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Example sentences for "attained"

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attain; attainable; attainder; attainders; attaine; attaineth; attaining; attainment; attainments; attains
  1. The children, 32 daughters and 7 sons, all attained their majority.

  2. In contrast to the fat men are the so-called "living skeletons," or men who have attained notice by reason of absence of the normal adipose tissue.

  3. Dupuytren gives the history of Marie Francoise-Clay, who attained such celebrity for her obesity.

  4. It followed enucleation, and attained the size depicted in a few months.

  5. Since the time of these two contemporaneous salamanders there have been many others, but probably none have attained the same notoriety.

  6. At the close of the war Captain Bates had attained his great height of 7 feet 2 1/2 inches.

  7. She had attained a greater command of language than most children of her age.

  8. In 1856 there was reported to have been born in Texas, twins after the manner of Helen and Judith, united back to back, who lived and attained some age.

  9. While instances of ischiopagi are quite numerous, few have attained any age, and, necessarily, little notoriety.

  10. When a tumor has attained this size, pressure-symptoms are often relieved by the weight of the tumor making traction away from the trachea.

  11. However replete with fables may be the history of the Kings of Egypt, none attained a remarkable age, and the record of the common people is incomplete or unavailable.

  12. In ancient history we can only find a few rulers who attained four score, and this is equally the case in modern times.

  13. The financial disputes between the executive and the assembly never attained such prominence in Upper Canada as in the lower province.

  14. The outbreak of the Seven Years' War was a serious blow to a people who had at last surmounted the greatest difficulties of pioneer life, and attained a moderate degree of comfort.

  15. At no time, according to unanimous testimony, had Scotland attained so high a position of national wealth, comfort, and prosperity.

  16. Few poems ever have attained so great and so immediate a success.

  17. Illustration: MONS MEG] King James had attained at this time a success which probably a few years before his warmest imagination could not have aspired to.

  18. This was in the end of the year 1539, when Buchanan had attained the age of thirty-three.

  19. We believe that to buy books was more usual then than now, and there were circulating libraries everywhere, conveying perhaps the stream of literature more evenly over the country than can be attained by one gigantic Mudie.

  20. How these doubts were cleared up and certainty attained we have no sure way of knowing.

  21. He had attained this triumph after many drawbacks and downfalls and against the strongest opponents, and Scotland was overawed by the terror of that well-known name.

  22. It is difficult to determine the maximum size that would be attained by this species, as the Cypriotes seldom allow any tree to remain uninjured.

  23. In Ireland the highest speed attained by the mail coaches was nine miles and one furlong an hour, the slowest speed six miles and seven furlongs, and the average eight miles and two furlongs.

  24. To give the exact figures, the highest speed attained in England was ten miles and five furlongs an hour, the slowest six miles, and the average eight miles and seven furlongs.

  25. A partial remedy was attained by the transfer of all the packets to the Admiralty.

  26. This object could be attained only by the conclusion of new agreements.

  27. The object of these efforts was clear; it has, I think, been attained by more direct and wiser means.

  28. They must have attained considerable success, while thus unwittingly preparing disaster.

  29. The action of subsidence was exchanged for one of elevation; and the temple and its pillars gradually arose from the sea, and attained their present level; whilst the stone-boring shell-fish were left to die in their homes.

  30. Again, that you have attained the highest degree of temperance is shown by your very habits.

  31. That year the censors enrolled in the senatorial body all who had attained office, even beyond the proper number.

  32. How is it that he and Barbara have attained such a certainty of faith?

  33. By the time that the sun has attained height enough in the heavens to make his power tyrannically felt, our baskets are filled.

  34. When Feridún had attained his sixteenth year, he descended from the mountain, and remained for a time on the plain beneath.

  35. Had the Primal Point been someone else beside Me as ye claim, and had attained My presence, verily He would have never allowed Himself to be separated from Me, but rather We would have had mutual delights with each other in My Days.

