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Example sentences for "undermine"

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underly; underlying; underman; undermanned; undermentioned; undermined; undermines; undermining; undermost; underneath
  1. They felt that our Lord was setting Himself to undermine their authority, and as they felt that their authority was "of God" their indignation translated itself into terms of zeal for God.

  2. They saw in Him a man who was setting himself to undermine their whole authority.

  3. It is not my interest to depreciate them; much less to undermine the foundation of their sole worth.

  4. Many formerly, who meant to undermine religion, began by sapping the belief of a devil.

  5. These, as events proved, were to undermine the social sanity of half a world.

  6. Only a real sense of interdependence can undermine that belief; and it must be a visible, economic interdependence.

  7. I have always entertained the opinion that frauds in elections are more dangerous crimes than cheating, theft and robbery, because they are committed against the whole people and sap and undermine republican institutions.

  8. In the movement itself and in the Irish Agricultural Organisation Society, founded expressly to promote it, he can only see a cunning device of the enemy to undermine Nationalism.

  9. There, as in every region where missionaries have sought to undermine or depreciate the authority of the Koran, the attempt has wholly failed.

  10. The governor took Torralba into favour, releasing him from prison, and using him to undermine the authority of the Audiencia, by investing him with its powers.

  11. They appeal to our ancient tradition of isolation, and seek to undermine the Government with false professions of loyalty to its principles.

  12. It was stated at another, that I was employed by the British government as a spy, and that it was my object to try to undermine the noble constitution, which was then forming for France.

  13. Up to that date, Lafayette had fought as a free lance the commercial battle of the United States, using his personal influence and family connections to undermine the prestige of the Farmers-general.

  14. Otherwise, the statements in the Old Testament, on which the Pauline reasoning rested, were baseless, and to discredit these was to undermine the authority of the Scriptures from Genesis to the Apocalypse.

  15. The principles of enlightened philanthropy pervades the code, which recognizes the immutable principles of right, and which seems designed to undermine the very foundations of despotism.

  16. All the despots in Europe were alarmed lest popular liberty in France should undermine their thrones.

  17. It threatened to subvert our national history and to undermine our national hope.

  18. The adherents of the new faith in a measure simulated hatred of Jews in order to avert from themselves the suspicion that they wished to undermine Christianity, and set up Judaism in its place.

  19. So blinded was this faction by revengeful feelings, that from sheer obstinacy they would undermine Catholicism.

  20. Carter, Blair, Ludwell, and the others no doubt guessed what Spotswood was aiming at, and they were unwilling to have him undermine the very foundations of liberty in Virginia.

  21. But the rise of the Whig Party under the leadership of the able Earl of Shaftesbury was now threatening to undermine his power.

  22. Realizing that he had brought down on himself the hostility of the Councillors, Spotswood now tried to undermine their power by setting up courts of oyer and terminer to which he appointed persons other than themselves.

  23. But the attempts to undermine its authority during the Second Stuart Despotism had convinced the people that its very existence might be threatened by some future King.

  24. In London, Harvey and Kemp sought influential friends, poured out their complaints to them, and tried to undermine Wyatt at Court.

  25. Governor Spotswood, in his bitter quarrels with the Councillors tried to undermine their power by striking at their judicial privileges, but he failed, and he too was forced out of office by their influence.

  26. Many, hoping to replace him, sought to undermine his position and ruined themselves.

  27. Monarchies are not overturned, they undermine themselves and begin to totter; then, some day, the people seeing them shake, shout with a loud voice and down they fall.

  28. The proselytizing movement had also created a suspicion that it was hypocritical, and that it was masking a deliberate attempt to undermine the Establishment.

  29. David Daggett maintained that there was a just and wide-spread alarm lest the Republicans should undermine all religion, and therefore it behooved all the friends of stable government to support the Standing Order.

  30. Even the Idea Nazionale expressed this opinion, though for years it conducted a campaign to undermine the authority and prestige of parliamentary institutions in Italy.

  31. Men who forget right and abuse power often undermine the foundation of their own citadel.

  32. One method of assault may be to effect in the forms of the constitution, alterations which will impair the energy of the system and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown.

  33. Her health was perfectly good when we were first arrested, though vexation, more than confinement, has contributed to undermine it.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "undermine" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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