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Example sentences for "implanting"

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implacably; implacental; implant; implantation; implanted; implants; implead; impleaded; implement; implementation
  1. Protestantism crushed the power of the clergy, not only in the countries in which it succeeded in implanting its errors, but also in others.

  2. Treatment is conducted on the same lines as in pes calcaneus, and the valgus may be controlled by implanting the peroneus brevis into the navicular.

  3. The deficiency of the upper end may be compensated for by implanting the head of the fibula between the condyles of the femur, and that at the lower end by splitting the fibula so as to form a socket for the talus.

  4. An artificial bridge has been made by turning down from the forehead a flap, including the periosteum and a shaving of the outer table of the skull, or by implanting portions of bone or plates of gold, aluminium, or celluloid.

  5. It is a vagabond, roaming from one root to another and implanting its rostrum.

  6. Did they halt in order to take a little nourishment by implanting their proboscis?

  7. But if we carry our Reflections higher, we may discover further Ends of Providence in implanting this Passion in Mankind.

  8. It follows from this that the implanting of living bone is to be preferred to the implanting of dead bone or of foreign material.

  9. To avoid the risk of implanting infective matter in a wound by means of the materials used for ligatures and sutures, great care must be taken in their preparation.

  10. The uplifting of the democratic masses depends on this implanting at school of the taste for good reading.

  11. Very noticeable is the change of figure which follows the implanting of the new ovaries in the case of a fat woman.

  12. As you keep implanting these images, they will become a natural part of your conscious personality.

  13. What most of them do not recognize is that they are capable of implanting these beneficial thoughts in their own minds without reference to any outside agencies.

  14. For the immoderate desire for each, implanting a most immoderate fear of losing them, makes the enjoyment of them weak and wavering, like a flame under the influence of a wind.

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