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bemoans; bemuddled; bemused; ben; bena; benche; benched; bencher; benchers; benches
  1. I was one day sitting with Bessy and my children, at the old cottage on the beach, Bramble and my father were smoking their pipes on a bench which they had set up outside, when one of the Deal boats landed with passengers.

  2. I met him as he was walking towards the bench on the terrace facing the river, where he usually was seated when the weather was fine.

  3. Glover pacing the narrow bench below the camp returned again to the operator's table, and in the light of the lantern wrote a message to Medicine Bend.

  4. Men of the operating department paced the bench impatiently, and trackmen working below in the flare of scattered torches looked up oftener from their shovels to where a chain of active figures moved on the face of the cliff.

  5. When Glover intercepted the visitors they had already been guided to the granite bench where his headquarters were fixed.

  6. He kicked Andy's shoes and cap under a bench in the outer room and threw his coat up among a lot of old rubbish on a platform under the roof.

  7. He moved forward carefully to remove them, for seated at a work-bench and deeply engrossed in some work at a small lathe, was a man wearing great goggles on his eyes.

  8. A man about as sinister looking as Duske himself was cooking something on a stove, and two others were lounging on a bench near by.

  9. Andy sat down on a bench as there was a movement at the cell-room door.

  10. Mr. Morse beckoned our hero over to the work-bench and showed him a drawing.

  11. If you sit on a bench where the grass and flowers are, outside the Casino door, and watch, perhaps you will see him come down the steps.

  12. Hardly knowing what she did, she sprang up from her bench while they were still far off, and began walking towards them.

  13. In more recent times we have particulars of several instances of both bench and bar discarding the use of the wig.

  14. They will tell you in Springvale to-day that "if Judge Baronet were alive and on the bench things would go vastly better," and much more to like effect.

  15. A few days later the door of our schoolroom opened and an Indian boy strode in and seated himself on the bench beside Tell Mapleson.

  16. My father was on the Judge's bench now and his legal interests and property interests were growing.

  17. The space was so confined and filled up that Lilly had to jump over a bench at the foot of her improvised bed to get into it, and she thought this great fun.

  18. She knelt on a bench at the back, shut her eyes, and tried to fancy that instead of this flaxen-haired caricature her real old friend was looking down on her.

  19. Then they found a bench outside a church, in a dusky spot, overhung with lilac branches.

  20. She was spared the trouble, however, for he was lying full length on the green bench outside the house, puffing serenely at the end of a cigarette.

  21. But round it three or four ancient lime-trees spread their wide shady branches, and they seated themselves on a white bench beneath them, their mood harmonising with the scene.

  22. He seated himself on a bench belonging to his side of the house, played with pebbles, whistled to himself softly, and seemed altogether oblivious of her presence.

  23. His guest was seated on the bench beside the house, one of the clay pipes in his hand.

  24. The lightkeeper bounced on the bench as if someone had kicked it violently from beneath.

  25. But that evening, as Brown sat on the bench outside, Atkins joined him.

  26. His companion on the bench made no comment.

  27. Brown arose from the bench and sauntered to the door.

  28. John Brown darted out of the kitchen, dodged around the corner of the house, tiptoed past the bench by the bluff, where Mr. Stover sat gloomily meditating, and ran lightly down the path to the creek and the wharf.

  29. After he had gone, and Brown had finished clearing away and the other housekeeping tasks which were now such a burden, the substitute assistant went out to sit on the bench and smoke.

  30. But John Brown sprang from the bench and followed him.

  31. This shaft is separated from the recess above the bench level by a wall only a few inches thick, composed of a single layer of stones.

  32. On a level about 2 feet above the bench and about 5 feet above the present ground surface, there seems to have been some kind of roof.

  33. On the southeastern side, in the interior, there is a buttress or projection, which terminates the bench at this point.

  34. This bench is sometimes continuous around the whole interior, sometimes extends only partly around.

  35. The tops of these logs reach the level of the top of the bench in the kiva, and their lower ends rest in cavities in the rocks.

  36. The walls are usually massive; sometimes they are 3 feet thick in the upper part and 4 feet in the lower portion, where the bench occurs.

  37. The main or north kiva was 15 feet in diameter on the floor, with a bench a foot wide extending around it.

  38. The kiva had an interior bench and the floor is 2 feet above its top.

  39. The bench extended only partly around the interior, which had a continuous surface at the floor level, except on the southwest.

  40. It should be noted that access to this village was from the bench on either side, and that it could not be reached from the front, where these walls occur.

  41. It may have been connected with that ruin, but could not in itself have been a village, as there are no traces of a kiva on the site, and hardly room enough for one on the bench proper.

