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  1. All through history we find maritime cities and states fighting for the control of trade routes, the exploitation of {24} markets and peoples, the right to sell goods and keep competitors from selling.

  2. If governments refrain from organising backward countries, the private capitalistic exploitation of these regions will be more ruthless than ever.

  3. But the gain such as it is, has been in the main incidental, the by-product of an exploitation primarily for the benefit of others.

  4. This prevailing monopolistic character of colonial exploitation led prior to the War of 1914 to great dissatisfaction among those powers, which were least favoured colonially.

  5. Perhaps no arrangement for a joint exploitation of new and presumably less valuable colonies would wholly satisfy the imperialists of great European powers, so long as the old colonies are so unevenly divided.

  6. A nation which would not fight for a somewhat larger share in the exploitation of a given colony would be tempted to fight for a sole and monopolistic possession.

  7. We secured for the Philippines an administration which prevented the exploitation of the natives and the importation of Chinese labour.

  8. Despite low wages and brutal exploitation of children, the introduction of these mills has automatically raised the standard of living, but the goal desired was not this but the quickest possible making of profits.

  9. To state these conditions of human waste and exploitation is to suggest the remedies.

  10. The formation of large international syndicates for the exploitation of backward countries, whatever its other consequences, tends towards the creation of a community of interest.

  11. We do not say that there are no conflicts of interests between the nations, but we say, on the contrary, that as long as exploitation and oppression continue, there will be conflicts of interests between nations.

  12. In one sense these are reforms, many of which Governor Hughes favors, but they all tend towards one definite end--the limitation and ultimate suppression of the competitive system with the exploitation of the Many by the Few.

  13. By farm colonies it will make the exploitation of men, women, and children impossible.

  14. The only legislation, therefore, that interests the Socialist looks towards putting an end or a check to the competitive system that results in the exploitation of the Many by the Few.

  15. Nor does it propose to vest in the state anything but what it is indispensable for a state to own in order to rescue the unwealthy majority from the exploitation of the wealthy few.

  16. The wage workers cannot be freed from exploitation without conquering the political power and substituting collective for private ownership of the land and means of production used for exploitation.

  17. But the energetic exploitation of other resources, together with a partial resumption of coffee exports, has made good the national loss.

  18. The idea of forest conservation, crystallized into federal law by popular demand, has come too late to save from wasteful exploitation the superb pine forests west of the Rockies.

  19. Exploitation of nature's best treasure is as old as the human race.

  20. Their exploitation as laborers was the principal object of their enslavement, and their labor admitted of little gradation.

  21. The exploitation of the small farmer is not direct, like that of the wage-worker by his employer, but indirect, through the great capitalist trusts and railroads.

  22. But against this exploitation the unions have ever been absolutely powerless.

  23. This theory becomes the groundwork of all the social theories and movements protesting against and seeking to end the exploitation of the laboring masses.

  24. What, it may be asked, will society do to prevent the hoarding of wealth on the one hand, and the exploitation of the spendthrift by the abstinent upon the other?

  25. All that interests it vitally is how to lessen the extent of the exploitation to which it is subjected, and how ultimately to end that exploitation altogether.

  26. Finally, in the control of all the functions of credit, the state would effectually prevent the exploitation of the mass of the people through financial agencies, one of the greatest evils of our present system.

  27. It also happens that these derive their chief income from the direct exploitation of the wage-workers, so that the small farmer and the wage-worker in the city factory have common exploiters.

  28. Clorinda Matto’s Aves Sin Nido (Birds Without a Nest) is by one of Peru’s most talented women, and exposes the conscienceless exploitation of the Indians.

  29. In literature such Indianism, as in the case of Gonçalves Dias, could serve the purpose of providing a highly colourful background for the poetic exploitation of the native scene.

  30. The history of colonial exploitation repeated itself: Spain with Spanish-America, Portugal with Brazil, England with the future United States.

  31. Still less do I approve the exploitation of a native population by outsiders for their own benefit.

  32. It had for its purpose the occupation and exploitation of the whole Congo district.

  33. There was some very plain speaking, too, with regard to America: representatives from the Russian front spoke openly of America's policy of exploitation towards Europe and the Allies.

  34. Edward Huntington Williams, in the exploitation of “Autolysin,” and Henry Smith Williams’ book on the subject.

  35. And herein lies one of the most pernicious features connected with the exploitation of alleged cures for cancer, tuberculosis, etc.

  36. While it may seem a waste of time to discuss the medicinal value of alfalfa its recent exploitation by the Norwich Pharmacal Company, Norwich, N.

