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  1. Some dairymen make, with the aid of their families, all the cheese they use and sell.

  2. Dairymen will make more by having the cream remain on the milk than by taking the cream off for churning, at the rate butter sells this winter (1861).

  3. In some parts of Rome it is customary for dairymen to drive their cows in every morning, and around to the houses of their customers, when the milkman draws from the cow into the vessel the desired quantity.

  4. It also compels dairymen to notify infectious diseases existing among their servants.

  5. In this act the growing influence of the Board of Agriculture and the desire to assist farmers and dairymen more decisively than previously are clearly apparent.

  6. The practice and the opinions of successful dairymen differ somewhat on this point.

  7. In London, some dairymen have considerable faith in inoculation, though its effect is uncertain, and the manner of its working a mystery.

  8. It is the opinion of most successful dairymen that the feeding of moist food cannot be too highly recommended for cows in milk, especially to those who desire to obtain the largest quantity.

  9. Let butter or cheese dairymen give this crop a fair and full trial, and watch its effect in the quality of the milk and butter.

  10. It is stated that in South Australia dairymen who delivered good cream were able to secure from the factories an average of $0.

  11. The facilities for supervision, handling, and transportation are improving, and Australian dairymen to-day obtain high prices in both local and outside markets for their produce.

  12. Recently, however, great improvements have taken place, as the dairying industry has advanced, until now many Tasmanian dairymen own herds of the highest standard.

  13. It is needless to remind experienced dairymen that any owner of dairy cows naturally feels it necessary to know a good deal about anyone to whom he is to entrust the sole management of a good herd.

  14. It is safe to say that there are many hundreds of dairymen making comfortable livings throughout the State.

  15. A few years ago we dairymen had everything our own way.

  16. We did try to organize, but independent dairymen always broke through us.

  17. The dairymen were wiped out of existence.

  18. Many dairymen churn all the milk with the cream, but as it only adds more work to the churning, I do not recommend it except in cases where there is not cream enough to properly fill the churn.

  19. There is but one way, and dairymen are pretty generally agreed upon it, and that is to set the milk in deep cans in cold water, and the colder the water the quicker the separation of the cream from the milk.

  20. All sensible dairymen are trying to keep pace with the times, and have adopted the granular plan.

  21. The object of American dairymen should be, not only to obtain more grass per acre, but to increase its nutriment in a given bulk.

  22. That is precisely what I have been contending for,” I replied; “the dairymen can make large quantities of manure if they make an effort to do it, and their farms ought to be constantly improving.

  23. Why, then, should our dairymen confine their attention to the production of the cheapest of farm products, and neglect almost entirely the production of the dearest?

  24. And I think it will be found that the Cheshire dairymen do not find as much benefit from superphosphate as they did from bone-dust.

  25. What the dairymen want, and what farmers generally want, is nitrogen and phosphoric acid.

  26. If our grain-growing farmers can keep up the fertility of their land, as they undoubtedly can, the dairymen ought to be making theirs richer and more productive every year.

  27. The eyes of the dairymen and farmers turned to the glass door dividing the hall from the porch, and in a minute or two the omnibus drew up outside.

  28. Indeed, some of the blame laid to the careless handling of milk by dairymen really belongs to housewives, for very often they do not take care of milk in the right way after delivery.

  29. The sale of these preparations for use in milk finds its only outlet with those dairymen who are anxious to escape the exactions that must be met by all who attempt to handle milk in the best possible manner.

  30. Dairymen have learned many lessons in the severe school of experience, but it is earnestly to be hoped that future conditions will not be summed up in the words of the eminent German dairy scientist, Prof.

  31. The co-operative creamery has not only revolutionized the character of the butter product made by the factory system, but it has set the pace for thousands of private dairymen who are now making first-class dairy butter.

  32. Grant has here a famous work Devoted to the cure of pork, For dairymen find it doth pay To fatten pigs upon the whey, For there is money raising grease As well as in the making cheese.

