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Example sentences for "dais"

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dairying; dairymaid; dairymaids; dairyman; dairymen; daisied; daisies; dak; dake; dakes
  1. At the foot of the dais he paused and held out the captain's note.

  2. Below the dais on either hand two fierce-visaged Marathas stood, their heads and shoulders covered with a helmet, their bodies cased in a quilted vest, each holding a straight two-edged sword.

  3. BRAND leaps up on the dais and carries JORUN down on his arm.

  4. Lady Jorun, come hither and share the dais with us women.

  5. Jorun (leaps up on the dais and lays her head on HELGA'S knee).

  6. Advances on the floor and mounts with one foot on the dais on which HELGA is seated.

  7. In the middle of the dais is the seat of LADY HELGA, with benches behind it.

  8. Curtain) ACT V (The 'Great Hall' at Flugumyr, with raised seats along both walls and a dais at the gable end.

  9. The poet was just mounting his dais and unrolling his strip of Egyptian papyrus when the prince reached the door of his father's apartment.

  10. Here they entered a small, empty hall, at the upper end of which was a raised dais covered with rugs and cushions, and overhung by a purple canopy.

  11. Knowing not what else was left for her, she clung to him the more closely as he lifted her slender body and carried her up to the dais at the far end of the room.

  12. In the bay at the rear end the President's dais has been restored from remains found beneath an old platform.

  13. The central decoration of the ceiling and the eagle over the President's dais furnish excellent examples of eighteenth-century frescoes.

  14. On the dais the impression was somewhat different; but all were one in this, that every eye was fixed on lord Herbert, every thought hanging on his pleasure.

  15. The dais was covered with crimson cloth, and chairs were arranged on each side against the wall for the lords and ladies of the family, while in the wide space between was set the marquis's chair of state.

  16. On the arm of the dais old Nancy's cat is seated, blinking in the sunshine and singing.

  17. Then Winfried stood beside the chair of Gundhar, on the dais at the end of the hall, and told the story of Bethlehem; of the babe in the manger, of the shepherds on the hills, of the host of angels and their midnight song.

  18. On the dais sat the stately Abbess Addula, daughter of King Dagobert, looking a princess indeed, in her violet tunic, with the hood and cuffs of her long white robe trimmed with fur, and a snowy veil resting like a crown on her snowy hair.

  19. High noon was now passed; and removing his crown, and placing it on the dais for the kneelers to look at during their devotions, King Media departed from that place, and once more played the agreeable host.

  20. I have fulfilled my promise, and the mounted skull now adorns the dais of my drawing-room, with its nose pointed toward all believers in the omnipotence of the bear.

  21. The Emperor takes his place on the dais at the head of the marquee, and receives all the representatives of foreign countries and some of the higher officials of the Empire.

  22. The Empress is seated on a dais slightly lower but very near, and all who approach the Emperor bow also to the Empress.

  23. In this keep was the great hall of audience, and for the banquet, at the upper end of which the dais was invariably found, and dark and loathsome dungeons formed its basement.

  24. But Karl, mistaking his purpose, stepped down from the dais and passed by, with a good-natured shake of the head.

  25. But Olvir's gaze was already fixed upon the graceful form of Fastrada, among the children on the dais edge.

  26. Karl; and he towered up on the dais like an angry lion.

  27. The officials near the entrance had drawn apart, and the white-robed Saracens, having salaamed themselves to a respectful distance from the dais of the mighty Afranj sultan, were completing their exit in a more dignified manner.

  28. Olvir, and his black eyes flashed their glance along the line of busily sewing maidens on the right to Rothada, playing with her sister and brothers at the edge of the dais that extended across the farther end of the chamber.

  29. At that a flush rose in her white cheeks, and without a word of greeting she passed quickly by to her stool, on the dais beside Hildegarde.

  30. As he approached the dais the younger Saracen glanced at him, and, with a seemingly careless gesture, touched the hilt of his scimetar.