  36. Render thanks unto God inasmuch as thou hast attained unto the shores of this Most Great Ocean, and give ear to the very atoms of the earth proclaiming: “This is the Best-Beloved of the worlds!

  37. Whosoever hearkeneth unto its call is verily of those who have attained unto Him.

  38. Had Moses Himself attained it, He, likewise, would have raised His voice saying: “All praise be to Thee for having lifted upon me the light of Thy countenance and enrolled me among them that have been privileged to behold Thy face!

  39. This, indeed, is My desire and the desire of whosoever hath sought Me and attained unto My most wondrous, Mine incomparable Kingdom.

  40. Glorified be this station which whoever attaineth thereunto hath attained unto all good that proceedeth from Him Who is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

  41. This wisdom, however, can be attained only by those who detach themselves from the world, and who walk in the ways of the good pleasure of their Lord.

  42. In truth, that knowledge which belongeth unto Mine own Essence is such as none hath ever attained or will ever grasp, nor shall any heart be capable of bearing its weight.

  43. Shall he who reposeth upon the loftiest seat of honour, who hath attained the pinnacle of might and glory, abide forever?

  44. Know ye of a certainty that the Dispensations of the past have attained their highest, their final consummation in the Law that hath branched out from this Most Great Ocean.

  45. We all know what that means; and frequently understand, when the words are used, that a blaze of splendour is to be attained at the cheapest possible price.

  46. Properly speaking, you haven't as yet so much as attained the designation of 'Miss!

  47. I've guessed the secret of your heart, so I'll go and tell mother that as you've also attained a certain age, she should send you away.

  48. It was only by throwing off the yoke of that slavish religion that we attained to the freedom of thought which has advanced us in the scale of society.

  49. The best and noblest coloring possible to art is that attained by the touch of the human hand on an opaque surface, upon which it can command any tint required, without subjection to alteration by fire or other mechanical means.

  50. This science, although nearer perfection than any other, is really little advanced as yet, so that this object is rarely attained in a manner completely satisfactory.

  51. This is not to say, however, that we have at present attained the effectual limit established in that respect by the bounds of our intelligence.

  52. Although a conquerer, he is extremely popular among his subjects; and not without reason, for since he attained the supreme power, they have enjoyed repose and prosperity.

  53. It will be seen that at the age of nineteen he was appointed a petty officer, and had he not been incapacitated by his misfortune, it may be presumed, that he would soon have attained a higher rank.

  54. No sufficient advantage is attained by raising the pressure of the gases above atmosphere, but a capacious vessel is necessary.

  55. Stock-raising is a leading industry, but it has probably attained its full development.

  56. Chiefs were at once qualified for the highest grade, but ordinary members attained promotion only through initiatory rites.

  57. This brutish people then attained such a high degree of human perfection and civilization that all their contemporaries marveled at them.

  58. Observe that he attained to such a distinguished rank in the heart of the world that his greatness still rings out through all the impermanence of time, and he won eternal life.

  59. But it was differently that the next age wrote about the crucifixion; and perhaps the lofty self-restraint of the Evangelists has never been attained again.

  60. High places are dizzy, and especially when one has just attained them; and therefore it was when the voice of the herald and the Voice from the heavens were blended in acclaim, that the Evil One tried all his arts.

  61. Nay, we feel that never before can the verse have attained its fullest meaning, a meaning which no experience of David could more than dimly shadow forth, since we ask in our sorrows, Why have we forsaken God?

  62. Yet neither in Scripture nor in the history of the Church will it appear that men of licentious revolt against known laws have attained to usefulness of the highest order.

  63. When I have attained my goals, you, along with Drummer, will be amply rewarded with material wealth and positions of honor.

  64. Scarcely, however, had the little Moses attained the age of five, when his father, for causes best known to himself, became a Christian.

  65. There are some acts of injustice which no national interest can excuse, however great in itself that interest may be, or however certain to be attained by the means proposed.

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