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Example sentences for "gilded"

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gigot; gigs; gij; gik; gild; gilden; gilders; gilding; gildings; gilds
  1. The ivory-tinted walls showed panels of rose-coloured brocade, ornate with gilded decorations in Empire style.

  2. Farnsworth stood where she had left him, and his majestic pose, as he held his gilded trident, suited well his stalwart, magnificent physique.

  3. Everywhere white silk or lace curtains were looped back with Frenchy pink satin rosebuds, and the gilded furniture, with its embroidered satin cushions, made the room look fit for a princess.

  4. He has hung his watch on one of the hands of our gilded idol in order to be more sure of seeing the hour at any time of the night, by the light of the sacred lamps.

  5. We pass beneath him and enter the first vast and lofty hall, dimly lighted, in the corners of which gleam gilded idols, bells, and incomprehensible objects of religious use.

  6. In a side temple near the entrance is enthroned a colossal Buddha seated in his lotus--a gilded idol from forty-five to sixty feet high, mounted on an enormous bronze pedestal.

  7. Chrysantheme, who is a Buddhist, prays sometimes in the evening before lying down; although overcome with sleep, she prays clapping her hands before the largest of our gilded idols.

  8. What a singular spectacle it is; evidently the gilded youth of Nagasaki holding a great clandestine orgy!

  9. Our dwelling is open all the night through, and the lamps burning before the gilded Buddha bring us the company of the insect inhabitants of every garden in the neighborhood.

  10. It needs money to fight these gilded hogs.

  11. You don't know these gilded hogs same as I do.

  12. There Enoch traded for himself, and bought Quaint monsters for the market of those times, A gilded dragon, also, for the babes.

  13. A fourth was missing, and Cymbeline lamented for him--a poor soldier, he said, who fought so nobly that his rags shamed gilded arms.

  14. Round his neck a green and gilded snake had twined itself, and its head was just poised to strike, when, seeing Orlando, it glided away under a bush.

  15. After forty he thinks little or nothing of that engaging gallantry of which you talk, and never throws away practical advantage in favor of some gilded sentiment.

  16. It is always a barn--a barn gilded and painted like Versailles: but a barn.

  17. You think a girl of those years can be satisfied with bearing your children and being left alone in beautiful houses as a cardinal bird is shut up in a gilded cage?

  18. Then he smiled too as he recalled the winter in which the sender had been many times alone with his mistress in that little room where the orchids had now withered in their gilded baskets.

  19. Then she had made him a little careless sign of farewell, and her black horses had borne her through the great gates of gilded bronze of the house which always seemed to him oppressive as a gaol.

  20. Effendi, from that day to this I have seen neither my antagonist in the race, nor the negro guard, nor the gilded arabas, nor the Pasha's angry smile.

  21. Who ever detected her paying her modest court to an elderly Pasha (of the Upper House) for the sake of having jewels and amber, and gilded arabas and slaves, at her disposal?

  22. To me she has been sparing of her favours; and yet a single smile from her has gilded my path for many a long and weary day.

  23. His ladies were present, too, in their gilded arabas, surrounded by a negro guard.

  24. She appeared before her accusers in the calm dignity of despair, and yet with a spirit as unbroken and queenly as when she moved in the gilded saloons of Versailles.

  25. The officer replied, "Thy master has been used to gilded roofs, but now he will see how the assassins of the people are lodged.

  26. She pressed her weather-beaten face close to the gilded bars.

  27. The teller of the Merchants' and Fruitgrowers' Bank looked through the bars of his gilded cage, and repeated the name reflectively.

  28. Dove looked up at the sparkling gilded turret of the Woolworth.

  29. The lady who compared herself to a bird in a gilded cage was chaffed for her opulent and spendthrift imagination; but in that lively simile she showed an understanding of the poetic principle.

  30. When "The Gilded Age" was ushered in by Mark Twain, people who knew John T.

  31. Raymond, who appeared on August 5th in "A Gilded Age," the play in which Willie Gill was enjoined more than a year before.

  32. We dream all night of those mountain-ridges in the horizon, though they may be of vapor only, which were last gilded by his rays.

  33. To erect a proper scaffold would involve a formidable expense, and yet to reach the object without it seemed utterly impracticable, for the spire was covered with gilded copper, and looked more unscaleable than the Matterhorn.

  34. The Monument of London becomes a mere gilded speck on the pavement.

  35. I looked up at the ceiling and marked its gilded ornaments.

  36. My attention was riveted upon the liveried driver and shining gilded trimmings of this handsome conveyance, and a flood of serious reflections suddenly burst upon me.

  37. What enormous business it required to support such a style, to display this luxury, which would shame one of those German princelings, who exchanged the crown of their ancestors for a Prussian livery gilded with French gold!

  38. Never in the whole world have I had such a stupid time as for the last five months that I have spent in this gilded cage.

  39. Her complexion had the gilded hues of amber.

  40. The handsome organ screen of iron, gilded over, and oxidized copper is a memorial gift, and the frontal picture on the chapel altar is by Reynolds Stephens.

  41. It contains two life-size effigies of Lord and Lady Dacre lying under a canopy which is supported by two pillars with gilded capitals; above is a semicircular arch.

  42. Not marble nor the gilded monuments of princes shall outlive this powerful rhyme.

  43. Goe fetch me forth my armour of proofe; That gilded is with gold soe cleare: God be with my brother John of Barton!

  44. Indeed, they did not know that there was a world outside those glittering walls, above that shining ceiling, carved and gilded and set with precious stones.

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