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Example sentences for "exploiter"

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  1. As the exploiter of any preparation cites the most convincing evidence in his possession in support of his views, this claim may be assumed to be the strongest available, and if this evidence fails we must reject the contention as not proved.

  2. Today the nostrum exploiter avoids the cruder forms of obvious misstatement, but continues to make, by inference, claims that are equally misleading.

  3. The dishonest exploiter of proprietary medicines cares little that the law requires him to keep within certain bounds of truthfulness in the advertising that accompanies the trade package.

  4. The coming of the exploiter into the farm community brings a new set of ethical obligations concerning property and contracts.

  5. They have been the pioneer, the land farmer, the exploiter and the husbandman.

  6. The farmer does not need great eloquence, but he does need a thorough understanding of the moral and spiritual situations arising out of the exploiter process in which he is immersed.

  7. But with the coming of the exploiter and the husbandman the minister ceases to be an agriculturist.

  8. It is natural, therefore, that few exploiter churches are found in the country.

  9. He is a pure example of the weakness of the exploiter economy.

  10. In fact the exploiter himself is a transition type between the farmer and the husbandman.

  11. The religion of the exploiter moves in the giving of money.

  12. As the economy of the exploiter comes in to transform the country community it is necessary for the preacher and the teacher to train the population in the ethical standards of the new time.

  13. It illustrates the transformation from the pioneer whose impact was upon the individual to the standards of the exploiter period in which the impact is upon the commercial institution.

  14. Each of these types created by the habits of the people in getting their living, had its own kind of a community, so that we have had pioneer, land farmer, exploiter and husbandman communities.

  15. He is not an exploiter to begin with, but a farmer.

  16. The exploiter is, I presume, a temporary economic type, created in the period of re-distribution of land.

  17. We have also had successive churches built by the pioneer, by the land farmer, by the exploiter and by the husbandman.

  18. Their condemnation is not in the farmer economy but in the inevitable coming of the exploiter and the husbandman with their different experience and different type of mind.

  19. Never was there such an exploiter of grievances.

  20. Returned to New York and engaged himself as an exploiter of well-known wine merchants.

  21. In the last emissary he had recognized General Arthur Roe Paxton, President of the Mohican Trust, exploiter of certain Southern oil fields, equally involved in the Osaba speculation.

  22. They could see in him only an imitator of Emerson and an exploiter of newnesses in an age grown weary of newnesses.

  23. I will be the exploiter and not the accomplice of modern Satanism," said the pious Doctor Bataille.

  24. By effecting an exchange with another ship's doctor, the exploiter of Lucifer found himself presently at Pondicherry, with three months of comparative freedom before him to explore the mysteries of the oriental peninsula.

  25. Again, neither is the action of the exploiter induced by a diminution of the food supply, nor would such a diminution prevent future over-population.

  26. But at the same time he thunders against the revolutionary tendencies of the proletarians who speak of expropriating the exploiter and of a communistic organisation of production.

  27. The same man may be a good and generous father, and a social exploiter with neither shame nor pity.

  28. The laboratory investigator and the commercial exploiter of his discoveries have been by turns borrower and lender, to the great profit of both.

  29. The investigator and the commercial exploiter render aid to one another.

  30. He hated and denounced the rich and cruel exploiter as passionately as he loved and sympathized with his poor and suffering victims.

  31. Only the hunting and the hunted, the struggling and the resisting, the annihilating and being annihilated of the present competitive struggle are excluded, and therewith the contrast between exploiter and exploited.

  32. All exploitation is parasitism, but it does not follow that every exploiter is nothing more than a parasite.

  33. The real builder of the city and the exploiter of the labour of others work together, at the same period, form a common swarm and live in perfect harmony, each Bee of the two species attending to her business in peace.

  34. The woman exploiter is at times, herself a proprietor; usually, however, she is employed by men on a salary to operate a resort.

  35. There are in reality but two classes, those who live by labour and those who live upon those who labour, the two classes of exploiter and exploited.

  36. To assert that a Tory is better than a Liberal, or a Liberal better than a Tory, is like affirming that one exploiter is less a thief than another.

  37. It was famous before, among a select few, but the craze is on, and the land-boomer and the resort-exploiter have already marked its acres for their own.

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