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Example sentences for "exploitations"

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explodes; exploding; exploit; exploitable; exploitation; exploited; exploiter; exploiters; exploiting; exploits
  1. The new British imperialism found its poet in Mr. Kipling and its practical support in a number of financial and business interests whose way to monopolies and exploitations was lighted by its glow.

  2. The great exploitations of Idria in Friuli, in the county of Goritz, were discovered in 1497, and the principal ore mined there is the bituminous sulphuret.

  3. There are also in Hungary, Bohemia, and several other parts of Germany, some inconsiderable exploitations of mercury, the total produce of which is valued at about 30 or 40 tons on an average of several years.

  4. The exploitations have been too numerous to allow us now to estimate the value of a bed from the data furnished by geology, and local tradition is too uncertain or exaggerated to allow us to place much confidence in it.

  5. As a result of this first experiment, the proof remained that it would be easy in future exploitations to introduce into the country methods of work that are quicker and more economical than those now in use.

  6. This settlement is only one of many speculative exploitations in Cuba.

  7. Somebody high up in Government circles got him out of Solar Exploitations field work and gave him a sinecure in an antibiotics laboratory, where he wound up as happy as a pig in a peanut field.

  8. In Solar Exploitations you learn to expect the unexpected, but to me this was stretching coincidence clear out of joint.

  9. Which points up the statement I made in the beginning, that one thing you never have to worry about in Solar Exploitations work is being bored.

  10. What I'm getting at is that you don't ever have to worry about being bored stiff in Solar Exploitations field work.

  11. Through this mechanism Bormann controlled the ruthless exploitations of the subjected populace.

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