  31. As Rothada sprang up the step of the dais to nestle close to her father, Gerold drew out a bench from the nearest wall.

  32. Upon the dais sat Hildegarde herself, side by side with her royal spouse.

  33. Fain had I been to see thee sitting in thine ivory chair in thy chamber of dais with the walls hung round with thee woven in pictures--wilt thou not tell me in words the story of those pictures?

  34. And in his heart he thought of the welcome of Upmeads, and of Ursula sitting on the dais of the hall of the High-House.

  35. On the dais was a throne of carven ivory, and above it a canopy of baudekin of the goodliest fashion, and there was a foot-carpet before it, wrought with beasts and the hunting of the deer.

  36. He was shown to a seat on the dais within two of the subprior's, and beside him sat an honourable lord, a vassal of St. Mary's.

  37. Then came the Hall-Sun forth from her room clad in glittering raiment, and summoned no one, but went straight to her place on the dais under her namesake the Lamp, and stood there a little without speaking.

  38. Then she said: "Nay thou shalt be dead, O warrior, thou shalt not see the Hall Nor the children of thy people 'twixt the dais and the wall.

  39. So he stood beside her on the dais holding his head high, and proud he looked, for all his thin white locks and sunken eyes.

  40. But as they were at the point of going she called to them, and said: "Tarry a little, come ye all to the dais and hearken to me.

  41. He also came up on to the dais and stood beside Wolfkettle glancing down on the hall-crowd, looking eagerly from side to side.

  42. As she named them so they came, and they went up on to the dais and stood altogether; and a terrible band of warriors they looked had the fight been to begin over again, and they to meet death once more.

  43. But he went up on to the dais and held up his head proudly, and looked forth on to the hall-crowd with eyes that gleamed fiercely from his stained and blackened face.

  44. As the latter received the message he turned, looked in the direction of the dais and gazed steadily at the Governor and his company.

  45. On a raised dais sat the Governor in his great chair.

  46. The royal party took their seats on the dais prepared for them.

  47. In this state of tremor and anxiety, Andrew was conducted towards the canopied dais before the Majesty of Scotland.

  48. There was a pause for a short space--again the monarch sat upon the dais by the side of his blooming bride.

  49. It seemed to him that the men on the dais were swaying now as if the chant were a rope leashed about them, pulling them back and forth.

  50. One of the men on the dais had dropped on the bench there, his head forward on his hands, his shoulders quivering.

  51. As they halted below the dais the men there rose.

  52. The three on the dais straightened, turned their attention to the other end of the hall.

  53. Drawn up below the dais were two rows of guards.

  54. Their two thrones stood upon a high dais at one end, and on the floor at the foot of the dais, the soldiers laid their helpless prisoners.

  55. And a moment later the young prince was standing on the dais by his mother's side, one hand resting proudly on her shoulder.

  56. Custance, when the tale was ended; and her father being asleep, she slipped off his knee and sat down on the dais step by the side of Calote, her chin in her hand.

  57. Langland was come by now to the dais and kneeled down; but presently he arose and stood a little way off in the midst of the hall, where was a space cleared.

  58. The Queen was there, and her ladies, withdrawn to the dais and whispering.

  59. Sir John Holland and the Earl of Kent sat on the dais step with the ladies, but the King was not anywhere in the chamber.

  60. There he eats under a dais with the Dauphin, the Duke of Orleans, and the Duke of Bourbon, with their ducal crowns, and he with the diamond crown upon the head.

  61. Their manner towards me grew by degrees less frigid, and after breakfast I followed his majesty to his dais chamber, and proposed for his daughter's hand.

  62. The group of Councillors on the dais swayed and parted against that wonderful background of Tintoret, the dead Christ and the two Doges reverently kneeling in proof of the devotion of this Most Serene Republic.

  63. The words had a ring of victory; enthusiasm spread from face to face, and the house rose in a tumult of approval to express its loyalty, unchecked by any sign of dissent from the dais at a demonstration so unusual.

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