  33. All dairymen their highest aims Should be to make the vale of Thames, Where milk doth so abundant flow, Dairyland of Ontario.

  34. All those who quality do prize Must study color, taste and size, And keep their dishes clean and sweet, And all things round their factories neat, For dairymen insist that these Are all important points in cheese.

  35. For it doth make best ensilage, For those in dairying engage, It makes the milk in streams to flow, Where dairymen have a good silo.

  36. Or you may go all the way To see one kept by Galloway, And out in the Norwiches Dairymen are making riches, And honor has been won By Harvey Farrington, The same path is trodden By folks about Culloden.

  37. Elgin Dairymen have well done, And out in East Nissouri They make some scores a day, From Jarvis and Elliott Some good cheese are bought.

  38. These pure cultures are furnished to the dairymen in various forms, but they always consist of great quantities of certain kinds of bacteria which experience has found to be advantageous for the purpose of cream ripening.

  39. The avoiding of these troubles is moderately easy as soon as dairymen recognise the source from which the infectious organisms come, and also the fact that low temperatures will in all cases remedy the evil to a large extent.

  40. With this expansion has appeared the necessity for new methods, and dairymen have for years been looking for them.

  41. These have been obtained by different bacteriologists and dairymen in the northern European countries and also in the United States.

  42. The State Board, however, to leave nothing undone to establish its desire to meet the dairymen half way or more, appointed a committee consisting of Messrs.

  43. Nothing less than a national campaign can make the vivid impression necessary to wean dairymen of uncleanly habits and mothers of the ignorant superstition that babies die in summer just because they are babies.

  44. There would be no pleasure or satisfaction in merely robbing other farms to build up mine, as some of the prosperous truck farmers and dairymen are doing.

  45. The New York City Board of Health, for instance, requires the weekly filing of a certificate from the family physician of all dairymen that no such cases exist.

  46. Both furnish hay of excellent quality; hence, when the proportion of alsike is not too large, such hay sells readily to dairymen who have to purchase fodder.

  47. Dairymen thus located are in a dairyman's paradise.

  48. Dairymen prefer it to nearly all kinds of fodders grown, and the same is true of shepherds.

  49. Almost all dairymen fail, to some extent, in not having the dairy house entirely separate.

  50. Yet, many dairymen cling to this breed and keep unprofitable dairies because they can get a good price for the old carcass as beef when the cow is no longer tolerable in the dairy herd.

  51. Hence, in cold weather, when milk cools very rapidly after being drawn from the cow, it is the practice of many good dairymen to raise the temperature of the milk to 100 degrees when set.

  52. It would cost but little extra; and until dairymen look upon the business as their life work and build and plan accordingly, we need not expect the best possible success in dairying.

  53. But it is a subject to which the dairymen can as well as not pay attention with good results.

  54. The most intelligent dairymen with whom we are acquainted do not consider sour whey worth drawing home.

  55. It is not every novice that can take up the business of dairying and carry it on successfully; yet, some of our most successful dairymen are comparative novices in the business.

  56. This is a startling assertion, and, if true, would convict our dairymen of a vast amount of stupid waste.

  57. The area had once been a principal wheat-growing region, but in the early 20th century dairymen cultivated wheat chiefly for the straw which was used for bedding.

  58. Of more immediate concern, however, were the local farmer's clubs, and the unofficial associations of orchardists or dairymen who met to discuss surpluses, crop problems or the need to advertise.

  59. Hay and feed stores abounded in neighboring towns but most dairymen attempted to supply their own straw, ensilage and grain, thus cutting costs by making the most efficient use of their land.

  60. By such collective action the dairymen were able to control milk prices more effectively, and their unity assured a measure of security against unscrupulous action by distributors.

  61. These can be obtained for a trifle if any more money than common tin pails cost, and should receive the preference of dairymen when purchasing.

  62. Tin vessels are the best of anything yet devised, and are recommended universally by the best dairymen and by the American Dairymen's Association.

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