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Example sentences for "demolish"

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democratizing; demographic; demoiselle; demoiselles; demokratische; demolished; demolisher; demolishes; demolishing; demolition
  1. At the proper time I gave the order to Major Taylor to commence firing and demolish the house, or render it decidedly uncomfortable to its occupants.

  2. There can be no doubt the plan of the Rebel leaders was to attack and demolish Grant's army before Buell's reinforcements arrived.

  3. French purpose to demolish the works at Oswego in 1729 caused a reinforcement of the garrison, which deterred them from the attempt.

  4. Two years later, at the beginning of 1760, orders were sent from England to demolish the fortress, render the harbor impracticable, and transport the garrison and stores to Halifax.

  5. After the surrender of Montreal in 1759, rumors were everywhere spread that the English would now new-model the colonies, demolish the charters, and reduce all to royal governments.

  6. They will next wish us to admit them into the Union before their population will authorize it; tell us that that Territory does not grow fast enough, and we must demolish the system for their convenience.

  7. Peter's heart fell at this, for he had a half hope that he could yet bring himself to demolish his father's air castle.

  8. To guard against danger from the falling earth, he got Wing Wu to demolish the sentry-box, and lay the material in gridiron pattern across the covering of the pit.

  9. To demolish the constructed word, a social revolution, a terrestrial revolution are required.

  10. One can demolish a mass; how can one extirpate ubiquity?

  11. The bombardment lasted for three days, but their shots were unable to demolish our forts, although these were so weak that our men afterward destroyed them with clubs.

  12. If this concern lives only by such plunder, for heaven's sake let us demolish it.

  13. Then we absolutely demolish the nameless party.

  14. We demolish the traitors, the creatures who have sold themselves.

  15. I persisted, however, being overcome with passion: and said, I will this instant demolish this [k.

  16. Come hither and help me, and demolish these cupboards, and smash these vessels and this China-ware.

  17. Prepare thyself also to fight, for I am come to take away thy head, and to demolish Doubting Castle.

  18. This is the work and aim of every faithful minister of Christ, to destroy Giant Despair, and demolish Doubting Castle, in the hearts of God's children.

  19. For, said he, we had better quite demolish the place, and leave it like a ruinous heap, than so leave it that it may be an habitation for Emmanuel.

  20. King Lear landed with his head in a French horn, and Byron's Corsair was seen to demolish two violins with his hands at precisely the same time he kicked both feet through the bass drum.

  21. Was it worth while to demolish the modest and venerable edifice of earlier days?

  22. Godot, who proposed also to replace the ancient choir stalls, to demolish the rood-loft and to surround the choir with gratings, prepared a sketch.

  23. Nevertheless the machines did not demolish the rampart.

  24. In attacking the walrus in the water they use the same gear, but much more caution than with the whale, always throwing the katteelik from some distance, lest the animal should attack the canoe and demolish it with his tusks.

  25. These scavengers demolish an incredible amount of meat and blubber in a short time.

  26. Having failed to demolish us by dogged persistence, the hurricane tried new tactics on the evening of May 24, in the form of a terrific series of Herculean gusts.

  27. Others proposed to demolish the great suspension bridges by cutting away the suspending rods and letting the roadways fall into the East River, that the Long Island invader might be kept from crossing.

  28. The sergeant had found the firing key and touched off the hidden mine to demolish the defenses.

  29. That second shell was meant to demolish the chart-house and clear the bridge of its occupants.

  30. Her commander got his own armament into action, and managed to demolish a warehouse and a grain elevator.

  31. It is now too late to demolish the Temple of the Namban.

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