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Example sentences for "fracturing"

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fractions; fractious; fracture; fractured; fractures; frade; fradre; frae; fragata; fragatas
  1. Many ranges are either entirely due to the tilting of earth blocks by faulting or fracturing of the earth, or their present altitude, at least, is a direct result of faulting.

  2. Fourth ball in left knee, fracturing inner condyle of femur, and passed into popliteal space.

  3. First (musket) ball passed in under the angle of right jaw, fracturing the symphysis, where it emerged.

  4. The ball which struck his head tore the skin, and made the circuit of his skull without fracturing it.

  5. Phares records the case of a boy of nine who, while playing in the saw-gate of a cotton-press, was struck by the lever in revolution, the blow fracturing both bones of the leg about the middle.

  6. There is a record of a young collier in the north of England who lost his sight by an explosion of gunpowder, utterly destroying the right eye and fracturing the frontal bone.

  7. Farber and McCassy report a case in which a man fell 50 feet perpendicularly through an elevator shaft, fracturing the skull.

  8. He fell almost perpendicularly 170 feet, fracturing the right frontal sinus, the left clavicle, tibia, and fibula.

  9. Lieutenant Peter Hunt was the only man hurt, a piece of a shell fracturing his right heel.

  10. In the heat of the fight he had received a splinter of shell in his chest, the impact fracturing one of the breast-bones.

  11. It then passed across and entered the left arm below the elbow, fracturing the upper part of the radius.

  12. The direction and nature of the displacement depend more upon the fracturing force, the weight of the lower part of the limb, and the action of the muscles attached to the respective fragments, than upon the direction of the obliquity.

  13. Attempts to break these down are attended with considerable risk of re-fracturing the bone or of tearing the soft parts.

  14. It may merely be fissured, or the head of the femur may be forcibly driven through its floor into the pelvic cavity, either by fracturing the bone or, in young subjects, by bursting asunder the cartilaginous junction of the constituent bones.

  15. There is little or no displacement, and such as there is is angular, and is determined by the direction of the fracturing force.

  16. Consolidated rocks, particularly brittle types, are subject to two types of fracturing by Earth forces.

  17. Another man cut the cord and the suspended one fell into a cellar, fracturing his skull.

  18. Grosclaude himself made a large number of experiments on animals by drowning, hanging, and strangling, and fracturing the skull.

  19. The experiments of Cavasse[776] seem to show that there is no great difficulty in fracturing the thyroid in strangulation.

  20. Information from the preceding, united with known conditions as to the strength of materials to resist fracture, by which the velocity of the fracturing impulse may be calculated.

  21. Brion had an insane vision of him breaking the man's other arm, fracturing both his legs, and the limbless broken creature still coming forward.

  22. A slight bending of the truth without fracturing it.

  23. The ball struck the third knuckle and lodged beneath the skin between the fourth and fifth metacarpals, fracturing both bones without displacement of fragments.

  24. A shell dismounted a gun, fracturing the chase, killing a lieutenant and two men.

  25. There were two orifices; the ball appeared to have entered the limb and passed out, fracturing the tibia in its course.

  26. The wound traversed the lower part of the upper third of the arm, fracturing the humerus.

  27. The bullet passed onwards through the base of the skull, crossing the external auditory meatus, fracturing the zygoma and probably the condyle of the mandible, and eventually lodged beneath the masseter muscle.

  28. Each specimen exhibits shortening and widening without fracture of the mantle, the latter being simply thrown into folds; both bullets were lodged in the thigh after fracturing the femur.

  29. This was a slight bending of the truth without fracturing it.

  30. This brings up a point that must be carefully watched if trouble is to be avoided, namely, the construction of the form work in sections which can be removed without fracturing the ornament.

  31. It is clear that if the backing studs are in single pieces, notched as shown, the forms cannot be removed without fracturing at least the corner A.

  32. Extensive adhesions between the membrane and inner wall may render it difficult to separate the shaft of the malleus without fracturing its neck.

  33. This permits of sufficient leverage to extract the malleus by gentle traction in a downward and outward direction without danger of fracturing its shaft.

  34. The same instrument has sometimes been responsible for fracturing the posterior margin of the septum, injuring the Eustachian cushion, and tearing off strips of mucosa from the pharynx.

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