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Example sentences for "fissures"

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  1. He pointed to the light which was beginning to enter by the fissures of the windows.

  2. In the treatment of such fissures he directs that the scalp wound be enlarged, the cranium perforated very cautiously with a trepan (trepano) at each extremity of the fissure and the two openings then connected by a chisel (spata?

  3. Sometimes the alteration is mainly confined to the filling of the fissures with chalcedonic quartz, minute nests of the same material occurring in the groundmass.

  4. They are no doubt dyke-like masses representing the original fissures of eruption of a submarine vent; and during the emergence they were covered up with tuffs and deposits, the work of the marine erosion of the emerging land.

  5. At one place the palagonite-tuffs exhibited signs of alteration, being traversed by small fissures not over a third of an inch broad (5 to 8 mm.

  6. The numerous fissures were doubtless produced during the consolidation of the rock; and subsequently they were filled with the still fluid residual portion of the magma, which would be composed of the most fusible constituents.

  7. It is traversed by numerous fine fissures filled with decomposition products and contains abundant dust-like materials.

  8. Streams of lava sprang out through the fissures and poured streams of melted rock down the sides of the fold, quite burying, in many places, the layers of limestone, sandstone, and clay.

  9. Along the sides of these fissures the hot lava has changed all the rocks it touched.

  10. These cracked, and from the long summit-fissures issued hot lava, which spread over enormous areas and, cooling, laid the foundations for the coming Cascade Mountains.

  11. The fissures of the sheath widened visibly and turned white as the two men looked at them.

  12. The rain first falls on the distant mountains, and finding its way downward through the fissures of rocky ledges, pursues its course until it gushes forth in the bed of the gulf.

  13. How this net-work of capillary fissures is formed has not been ascertained by direct observation.

  14. This can be accounted for only by the increased pressure due to the large accession of water trickling in spring and early summer into the interior through the net-work of capillary fissures pervading the whole mass.

  15. A soldier of the regiment of Cuirassiers of Gessler, called Lukrafka, was wounded in the going through the exercise with the regiment, in such a manner that the two bones were fractured in the middle, with several fissures lengthways.

  16. I note through all your fissures how the tide Of healthful life goes leaping as of old; Your royal dawns retain their pomp and pride; Your sunsets lose no atom of their gold.

  17. The meadow and the mountain with desire Gazed on each other, till a fierce unrest Surged 'neath the meadow's seemingly calm breast, And all the mountain's fissures ran with fire.

  18. They commonly nest in burrows in the ground, but are also said to build in fissures among the ledges.

  19. Not far from Virginia City there are some warm springs that constantly send up jets of steam through fissures in the mountainside.

  20. These fissures extend more than a quarter of a mile, and the long line of steam columns looks very pretty.

  21. Fissures that had been made with great toil, froze again as soon as made; and when the vessel tried to steam against the ice, it was unable so much as to set the floe in motion.

  22. Next, the fissures in the floe were hastily bound together with ice-anchors and ropes, and filled up with snow, in the hope that they might freeze over, though it was felt that at any moment a sudden heave might undo the whole work.

  23. Hochstetter, in his chapter on New Zealand springs, "owe their origin to the water permeating the surface and sinking through fissures into the bowels of the earth, where it becomes heated by the still existing volcanic fires.

  24. The fissures in the mud seemed to widen with the heat, and the fringe of green oleanders which followed every turn of the dry watercourse, mutely witnessing to unseen moisture below, wilted and drooped.

  25. Those upward strokes are the fissures shown by the tracings," he said.

  26. I'd like to be sure we're not overlooking any new gaps or fissures in the mountain itself.

  27. In direct connection with the narrower fissures are the so-called moulins,--the circular wells on the glacier.

  28. Daniel has been doubted, and Zoroaster may never have seen the light, the fissures of the Caucasus have been flaming since the earliest authentic records.

  29. Zahouet and Oerman, is black; and, notwithstanding the abundant rains, the ground was intersected in every direction by large fissures caused by the summer heat.

  30. A few herbs grow in the fissures of the rocks, which are scarcely sufficient to keep from starving half a dozen horses, the property of the present miserable inhabitants.

  31. Even so low as the point where we crossed the lava of 1858 were fissures whence came hot air.

  32. And it actually had deep fissures in it, over which we stepped and among which we went, out of which came blasts of hot, horrid vapor, with a roaring as if we were in the midst of furnaces.

  33. Not a creature was within call, and those dreaded fissures had to be bestridden.

  34. The work was so badly and hastily done that before two weeks should have elapsed each of those fissures would be breathing forth pestilence.

  35. In every direction the ground was dotted with graves; the soil cracked and split in obedience to the forces acting beneath its surface, and from the fissures thus formed the gases of putrefaction issued to poison the living.

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