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  1. As the result of evictions under the Act, some of the Churches on farms have ceased to exist.

  2. Dutchmen from the surrounding farms flocked to attend the meeting.

  3. The Boer Government, which annexed the territory, confiscated all the land not yet surveyed, and passed a law to the effect that those Barolongs who held individual title to land could only sell their farms to white people.

  4. The farms hereabout are owned by Boers and English settlers, but many are owned by Germans, Jews, Russians, and other Continentals.

  5. When the Natives' Land Bill was before Parliament the Opposition moved that the remaining native farms be scheduled as a native area, where Natives might purchase farms, of course from other Natives.

  6. They include farms bought or awarded to Natives as long ago as the early 60's and 70's, but the owners were not able to obtain titles as the late Republican Government did not allow Natives to register land in their own names.

  7. The few farms which Colonel Kingsward possessed pressed his little circle of trees rather close; but as long as the farms were let the family felt they could bear this.

  8. I hear that there is a quarrel between Sam Locke and Jesse Robinson over the boundary line between their farms up on the old Salem road.

  9. The only way to stop this constant trouble and fighting is to carry the whole of them out of the country, and give their rich farms to good, honest young men like these here.

  10. He told stories of their fathers when they were boys; what great friends they were, and how they bought adjoining farms to be near each other.

  11. In a valley where there are many individual farms and little villages, the coolies' path is well beset with pitfalls and with gin.

  12. A long wooden covered bridge spans the river and race, and the island between them, and connects Three-Sisters with Boomer Creek Valley, in which are many farms that are gradually encroaching on the forests.

  13. The cotton was destroyed, the farms pillaged, the slaves set free, the land laid waste.

  14. The raw, first-come Negro slaves were not sold as retinue for the rich, but as colonial utilities to be worked like cattle on the farms and plantations.

  15. Farms often lay close together, and now and again attempts were made to buy food and drink of the peasantry, who, upon hearing our approach, came at times with lights to their thresholds.

  16. All the live-stock that he left behind was killed by Glam, who then went through the whole glen and laid waste all the farms up from Tongue.

  17. They summoned men from the nearest farms to accompany them, and arrived at Froda on the evening before Candlemas, just at the time when the fires were being kindled.

  18. Although agriculture has been almost all in private hands, farms have been small and inefficient, and the republic traditionally has been a net importer of food.

  19. The agricultural sector is of minor importance and is made up of cattle ranches and small farms producing coconuts, breadfruit, tomatoes, and melons.

  20. Its fertile black soil generated more than one-fourth of Soviet agricultural output, and its farms provided substantial quantities of meat, milk, grain, and vegetables to other republics.

  21. Mortgages were all paid off; tumbled-down cottages were being rebuilt; the farms were put into proper order, and let to good tenants.

  22. This year, the little Hampshire farms and homesteads, all along the railway, cannot have looked either cosy or picturesque; and the distant line of undulating hills must have been completely hidden by fog and mist.

  23. I tried it with my scheme for making farms for soldiers, but Congress, as soon as it found that I was really agitating, passed laws making it impossible for me to use a sheet of paper or the frank for the purpose.

  24. But all farms here are ranches, as you doubtless know, as all weather is fine.

  25. Every man in an industry ought to be tied up in some way by profit-sharing or stock-owning arrangements, and we should get as large a proportion of our people on small farms as possible.

  26. The soldier-farms bill has been reported favorably by the Committee on Public Lands to the House, but has not yet been taken up for consideration on the floor.

  27. The farms should not be turned over as the prairies were--unbroken, unfenced, without accommodations for men and animals.

  28. It can be done because it is being done on the best farms of the far West.

  29. My plan for getting farms for the soldier is making slow progress.

  30. Their first plan was to form a farmer's union or syndicate, which should undertake to run the farms of those who were retiring from the land.

  31. This means that in certain sections the farming population has a new element, for the holders of these small farms are many of them new to the community.

  32. This necessity is as characteristic of the rural community as it is of the city, for on the farms as well as in the factory towns labor is performed by machinery.

  33. The census of 1900 showed approximately one-third of our people on farms or closely connected with farms, as against something like nine-tenths, a hundred years previous.

  34. The retirement from the farms has been checked; the neighborhood has become specially desirable for residence.

  35. Out of those sales grew some of the immense farms that have been so famous over the country and while they are great business concerns managed with fine business ability, yet they are not much of a help in the settling of the country.

