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Example sentences for "farmyard"

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farmland; farmlands; farms; farmstead; farmsteads; farmyards; farn; farness; faro; faros
  1. To be born in a duck's nest in a farmyard is of no consequence to a bird if it is hatched from a swan's egg.

  2. In the farmyard they met an old man who knew how to make soap for shaving and washing, in cakes or in balls.

  3. I walked along for a good bit--I can't quite tell how far--but at last two dogs came bounding out of a farmyard near by.

  4. He went into the farmyard and began to pace up and down.

  5. The apple trees were in bloom, and the herbage in the farmyard was steaming under the rays of the rising sun.

  6. Into his farmyard were carried carcasses of animals, with which he manured his lands.

  7. So Jasper Jay began to visit the farmyard even oftener than before.

  8. I'm going to the farmyard to have some fun scaring the hens.

  9. The stables began to fill with horses, and 'more man' to go about the farmyard and outhouses.

  10. Meanwhile old dog Spot was telling everybody in the farmyard about the new cat and the fun he intended to have with her.

  11. All his farmyard friends would be sure to think it a great joke.

  12. Although he had learned that the farmyard was not without its dangers, after one adventure Frisky was always sure to return, sometime, as if in search of another.

  13. When Frisky reached the farmyard he crept around a corner of the barn, hoping to find a few kernels of corn.

  14. SMITH These are fascinating stories of farmyard folk for boys and girls from about four to eight years of age.

  15. He loved to strut about the farmyard and spread his tail, which he claimed was the most elegant one in the neighborhood.

  16. They are following a cart--a common farmyard cart; but on the wooden planks is placed a dark object that is touched here and there with silver--or perhaps it is only the white cords.

  17. But the winds are loud, and the rushing seas are loud; and now the rude farmyard cart, with its solemn burden, is away out at the point; and presently the whole simple pageant has disappeared.

  18. Eagerly Reddy looked over to the farmyard for those fat hens.

  19. Why," replied Blacky, "there is a certain farmyard I know of where the hens are not kept shut up at all in the daytime, but run around where they please.

  20. You remember that Blacky knew just where Bowser was and often flew over that farmyard to make sure that Bowser was still there.

  21. Out in the farmyard in front of the barn were many more fat hens.

  22. Into Bowser's whimper there now crept a little note of eagerness as he dragged himself across the farmyard and up to the back door.

  23. He will potter about the farmyard the whole morning, perhaps turning up at home for a lunch of a slice of bread well larded.

  24. How should he understand the farmyard value of a fowl?

  25. When he came to the lordly farmyard he was hustled and cuffed, for the men and maids declared he was horribly ugly; but he was used to that--loved by nobody!

  26. His barn was a barn no longer, his farmyard held no cattle; he was just living laxly in the buildings that ancient needs had made, he was living on the accumulated prosperity of former times, the spendthrift heir of toiling generations.

  27. There isn't any wheat or chaff or anything of that sort in the barn, and there never will be again: there's just a pianola and a dancing floor, and if a cow came into this farmyard everybody in the place would be shooing it out again.

  28. You had better plan to reach the farmyard at nine o'clock sharp," Jimmy Rabbit advised him.

  29. And he knew at once that Jimmy Rabbit must have told him the truth about the raising bee, for the farmyard was crowded with wagons and carryalls and buggies and gigs.

  30. Artificial manuring aims at improvement of the soil and crop by the addition of food substances that are needed in a particular soil, a result that used to be obtainable only by the use of the bulky farmyard manure, seaweed, &c.

  31. Stables and hay-barns filled two sides of the farmyard below him.

  32. But even in these, if there is no artist in the family who can paint a Banbury Cross or a farmyard in the background, a large label can be hung up to show in what kind of surroundings the action is taking place.

  33. It will teach them to come rushing about the farmyard as if it belonged to them.

  34. The farmyard must be moved, I grant you; but I am not aware of anything else.

  35. The farmyard must be cleared away entirely, and planted up to shut out the blacksmith's shop.

  36. His tiny little hands were most beautifully shaped, and this child moved about the farmyard with the dignity of an Emperor and the serenity of a great Pontiff.

  37. He himself and his family lived in the part of the house which lay between the farmyard and the second enclosure.

  38. The Cossacks of the battery with which I was living encamped in a field on the other side of the farmyard, but the treasure chest was placed in the farmyard itself, and a sentry stood near it with a drawn sword.

  39. Without waiting for more words Joan departed, hastened through the gate on the inner wall of the farmyard and walked along the steep hillside by a lane which wound muddily downward to the grasslands, under high hazel hedges.

  40. Where Joan stood, the peace of the time was broken only by a gentle dripping from the leaves of a great laurel by the gate which led from the farmyard to the fields.

  41. Crossing the farmyard just at that moment she overheard the words, and hence her inquiry, "What's too good to be true?

  42. It was fine in the morning, but the farmyard was ankle-deep in water and slush, and the sky was leaden with lurid clouds in the east, when we started at 4.

  43. She worked inside all to restore, He strove the buildings to repair, And farmyard labours oversaw.

  44. Wild birds and beasts of prey, But farmyard creatures too, Could flourish here and play, In meadows sweet with dew.

  45. In the farmyard was to be seen not a single chicken, pigeon or turkey, no dog or cat.

  46. But at last Sali slowly stood upright, and just as slowly went across the farmyard and towards Vreni.

  47. A man and a woman were standing in the farmyard looking up at them.

  48. The silence of the farmyard was pulsed with the breath of many sleeping beasts.

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