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  1. She actually had entered all the classes in dairying possible, while carrying her other college work.

  2. Butter was an important item; the large stock of two and a half tons coming from the Colac Dairying Company (Melbourne).

  3. He came to Newburgh in 1868 and located on a farm a few miles northwest of that city, where he has achieved much success in dairying and fruit growing, his farm lands covering over three hundred and fifty acres.

  4. It is in the heart of a noted dairying country, and as long ago as Revolutionary days Goshen butter was widely famed.

  5. The greatest if not the latest novelty in dairying in the last decade of the 19th century was the isolation of lactic acid bacilli, their cultivation in a suitable medium, and their employment in cream preparatory to churning.

  6. No branch of agriculture underwent greater changes during the closing quarter of the 19th century than dairy-farming; within the period named, indeed, the dairying industry may be said to have been revolutionized.

  7. Much fine butter, indeed, was made long before the bearing of bacteriological science upon the practice of dairying was recognized--made by using acid buttermilk from a previous churning.

  8. The by-products of dairying have, within recent years, been put to economical uses, in an increasing degree.

  9. This was unanimously agreed to, and thus was founded an organization which has since been closely identified with the development of the dairying industry of the United Kingdom.

  10. Prince Sheldon read at the show a paper on the dairying industry, and proposed the formation of a society to be called the British Dairy Farmers' Association.

  11. This branch of dairying is advancing fast, upon the safe basis of care, cleanliness and better sanitary conditions.

  12. Annals of Dairying in Europe, by Loudon M.

  13. See Annals of Dairying in Europe, by Loudon M.

  14. Within historical times dairying has always formed a prominent feature in connection with agriculture, and the use of milk in one form or another has been common to every civilised nation.

  15. Rome is the centre of a large dairying interest, the cheese factory system having originated here.

  16. Around it on all sides the grain fields were under excellent cultivation, with here and there a well-stocked farm, suggesting an agricultural and dairying centre.

  17. Home economics is not one "department" or subject, in the sense in which dairying or entomology or plant-breeding is a department.

  18. It has been prepared for the use of dairy students, producers and handlers of milk, and all who make dairying a business.

  19. The communities which have given the most attention to dairying and to the rearing and fattening of animals have generally been the most prosperous.

  20. This book covers fully the principles of breeding and feeding for both fat stock and dairying type.

  21. Horse and cattle-raising is carried on and dairying is prosperous.

  22. They are on the cut-over timber lands of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, usually engaged in dairying or raising vegetables for canning.

  23. They have large settlements in Ohio, Wisconsin, and California, where they are very successful in dairying and stock raising.

  24. Dairying can be made to pay if near a creamery, or where milk can be sold at retail.

  25. Dairying and large orchards on land suitable and not of use in the general farming plan could be conducted by the community, each farmer being a stockholder.

  26. The grasses and clovers grow in luxuriance, and hence dairying and beef production are profitable.

  27. The agricultural interests are further diversified by the practice of dairying and stock raising.

  28. Grazing, stock raising, and dairying are practiced to some extent.

  29. Here he was shown what claims to be the second largest dairying factory in the Commonwealth.

  30. Farmers have devoted themselves chiefly to raising beef cattle, but an interest in dairying is increasing.

  31. Mr. Lewis, not knowing of our garden and Palestine, spoke only in reference to what is beginning to be recognized, and well known facts in relation to the dairying interests of this region.

  32. Agriculture, dairying and lumbering are the chief pursuits of the inhabitants.

  33. The girl students are trained in every branch of housekeeping, cooking, dairying and gardening.

  34. Judging by the very few cattle in sight--in comparison with the number one has always seen in the fields in dairying regions--one would be inclined to estimate the reduction of stock at a good deal more than half.

  35. This region, like Denmark and Holland, had been largely given over to dairying before the war.

  36. Fodder crops, including corn for ensilage, clover, timothy and alfalfa, are also of great importance in those localities where live stock is raised or dairying is the chief line of agricultural industry.

  37. To obtain a merit badge for Dairying a scout must 1.

  38. The smallholder who has made dairying part of his system, or has facilities for doing so, will be all the better for adding this book to those already in his possession.

  39. May in districts where dairying and cheese making are followed.

  40. Districts where dairying was carried on had suffered least, yet the yield of milk was much diminished, and the quality deteriorated, owing to the inferiority of grass from a continuance of wet seasons.

  41. Improvements in dairying appliances have also been great, but the English farmer has generally fought shy of factories or creameries, so that his butter still lacks the uniform quality of his foreign rivals.

  42. All these are evidence that dairying was an important household industry.

  43. Around their dairying industry centres the best of the Swiss nation, and it is fitting that the "Ranz des Vaches" which calls the cattle home should be the national song of the Swiss.

  44. It is evident that the dairying industry in Queensland is yet only in its youth, and that in another quarter of a century the exports of both cheese and butter will have increased enormously.

  45. To dairying much of the prosperity of the Downs farmers is due.

  46. In the Central and Southern divisions of the coastal belt, where dairying is the chief industry, large areas are under fodder crops and permanent grasses.

  47. The benefit dairying has been to the small stock-owner can hardly be exaggerated.

  48. From the lighter soils of plain and upland larger and more certain crops of grain are being won, and on these lands dairying will take second place to cereal production.

  49. The phenomenal growth of the dairying industry is shown by the table headed "Dairying.

  50. Despite the heat and humidity of the climate, dairying is being carried on with success as far north as Cairns, and at Atherton on the hinterland it promises to become an important industry.

  51. Large as are the present dimensions of the dairying industry, they are small compared with the possibilities of expansion.

  52. Dairying comes more within the department of agriculture, as crops must be grown for feed, the dairy-farmer being necessarily the occupant of a very limited area.

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