  37. To quote these earlier articles without regard to the later work, which in most eyes discredited them, constitutes in effect an exploitation of this brand of hexamethylenamin under unwarranted therapeutic claims.

  38. This has made it increasingly difficult to point out the exact statements on which many of the false claims now rest, even though the exploitation as a whole is as inherently dishonest as before.

  39. If a nostrum is worthless, any exploitation must be false and misleading in effect, even though not one single false direct statement is made.

  40. On the other hand, public opinion has been aroused to the many evils connected with the exploitation of “patent medicines,” and has more and more insistently demanded that the medical profession aid in the correction of this evil.

  41. Extremes meet: the Anarchist in the name of individual liberty, like the capitalist, would prevent society from putting a stop to the exploitation of its little ones.

  42. But modern bourgeois private property is the final and most complete expression of the system of producing and appropriating products, that is based on class antagonism, on the exploitation of the many by the few.

  43. It was a perfect vehicle for the exploitation of the ardent qualities that the little Austrian was made of, and on her rendering of it was based a great part of her fame.

  44. But this composition was not of a kind for the execution of any but trained dancers of the stage, Gardel having made it a metier for the exploitation of his own capabilities.

  45. Argentina is an attractive market for Spanish dancing; undoubtedly the original Tango, composed of Gipsy steps and movements, was shown in Argentina soon after its first exploitation in Spain, some forty years ago.

  46. On the other hand, as the capitalistic exploitation of the planet approaches its maximum, and countries are crowded out of the field of foreign exchanges, there is a large likelihood that their change in direction will be toward socialism.

  47. One of its primary impulses was to protect property against the greed and waste of kings and the exploitation of noble adventurers.

  48. They must be public service companies and not public exploitation companies.

  49. It was the mind of man, the enthusiasm of the individual, over-leaping the narrow bounds of his surroundings, and looking for fields of exploitation and new opportunities for action.

  50. Exploitation of natural resources leads to conspicuous waste which may lead to want and future deterioration.

  51. They were wandering groups or tribes, who lived rudely, seeking new territory for exploitation after the manner of their lives.

  52. There is, however, a strong tendency to limit the power of exploitation and to control larger industries in the interest of the public.

  53. For, if under these actual circumstances, nothing were guaranteed beyond the unhindered opportunity of the individual to make the most of himself, the consequence must be an exploitation of the weaker by the stronger.

  54. The candidates borrow the money at a high rate of interest from some Armenian business house, while the government permits these "lease-holders" to recoup themselves by the exploitation of their provinces to whatever extent they wish.

  55. The social relations between the manorial lord and his subjects are marked by various forms of the exploitation of the latter by the former.

  56. Self-government was atrophied by bureaucratic interference; the economy based on the exploitation of slaves began to give way before relations in which the elements of freedom and serfdom were oddly mixed.

  57. Exploitation of known mineral deposits is unlikely at present because of a weak infrastructure and the high cost of development.

  58. Exploitation of offshore oil and gas reserves is playing an ever-increasing role in the energy supplies of Australia, New Zealand, China, US, and Peru.

  59. Exploitation of mineral resources is unlikely because of technical difficulties, high costs, and objections by environmentalists.

  60. The economy also depends heavily on exploitation of large uranium deposits.

  61. Geological surveys carried out several years ago suggest that substantial reserves of oil and natural gas may lie beneath the islands; commercial exploitation has yet to be developed.

  62. The sin of man asserts itself in racial pride, racial hatred and persecutions, and in the exploitation of other races.

  63. There is also the obligation of the general government that it shall have reserves against future needs, and that it shall protect the latent resources from exploitation and from waste.

  64. The farmer cannot keep the earth for us without an enlightened and very active support from every other person, and without adequate safeguards from exploitation and from unessential commercial pressure.

  65. The lesson of the growing abounding earth is of liberality for all, and never exploitation or very exclusive opportunities for the few.

  66. That South Africa should not remain a sphere of exploitation sent shivers down the spines of the financiers.

  67. Later, Sperry introduced him to an association of druggists, of which he became a member, for the maintenance and exploitation of the cigar and tobacco trade in connection with the drug business.

  68. So here's letting the cat out of the bag: The policy of the Citizen has long been to devote its columns mainly to the exploitation of what is known in newspaper terminology as "the local story.

  69. Mr. Oppenheim, well established master of mystery, has in 'The Great Impersonation' outdone himself in his exploitation of the hitherto unsuspected.

  70. You are doubtless aware that large sums of money have recently been made by the exploitation in suitable spots of what have become known as Garden Cities.

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