  36. The earlier retirement from the farms was by sale, the farmer taking money instead of land.

  37. There are many farms smaller, from one thousand acres and up.

  38. Another cause of this exploitation of land is the increasing number of small farms in certain regions.

  39. The Poles took the house at Dudley Farms and began the routine of American suburban life, forty miles from New York.

  40. The risk would not, perhaps, have been so great as could have been supposed at first sight, but then this ought to have been done from the very beginning of the war, and the order to burn the Boer farms ought never to have been given.

  41. Persons were deported at an hour's notice without reasons being given, and thereafter scouts took possession of their farms and plundered and destroyed everything.

  42. No one blames the Boer women on the farms for this; they have taken an active part on behalf of their own people in the war, and they glory in the fact.

  43. But once the Boer farms had been deprived of their military use to the enemy, these people could not be turned back to starve on the veldt; the British had to feed them or earn the reproach of having destroyed a nation by hunger.

  44. On the larger farms in Overyssel the main building is generally divided into two parts.

  45. The butcher is the only person who is the man of one occupation, though he, too, goes round to the neighbouring farms to help in the slaughtering of the cattle, and sometimes lends a hand in the salting and storing of the meat.

  46. Iron ore has been found on Thompson's farms on the Clark's Fork.

  47. The land is good, the farms looked neat, and the houses comfortable.

  48. This latter fact accounts for the hardihood of the Sicilians in continuing to plant vineyards and farms within reach of this great subterranean furnace.

  49. We travelled as far as a five cent fare would take us and began looking for work among the large mansions and fancy farms which line the shore of Long Island Sound.

  50. From Roumania to the sheep farms of the west is a long journey.

  51. He develops best where he has the best example, and upon the farms of Minnesota and Nebraska he is second only to the German, whose close neighbour he is and with whom he lives in peace, strange as it may seem.

  52. The more efficient and numerous machines become, the larger our farms should be.

  53. On these farms there are only 15 acres per horse.

  54. More and better machinery and more power are needed on most farms in the interest of efficiency.

  55. Yet their machinery costs nearly twice as much per acre as that on the larger farms that have nearly three times as much machinery.

  56. Our domain of free arable land is practically gone; good farms must be bought, and for them ever increasing prices must be paid.

  57. On the largest farms, one horse farms three times this area, with no resulting decrease in crop yields.

  58. But renting farms for a fixed sum of money has always been less common in the United States than renting for a definite share of the products.

  59. Any one who has ever made a list of the necessary farm machinery will see at once how inadequately these small farms are equipped.

  60. Few of the small farms have half of these tools.

  61. But a supply of good machinery requires a fair sized farm for its efficient utilization--hence the need for larger farms and for mortgage credit to make their purchase possible.

  62. The isolation of our farmers in this country of large farms and "magnificent distances.

  63. An inflation of the currency cannot increase the product of farms and factories, nor the speed of freight trains or ships.

  64. Let the reader now look at the fine farms of Scotch Valley, and he will see that, in selecting the spot, the Moores were actuated by a sagacity that enabled them to see those fine lands blooming like the rose in the future.

  65. These aggressions were followed by the usual proclamations from the government, but they had little or no effect in preventing the bold adventurers from crossing the Alleghany Mountains and staking out farms in the valley of the Conemaugh.

  66. Occasionally an alarm of Indian depredations sent the entire neighborhood to the fort in great haste; but just so soon as the alarm had subsided they all went to their farms again.

  67. The tories were to have for their share in this general massacre all the fine farms on the routes, and the movable property was to be divided among the Indians.

  68. In the mean time, William Holliday purchased of Mr. Peters 1000 acres of land, which embraced the present Crawford and Jackson farms and a greater part of Gaysport.

  69. You can easy mortgage your farms to raise the money, seein' you can knock the mortgage off so quick and have abundance left over, if you use your heads 'stead of your tired legs to make money out of your land.

  70. And the sad part of it all was that mortgaged and doubly mortgaged farms and not the price of crops had furnished the capital for the boom building.

  71. Nobody went 'bout half naked on our plantation lak some of de old folks f'um other farms talks 'bout.

  72. Course, they did have to straighten out some of them brash young nigger bucks on some of the other farms round about.

  73. Nor did we confine our work to the farms near our hiding-place.

  74. TR: deleted: 'Mother said there were'] two families lived on farms adjacent to her father.

  75. Guests came from all neighboring farms and engaged in the "Green Corn" dance which was similar to what is now called Buck dancing.

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