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Example sentences for "implantation"

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  1. The pricking of the needle may carry in epithelium and implantation dermoids may arise.

  2. Smith and Schuster found that ovariotomy, with or without subsequent implantation of testes or injection of testis extract, had no effect in causing the thumb of the female to assume any male characters.

  3. Meisenheimer claims that he produced development of papillae on the thumb-pad, not only by implantation of pieces of testis, but also by implantation of pieces of ovary.

  4. It also differs from them in the fact that it is not an extension or budding from the completed intestinal tube, like the liver and pancreas, but indicates, by the implantation of the duct (Fig.

  5. The pouch of the four anthropoid apes agrees in curve, direction, implantation of the appendix and the general arrangement of the vascular and peritoneal folds with the structure in the human subject.

  6. The intestinal gutter is thus converted into a closed tube except at the point of implantation of the vitelline duct during the persistence of this structure.

  7. Implantation cysts are caused by the accidental transference of portions of the epidermis into the underlying connective tissue, as may occur in wounds by needles, awls, forks, or thorns.

  8. It is to be remembered that while the patient is relatively immune to the bacteria he himself harbors, the implantation of different strains of perhaps the same type of organisms may prove virulent to him.

  9. The lesion is usually single, but multiple lesions, resulting from implantation metastases have been observed (Bibliography 1, p.

  10. So far as I know, I am the first surgeon to experiment with gland implantation in women.

  11. Can you say, 'From God's hand I have received the granting and implantation of a new and better life?

  12. There is a real implantation of a higher nature which has nothing to do with sin and is alien from death.

  13. These metastases seem best explained by the theory of implantation of cancerous elements which have been carried from the primary growth in the stomach into the intestine.

  14. He seemed evidently more fond of controversy than of truth, and the whole turn of his conversation indicated that he derived his religious security rather from the adoption of a party, than from the implantation of a new principle.

  15. The implantation of a new principle never having been inculcated, the religious habit has degenerated into a mere form, the parents acting as if they thought that religion must come by nature or infection in a religious family.

  16. The circumboreal species Mustela erminea likewise has been shown to have a delayed implantation of the ova.

  17. In connexion with the implantation of incisors in the lower jaw, many species have a prolongation of the bones of that part of the skeleton.

  18. If the forehead needed still more change, the line of implantation could be altered by removing hairs with tweezers; and the same painful but possible means must be used to affect the curvature of the eyebrows.

  19. Its line of implantation at the forehead was usually concealed by the hair itself.

  20. The beginnings of Kentucky life represented not simply a slow development from the rudest pioneer conditions, but also a direct and immediate implantation of the best of long-established social forms.

  21. Indeed, Isaac proved in principle to be to the household of Abraham what the implantation of the new nature is in the soul of a sinner.

  22. Insignificant as it is at first, however, the region of implantation later becomes very prominent, for it undergoes a transformation that the rest of the mucous membrane does not share.

  23. But just before implantation takes place the architecture of the ovum is modified in such a way as to indicate the trend of its subsequent development.

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