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Example sentences for "chauffeurs"

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  1. When the two empty automobiles reached the bridge, and the questioning of the chauffeurs began, this captain ordered half his men to return to the launch and go back up the river to look for traces of their quarry.

  2. Both chauffeurs got all the speed possible out of the machines they drove.

  3. They were caught in traffic jams, but their chauffeurs puffed at cigarettes and waited nonchalantly until they could go ahead.

  4. Three of the firm members had been employed chauffeurs and thus got the idea and the money to start the firm.

  5. She can't go running around with chauffeurs and all--My God, to think that he had her in his arms!

  6. Tell one of those chauffeurs out there I'll give him ten dollars to run me to the Grand Central Station.

  7. In a word, his sudden lapse suggested that my brother-in-law was entering that most unpleasant stage which must be traversed by all who will become chauffeurs and are taught, so to speak, to run before they can walk.

  8. The next minute two chauffeurs were slinging the baggage on to a couple of cars, and, after we'd managed to explain that you were coming back, Berry paid some sort of a bill and we all pushed off.

  9. All the professional chauffeurs I ever met have been utterly unable to calculate time or provide for future emergencies.

  10. Chauffeurs (and he looked bleakly at Terry) were without exception brutes--detestable brutes.

  11. Several chauffeurs had been injured, but not seriously.

  12. Why should the chauffeurs tackle the girl?

  13. I cut as soon as I saw it wasn't a dog; the chauffeurs are tackling the girl.

  14. With the exception of Dick's racer every car was gone and all the chauffeurs with them.

  15. As for mending a car, he beats all the chauffeurs out.

  16. And if you eat with the chauffeurs and a pack of men, don't go stuffing yourself with food until you're sick.

  17. Can't one of the chauffeurs take us down there?

  18. Four mud-caked cars stood in the driveway and chauffeurs in their shirt sleeves hurried in and out the building, shouting to one another and carrying in their hands grimy rags and cans of oil.

  19. The chauffeurs do not go to sleep as early as you do, I rather fancy.

  20. You'll have a couple of the chauffeurs for company.

  21. For what reason do you suppose I buy a Lion car and a chauffeur if not to do what my other automobiles and chauffeurs cannot do?

  22. He taught him to drive the high powered Lion car that was seldom used by the earl's chauffeurs and discovered in him an aptitude for mechanics which delighted his father.

  23. Two rows were reserved for the nurses, and in the others slept our chauffeurs and stretcher-bearers, with a few of the priests.

  24. We almost always had an interested audience, professional, clerical, or lay, for the chauffeurs found much amusement in these feats of engineering.

  25. They started in Ghent under the Belgian Red Cross with a party of four surgeons, five women, and three men for the stretchers, and two chauffeurs to drive the two ambulances.

  26. There are plenty of good chauffeurs to be got at short notice in Paris," Jack suggested, "and you are certain to find one by the time you're ready to start.

  27. I'm too amateurish in such matters to understand the exact reason for such differences, though chauffeurs say they could tell one make of motor from another by ear if they were blindfolded.

  28. The valet, who had the air of being engaged to the maid with the nose, confined himself to a non-committal grin, but the second and third chauffeurs loyally supported their leader.

  29. Since chauffeurs should be seen and not heard, Mr. Jack Dane looked volumes and said not a word.

  30. Impertinent chauffeurs or couriers would have been more out of place in poetic St. Remy than the sensational Nostradamus himself; and there was no trouble of that sort for me in lunching at the pleasant, quiet hotel.

  31. Still, I at once began to tell myself that chauffeurs must have intelligent faces.

  32. The chauffeurs could be heard cranking their cars desperately, sounds which gave Jack considerable delight.

  33. The officers had, it seemed, finally come to believe what the chauffeurs were saying.

  34. Most of the women who go are very good chauffeurs themselves, so they are chosen before a person who can't drive.

  35. Two of our own chauffeurs live quite close to the station: they say they are busy, and can't look at my car.

  36. The two chauffeurs were conversing in German.

  37. Beckett-Smythe retained one of those German chauffeurs in his service for a whole year," said the vicar, on whom a new light had dawned with the discovery of the telltale map.

  38. True, the drivers and chauffeurs in and about Oakvale had by degrees become accustomed to the new order of things, which was moving along as smoothly as clockwork.

  39. After a few drivers and chauffeurs had been fined, and some of them locked up for a spell, they began to realize that the scouts were not to be reckoned with as a big joke.

  40. They waited all of five minutes, and there was not the first chance given them to cross over, so stupid and selfish have the drivers and chauffeurs in Oakvale become, because the law is not strictly enforced.

  41. The impudent drivers and chauffeurs must be made to respect the law, if fines and imprisonment will do the trick!

  42. There was considerable confusion, for drivers were shouting at each other and chauffeurs were trying to push their way past the congested crossing.

  43. There are chauffeurs and chauffeurs,--the latter wear the paraphernalia and are photographed, while the former are working under the machines.

  44. Once upon a time, two fishermen, who were modestly relating exploits, paused to listen to three chauffeurs who began exchanging experiences.

  45. You seem to have the proper system and your vast experience with chauffeurs in the ten years past fits you, as no one else is fitted, for a competent instructor.

  46. I knew that the great army of chauffeurs was infested with thieves, thugs and gunmen.

  47. With the aid of your sister and a disreputable gang of chauffeurs you planned to hasten the death of Mrs. Blake, to hasten the inheritance of the Blake fortune by your future wife.

  48. The two chauffeurs who brought me here this morning left the machine at the entrance to the village.

  49. I found it when the two chauffeurs recommenced their old story: "Oh!

  50. And the chauffeurs near her laughed in sympathy.

  51. The reason was that the occupants of the autos had told the chauffeurs to stop until they could read the sandwiches.

  52. Bellfield touched his cap with an eager and willing hand, as new chauffeurs will.

  53. The best place to eat is always a counter where the chauffeurs congregate.

  54. I have hung around many an all-night lunchroom to hear the chauffeurs talk.

  55. A group of chauffeurs by the village pound removed their pipes and watched her; then replaced them; then removed them a second time as a second figure, in pink coat and knee-breeches, pounded along the echoing street.

  56. They strode incongruously down the broad village street, past the group of expectant chauffeurs and into an ill-ventilated box described as the "reading-room.

  57. Chauffeurs are like house-maids - they must not be interfered with.

  58. The fair chauffeurs cranked up quickly, for it was almost dusk, and there was considerable road to cover between the place and Chelton.

  59. A couple of chauffeurs were reasoning with him when I came in.

  60. Here, near the corner of the Avenue, he found Hy Lowe, leaning against the building, weeping, while four taxi chauffeurs and two victoria drivers stood by.

  61. How wrong it is of these chauffeurs to drive so fast!

  62. And just before his almost boyish remark, made with genuine vexation in his voice, about the driving of London chauffeurs had given her a little happy thrill such as she had not known for years.

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