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Example sentences for "creamy"

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creamed; creameries; creamery; creaming; creams; creance; crease; creased; creases; creasing
  1. This is cut from the boneless part of the flank and is secreted between an outside and inside layer of creamy fat.

  2. While it is cooling, stir or beat it constantly and it will become a thick, creamy frosting.

  3. Stir constantly until of a smooth, creamy consistency, and serve.

  4. Fondant:--Sugar boiled and beaten to a creamy paste.

  5. A nice way to serve them is to spread a paste of part butter and part rich creamy cheese, to which may be added a very little minced parsley.

  6. The large claws should not be forgotten, for they contain a dainty morsel, and the creamy fat attached to the upper shell should not be overlooked.

  7. When they are done they will be of a creamy light straw color and deliciously sweet, retaining all the goodness of the vegetable.

  8. Stir together one cupful of white sugar and half a cupful of butter until it is creamy and light; add flavoring to taste.

  9. They are delicate, creamy white bells, which hang from short drooping stalks near the top of a slender stem.

  10. The flowers are creamy white, and are very small, with a great many yellow stamens in the centre.

  11. Very rarely the ground colour is creamy or sulphur tinted.

  12. The egg is of a dull creamy tint, ribbed, and with a slight depression on the top.

  13. Specimens with a distinct creamy tint on the wings are sometimes met with, but such varieties, as well as yellow ones (var.

  14. The graceful little butterfly figured on Plate 19 is creamy white, with a rather square black or blackish spot on the tip of the fore wings of the male.

  15. A modification of this form which is hardly less rare has a creamy tint.

  16. The ground colour is white or creamy white, and the markings are black.

  17. The chrysalis is creamy white, sometimes tinged with greenish, and dotted with black.

  18. On a warm March Sunday, when the hedges were brushed with green bloom, and the willow catkin made creamy splashes in the brown of the woods, Robert went off to Goudhurst.

  19. The thick, creamy skin, a direct legacy from Louise Lane, needed neither powder nor rouge, and the scarlet lips asked for no touch of carmine.

  20. She thrust the stem into her belt, found a pin from somewhere, and pinned the flower itself upon the creamy lace of her gown.

  21. The ivory whiteness of her neck shaded imperceptibly into the creamy lace of her gown.

  22. She had big brown eyes, with long lashes, a thick, creamy skin that someway reminded you of white rose-petals, and the most glorious red hair you ever saw.

  23. She wears a costume that is a marvel of diaphanous creamy material, lighted up here and there with dashes of vivid crimson.

  24. Miss Manvers draws back her creamy skirts as we brush past a thorny rose tree.

  25. I see visions of her still in that low-cut, cerise frock, with the June sunlight glinting on the spangles of it; her creamy restaurant coat still fastened about her sturdy bare shoulders, the wilting pink carnations still in her hair.

  26. And when I told him of the bright, cherry-coloured evening gown, and the creamy restaurant coat, and the little cerise satin shoes with jewelled heels that Million had on, he put back his head and laughed gently.

  27. When creamy add a cupful of milk, alternating with three and one-half cupfuls pastry flour that has been mixed and sifted with two teaspoonfuls of baking powder.

  28. Add the mushrooms, set over the fire, stir constantly with wooden paddle, and when eggs are thick and creamy turn into a heated dish, garnish with toasted bread points, and serve at once.

  29. When cooked the croquettes should be soft and creamy inside.

  30. Very alluring she looked, her dark beauty set off by her dress of creamy white, by the languorous attitude, so harmonious with the sunshine and surroundings.

  31. She looked very beautiful in her unconfined gown, the red tone heightening the creamy colorlessness of her face.

  32. They were walking thus one evening toward the river, Ruth in a creamy gown and with a white burnous thrown over her head, Will holding his hat in his hand and letting the sweet air play through his hair, as he loved to do.

  33. The creamy pallor of her face, the firm white throat revealed by the broad rolling collar, her grave lips and dreamy eyes, hardly told that she was feeling a little shy.

  34. They were fashioned of creamy leather, pliable as a young girl's hands.

  35. The pointed toes of little shoes peeped beneath her gown, little shoes of creamy leather.

  36. A yearling or large fawn on October 21 was distinctly creamy about the neck and shoulders.

  37. A buck that came trotting down out of the Windy Hills on September 27 revealed the splendor of its new winter coat, with an amazing amount of creamy white, chiefly on the mane and shoulders.

  38. Brian leaned against the trunk of a great magnolia tree, whose glossy green leaves and great creamy blossoms looked fantastic in the moonlight.

  39. The hat, hung on a mirror post above the 'golden oak' bureau, was of creamy white felt.

  40. Despite his white ducks and shoes, serge coat, creamy white felt hat on the back of his shapely head, despite the rather noticeable nose glasses with the black silk cord hanging from them to his lapel, he presented a forlorn picture.

  41. It was of a creamy yellow, and shone like satin: a long shred of frayed pink ribbon hung from it.

  42. It was of creamy brick, colonial in design, and set in splendid lawns and great trees on the bank of the blue Hudson.

  43. With what bitterness he recalled his admiration of the creamy whiteness of her neck contrasted with the black line surrounding it.

  44. A pressure from a soft, taper hand; a sweet glance from a pair of rather tired eyes, and the door closes on a tall vision in soft creamy draperies.

  45. Heavy sweet the creamy blossoms gem the burnished orange groves, Through their shade comes Prince Jehangir, on his wrist two fluttering doves.

  46. Heavy sweet the creamy blossom gems the burnished orange tree, Where the happy doves are cooing o'er their new-found liberty.

  47. In another bird the breast and ventral surface is of a delicate silvery cream, or creamy silver, something like that on the same parts of the Great Crested Grebe.

  48. If the mixture becomes too thick and creamy to make bubbles, dilute it with sweet milk.

  49. There the water was flowing black, spread with creamy puffs of foam; and it ran swift and deep, in strong, straight lines, as it approached the Black Pool ice and vanished beneath.

  50. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "creamy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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