14. It is in connection with fractures of bones and their proper treatment that the interest of surgeons is chiefly attracted in gunshot wounds of the extremities.

  15. The treatment of the various kinds of fractures from gunshot, and their complications, may be considered together.

  16. Two cases of united fractures of the femur in the upper third have arrived from the late mutiny in India, and in both, Dr.

  17. The first rope laid was not galvanized, and it suffered nine fractures during the first three years of its use.

  18. The blind go one way; those dumb with shell-shock go another; jaw cases separate from men with scalp wounds, and hip fractures are divided from shoulder fractures as the sheep from the goats.

  19. These are compound fractures of the jaw, nearly always accompanied by loss of the soft parts of the mouth and chin, sometimes by the almost complete loss of the face.

  20. In peace days, a city hospital would have only three or four fractures of the jaw in a year, and they were single fractures.

  21. Joints are fractures along which no displacement has taken place, and faults are fractures along which there has been displacement of the two sides relative to one another (fig.

  22. It was difficult to measure accurately because radiating at various points from the large defect were multiple crisscrossing fractures of the skull which extended in several directions.

  23. Fractures of the rude and dangerous stone anvil which he used had left small wounds upon his hands and arms, the marks of labour.

  24. Their fractures creaked and enlarged at every gust, and the axe, so to speak, had but to help the labour of the wind.

  25. The teaching of Celsus in reference to dislocations and fractures is remarkably advanced.

  26. His opinions on the treatment of fractures are sound, and he was a master in the use of splints, and considered that it was disgraceful on the part of the surgeon to allow a broken limb to set in a faulty position.

  27. Accidents were no doubt common in the gymnasia, and practice in the treatment of fractures and dislocations extensive and of a high order of excellence.

  28. In their dark fractures huge crustacea, perched upon their high claws like some war-machine, watched us with fixed eyes, and under our feet crawled various kinds of annelides.

  29. Some shrubs, and even some trees, grew from the fractures of the walls.

  30. It is well known that earthquakes break the rocks; and, if space permitted, it could be shown that the earthquake-fractures must possess all the essential features of parallel and intersecting joints.

  31. Fault-fractures rarely approach the horizontal direction, but are usually highly inclined or approximately vertical.

  32. It is in these fractures that scores of volcanoes are situated, together with active craters, solfataras, and hot springs.

  33. Dana points out that volcanoes stand on lines of fractures in the openings of which their existence began and that, during geological time, slips up or down these fractures have occurred, producing earthquakes and possibly starting eruptions.

  34. At first these fractures would not require a very great amount of stress or force, since the crust of lava was then very thin.

  35. After great periods of time, however, the crust grew thicker and thicker, and the amount of force required to break it continually increased, so that the fractures of the crust produced a greater disturbance.

  36. They have their origin mostly in the vicinity of mountain regions, where old fractures most abound.

  37. According to Dana, earthquakes of the second class generally start in the neighborhood of mountains, where old lines of fractures are especially abundant.

  38. It is rather believed that the location of the lines of fractures along which the earth's volcanoes are found were determined by conditions that occurred long before the earth assumed its present outlines.

  39. At the same time the force of the eruption was sufficiently great to produce the radial fissures or fractures at the sides.

  40. What interested them most was the fixation of fractures by means of steel plates, which we adopted in all our serious cases.

  41. The skull had undergone two fractures during the life of the animal, one of which was entirely healed, and the other partially.

  42. Fractures inflicted during life are, as a rule, attended with more extravasation of blood and evidences of reaction in the surrounding tissues; but fractures produced within a few hours after death may resemble these very closely.

  43. Then it is simple fractures only that have to be dealt with in this place; and a simple fracture exists when a bone is snapped across into two equal or unequal pieces.

  44. Illustration] Fractures are divided into comminuted, simple, and compound.

  45. In either way, the height may become so great that the force necessary to raise a column of lava to the top would be greater than the sides of the cone, weakened as they always are by fractures in all directions, can sustain.

  46. After they were solidified, and fractures had been formed, the mineral substance was transferred by molecular action to the fissures, and deposited.

  47. Give instances of fractures as results of volcanic action.

  48. What do fractures at the surface become by the erosion of water?

  49. By this means, the deep fissures produced by fractures opening upwards would be filled with fragments of rock shattered from the uplifted edges.

  50. Most of the metallic ores which occur in the stratified rocks, with the exception of iron, are found in fractures or as dikes.

  51. The fractures have been subsequently widened by denudation into valleys.

  52. There were even incisions and fractures in the masts, that stood like pillars grounded firmly in the keel, and piercing the several decks of the vessel.

  53. The fractures in the side increased, and the corvette began to leak.

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