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connait; connaitre; connate; connatural; conne; connected; connectedly; connecting; connection; connections
  1. He was exceedingly annoyed, washed his hands of me, and wished me not on any account to connect his name with my public life.

  2. Her marriage, she thought, would connect them still more closely.

  3. Count Trescorre, who now and then showed a fitful recognition of the tie that was supposed to connect them, at length heard of the case to which he was come and offered him a trifling pension.

  4. His beautifully-modulated Italian was tinged by a slight foreign accent, which seemed to connect him still more definitely with the episode his voice recalled.

  5. We have mentioned two immortal names; and before we pass into the three volumes, we cannot help endeavouring to connect them in the minds of our readers, as they are by their spirit connected in ours.

  6. A more than official attachment seemed to connect his lordship with the late premier.

  7. I have only time to touch upon two thoughts--to connect this name of dignity first with one and then with the other of the two names that we have already considered.

  8. I connect the commencement and the close, because I think that the juxtaposition throws great light upon the purpose of the writer, and suggests some very important lessons.

  9. Isaiah belongs to the latter, yet I connect him with the two above named, because he prophesied at the same time.

  10. Three old sailing and caravan routes connect the Mediterranean with the Far East.

  11. The aims of himself and his allies were to plant training schools in every diocese; to connect these with the cathedrals through the chapters; to license the teachers by the bishops after examination.

  12. He has carried us up to a rather remote period, I think before Elizabeth, but has not yet been able to connect us with the earliest known holders of the name, which with the aid of charter-chests he hopes to do.

  13. We have already noticed that earthquakes and volcanoes are produced by the same causes; but as the myths of many nations do not connect the two, it is evident that such people did not recognize their essential identity.

  14. Effort is also made to connect earthquakes and volcanoes with the gigantic convulsions of the sun, known as “sun spots.

  15. Can we in any way connect the present with the remote past, and can we indicate even imperfectly the conditions and laws under which the existing order was brought about?

  16. Regular lines of steamers connect Hong Kong with countless ports in Asia, America, Europe, and Australia, and the trade of the port is immense.

  17. The French have had many fights with the Tuaregs, and the railway which was to pass through their country and connect Algiers with Timbuktu is still only a cherished project.

  18. But it was necessary, for Alexander wished to secure for himself the command of the sea route between the mouths of the Euphrates and Indus, so as to connect the western and eastern parts of his kingdom.

  19. Gordon's scheme to connect the Victoria Nyanza with Mombasa on the coast has been carried out, and a railway has been constructed through British East Africa.

  20. The French Government had sent out the expedition to examine the Tuaregs' country, and to mark out a suitable route for a railway through the Sahara to connect the French possessions in the north and south.

  21. At Budapest, which is cut in two by the river, and where five handsome bridges connect the banks, we seem almost to be on a lake.

  22. Some species with continuous indusium connect this genus very closely with the next.

  23. Intermediate forms connect this with the type.

  24. The attempts to connect the name Yahweh with that of an Indo-European deity (Jehovah-Jove, &c.

  25. There are some 3500 miles of telegraph line, and cables connect Java with Madura, Bali and Sumatra, and Port Darwin in Australia.

  26. I know," the chauffeur replied; "but I couldn't connect with my friends here.

  27. It is possible that the presence of marine types in our Great Lakes is to be regarded as due to some depression of the land which would connect their waters with those of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

  28. Among the earlier species are forms which connect these genera very closely.

  29. The extinct genus Pseudogaleus (voltai) is said to connect the Scyliorhinoid with the Carcharioid sharks.

  30. All the Old Testament references to it clearly indicate that it was in the vicinity of Edom and connect it with Mt.

  31. Then, too, he was to give them laws and so connect them together that as a nation they would survive the hostile nations around them and the civil strife and dissensions within.

  32. The other end of the platinum wires are extended to connect with the earth.

  33. L, ledges which connect the sides of the wheel together.

  34. By fixing cogs or teeth on the rim of the wheel, so as to connect it with any mill, machine, or engine to which motion can be given by a wheel, the power of this machine may be communicated.

  35. Nor is it the mere capacity of connecting definite sounds with definite ideas; for it is certain that some parrots, which have been taught to speak, connect unerringly words with things, and persons with events.

  36. Among the coelomati of the present day, the ascidians are the nearest relatives of this exceedingly remarkable worm, which connect the widely differing classes of invertebrate and vertebrate animals.

  37. On the other hand, in the Bible narrative, the same tradition is applied to connect it with the rise of two races which afterwards dwelt in the vicinity of that catastrophe.

  38. Two ranges of mountains, with the Jordan flowing between, traverse Palestine from north to south and connect Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon with Horeb and Sinai.

  39. Openings connect the nave with the galleries behind.

  40. In continuation of the greater pilasters are abutment piers, from the summits of which spring the great arches spanning the nave, the window arches of the clerestory, and the pendentives which connect these with the vaulting.

  41. Then," continued Kermode, "you can't connect Mitcham with the wrecking of your church.

  42. It was possible that some of them had heard of the Jernyngham affair, and he had no wish that they should connect him with it.

  43. Pour it from one vessel to another, and note that strings of mucin (from the lining membrane of the gall bladder) connect one vessel with the other.

  44. They connect the tympanic membrane with the labyrinth, and serve to convey the vibrations communicated to the membrane across the cavity of the tympanum to the internal ear.

  45. The black bodies are minute cavities called lacunæ, while the fine lines are very minute canals, canaliculi, which connect the lacunæ and the Haversian canals.

  46. Joan tried to connect the date of that night in the studio and the one on Nancy's letter.

  47. She seemed to connect him with something in the recent past, and that encouraged him.

  48. Sketches were prepared for a subway construction to connect with the bridges, but a final plan was not worked out.

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