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Example sentences for "creamery"

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  1. Eight ounces of creamery butter, Two cupfuls of sugar.

  2. To-day, under the protection of the creamery shark, she could take her rest, her hunger satisfied by the cake he had given her in the sleigh.

  3. The creamery shark pulled up his mare, and blinked thoughtfully at her.

  4. Ah, how happy would she be, could she know that the young creamery man was sleeping under the same roof!

  5. You pay the farmers' expenses, you offer 'em a block of stock, and up goes the creamery in their district with machinery from the promoting company, costing two or three times over what everything is worth.

  6. He was the creamery shark himself, and he certainly had an oily, greasy appearance befitting his fondness for cream.

  7. You get a committee to visit some creamery where the outfit is salted to make an extra showing.

  8. The difficulty of maintaining such a composite culture in its correct proportions when it is propagated in the creamery is seemingly well nigh insuperable, as one organism is very apt to develop more or less rapidly than the other.

  9. My acknowledgments are due to the following for the loan of illustrations: Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station; Creamery Package Mfg.

  10. Much carelessness often prevails regarding the location and drainage of the creamery well, and if same becomes polluted with organic matter, bacterial growth goes on apace.

  11. For this reason the pure culture ferments that are generally employed in creamery practice are organisms of the lactic acid type, able to grow rapidly in cream and produce a pure cream flavor in the butter.

  12. Naturally, if mixed milk brought to a creamery is pasteurized, the number of organisms remaining after treatment would be greater than if the raw material was fresh and produced on a single farm.

  13. In a creamery or factory, infection from this source ought to be much reduced, for the reason that the floors and wall are, as a rule, quite damp, and hence germ life cannot easily be dislodged.

  14. While it is possible, by bacteriological methods, to determine with accuracy the actual condition of a starter as to its germ content, still such methods are inapplicable in creamery practice.

  15. Where milk is pasteurized under general creamery conditions, none should be used containing more than 0.

  16. After a few more general observations about the creamery her companion went back into his store, and as he did so Nevis came out of a house near by.

  17. There were two or three of them from Traverse staying at the hotel, and when we got to talking about the hail they allowed that he'd have to cut the creamery plan out.

  18. I guess if your husband meant to let up on that creamery scheme you would have heard of it," he suggested.

  19. I'm anxious to disarm his opposition to the part I feel like taking in the Bluff Creamery scheme.

  20. Though he had been to the creamery meeting he was very plainly dressed; his bronzed face and battered nails told their own tale of arduous toil in the open, and there was no doubt that he looked a prairie farmer.

  21. Then if my offer appears as repugnant as I'm afraid it does now, I'd try to take my dismissal in good part; and I think I could find you a post in a creamery on the prairie, if you would care for it.

  22. I suppose you have been to one of those creamery meetings again?

  23. What became of that pretty girl in the creamery of the Rue de l'Ombre who used to help us over the lean days?

  24. She said she understood the creamery processes in all their niceties, and that she could make butter good enough for Queen Victoria.

  25. What I did want was a woman who understood creamery processes, and who could and would make the very giltest of gilt-edged butter.

  26. Where there is a local creamery she is relieved of the manufacture of butter and cheese, and the cannery lays down its preserves at her door.

  27. Tell me, you've been selling all your milk and cream to the big creamery that supplies the milkmen in the city, haven't you?

  28. Yes, ma'am, and we didn't get no more for it from the creamery than the farmers who had just the ornery cows.

  29. In many sections of the country the milk is separated on the farm and the cream is forwarded to the creamery at more or less infrequent intervals.

  30. Where such conditions prevail, the spread of the disease in the creamery district is exceedingly rapid.

  31. Such disinfectants can often be used to advantage in the treatment of refrigerators and cheese rooms to destroy mold spores.

  32. The agricultural labourer has all along regarded the Creamery side of co-operation with absolute dislike.

  33. They say, and there is ocular evidence of the fact, that a donkey and a little boy or girl to drive him to the Creamery now do the work of dairymaids and farm hands.

  34. Besides the Creamery system there are other forms of co-operation which have exercised a most beneficent influence amongst the peasantry.

  35. Come out Ellen to the creamery and maybe when we come in, he'll be a bit cooler in the head.

  36. There, there; and creamery managers sometimes gets them too, Grand-da.

  37. Who's the manager of the creamery up beyont?

  38. Oh well, he's a brave body and would do rightly if the creamery does the same.

  39. Next he took ninety-day options upon all the unoccupied property in Battlesburg, including several acres of ground beyond the Battles & Battles Pure Food Creamery and Cheese Concern.

  40. Shall law require sterilization of all milk cans and bottles | | by milk company or creamery before returned to farms or | | refilled?

  41. Why did our butter not act like the creamery butter?

  42. The creamery wagon takes our cream every other day.

  43. The cream from which butter is made is taken to the creamery and weighed, not measured.

  44. The milk from a small herd of cows was sold at the local creamery and all food for the animals on the place was grown on the farm.

  45. Heard Old Fiddlestrings again last night," said Mr. Hildreth, drawing up before the kitchen door the next morning while Richard carried in the piece of ice they had brought from the creamery for Winnie.

  46. In back of this were two cans of milk which Jimmie explained, in answer to Sunny's questions, would be made into butter at the creamery in Cloverways.

  47. After they left the milk at the creamery they drove down to the station and got the trunk.

  48. There was also an exhibit showing Nebraska's dairy and creamery resources.

  49. Nearly a ton of the best creamery butter made in Minnesota was used in this model.

  50. These busts and the full-length figure were made of pure Illinois creamery butter.

  51. What is the difference between a joint-stock creamery and a purely cooperative creamery?

  52. This may explain in part the difficulty of the cooperative creamery in New England to hold its own, where only 20% are of the purely cooperative type.

  53. If the old lady had softened down, her son-in-law could safely throw up the creamery job and become the boss of the farm.

  54. She was tall and lank and sandy, with small blue eyes, her limbs were heavy, and she did wear her Sunday clothes badly, but she was a good, generous soul and very much in love with the creamery man.

  55. What Claude would have said further 'Cindy could not divine, for her mother called her away, as she generally did when she saw her daughter lingering too long with the creamery man.

  56. He was so troubled that he hardly smiled once during the rest of his circuit, and at night he refrained from going up town, and sat under the trees back of the creamery and smoked and pondered on the astounding situation.

  57. The most profitable method of hatchery operation undoubtedly will be upon a plan analogous to what, in creamery operation, is called centralization.

  58. These are not equal to our creamery Eggs but are the freshest and best to be had and are vastly superior to the old Cold Storage Eggs that flood the market at such times.

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