  42. The upper portion of the exterior wall was added at the same time that the bench was constructed and is the same thickness as the lower part of the original wall.

  43. The walls are 3 feet thick above the bench level and 4 feet thick below it.

  44. He illustrates[20] an example with a complete bench regularly divided into six equal parts by an equal number of buttresses or pillars (properly pilasters) extending out flush with the front of the bench.

  45. When they returned to their "gilded Chamber" after the general election they found on the Woolsack and on the Treasury Bench a Lord Chancellor and a Government with which they were not familiar.

  46. This Parliament is the result of that election, and there is not a single gentleman on this Ministerial Bench who is not pledged, in the most specific terms, not to grant a preferential tariff to the Colonies.

  47. After knocking once at the door, and obtaining no response, this gentleman sat down on a bench in the little porch to wait.

  48. The walls are suggestively hung with Lists of the Great Tithes and such congenial paintings as A Bench of Bishops, represented regaling at a roystering banquet, Susannah and the Elders, Brasenose College, &c.

  49. Hodge, 'a poor honest country lout, not overstocked with learning,' has been brought before the bench on some charge or another.

  50. A bench was brought as well as the rods, and then the executioners were summoned (the latter had been selected beforehand from some horsestealers of the same village, as the soldiers refused the office).

  51. When another bench had been brought they again made him lie down, and the convicted thieves again began to flog him.

  52. He was led to the bench and stripped, and then ordered to lie down.

  53. It seemed, however, that the bench was too narrow, and it was difficult to keep the victim writhing in torture upon it.

  54. But a police constable whom the governor always took about with him, and who undertook to organize such executions--by no means exceptional in that province--explained that what was meant was a bench for flogging.

  55. Then the governor ordered them to bring another bench and to put a plank across them.

  56. Nell asked him to sit down, so he sat on a bench near the stove and smoked tobacco that she offered.

  57. Besides that a heavily made bench and a table.

  58. Sir Walter had recommended George Cranstoun, his early friend, one of the brethren of the mountain, who succeeded Lord Hermand, and took his seat on the Scotch bench before the end of the month.

  59. In this merry mood I wandered as far as Huntly Burn, where I found the Miss Fergusons well and happy; then I sauntered back to Abbotsford, sitting on every bench by the way, and thus "It grew to dinner in conclusion.

  60. Sandy, with Mormon and Sam, stood just above the group on the narrow bench that furnished the floor for the tent.

  61. I have a bench warrant here to bring into court for the appointment of a proper guardian, the child Molly Casey, she being a minor and without natural or legal protectors.

  62. That is no part of our bargain," said the youth, "the bench is mine.

  63. The third night he sat down again on his bench and said quite sadly: "If I could but shudder.

  64. The first Roman Catholic Judge that sat on the Bench since the Reformation, was Sergeant Shee, who was made a justice of the Queen's Bench, December, 1863.

  65. This was heard in the King's Bench on the 17th of November, and both Appellant and Appellee answered to their names.

  66. Then he sat on a bench to rest awhile, one of those nice benches that Paris dots her thoroughfares with and one misses so on coming back to United States.

  67. Judy took her letters to a green bench in the diminutive court behind the apartment which passed for garden, with its one oleander tree and pots of geraniums.

  68. It is best so," and Judy's old partner got the blue bowl, sacred to mayonnaise, and Judy sat on the bench in the court and stirred and stirred as she dropped the oil into the beaten egg.

  69. The old man drew her down on the bench beside him: "Now tell me all about it, ma pauvre petite.

  70. She remembered well the hateful creature who had sat on the bench by her and insulted her with his attentions.

  71. The little man, having had a good sleep, felt rested and refreshed, and looking through the glass partition of the room he saw Zeb sitting up on his bench and yawning.

  72. Then the boy returned to one of the upper rooms, and in spite of the hardness of the glass bench was soon deep in slumberland.

  73. As a result they packed the bench of nearly every state with Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian judges, and these gentlemen at once upheld all their maze of outrageous statutes.

  74. Some time ago an intelligent Mexican, after studying our courts, told us that he was surprised that, in a land ostensibly of liberty, so few of the notorious newspaper-wooers and blacklegs upon the bench were assassinated.

  75. As you would put it, William, he seems about to irrigate the whole of northern Montana; certainly his stakes cover the whole creek bottom, both above and below the main ditch, and also the bench land above.

  76. Charming Billy brought himself rigidly to consider the duties of a host; swept his arm across a bench to clear it of sundry man garments, and asked her again to sit down.

  77. Mrs Lorton, smothered in wraps, had taken up her position on the bench that faces Westgate without noticing a bowed and ulstered figure, shod in brown boots, sitting in a haggard posture on the reciprocal bench that faces the sea.

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