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Example sentences for "farmyards"

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farmlands; farms; farmstead; farmsteads; farmyard; farn; farness; faro; faros; farouche
  1. When he crowed, the cocks in all the neighboring farmyards replied to him, as if they were uttering challenges from farm to farm.

  2. In severe weather they resort to farmyards and homesteads, where, along with Sparrows, Buntings, and Greenfinches, they equally consider all they can find as provided for their own especial use.

  3. Parton, at five centres; and they also visited various farmyards in the neighbourhood to give practical advice; these lessons were well attended.

  4. They did not especially disfigure the landscape, but gave a modern note of industry and prosperity which was as marked as that of the farmyards of the peasants and high-farmers of Normandy or La Beance.

  5. Burn the stock in the farmyards and warehouses, and prosperity would immediately recommence, in the same manner as if the war had continued.

  6. Barns and farmyards were full, warehouses loaded, and such was our artificial state of society that this very superabundance of wealth was the sole cause of the existing distress.

  7. In Scandinavia, where it is regarded with the greatest favour, it seeks its food in farmyards or the courts that surround the houses, and builds beneath the roofs.

  8. In the winter they generally establish themselves in our farmyards and streets.

  9. There were batteries on the right everywhere, great guns concealed in farmyards or, like the guns I had seen on the French front, in artificial hedges.

  10. In barns and farmyards rats are very mischievous, and corn-stacks are often infested by them.

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