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  1. Formerly the Welsh harp was rested by the performer on the left shoulder--the treble was played with the left hand, and the bass with the right--but now the position is reversed.

  2. The deep bass croak comes from the large bull-frog, so named from his size and not from his sex, for there are female bull-frogs.

  3. This is true of the fresh-water black bass and of the stickleback, where the father protects the eggs until they are hatched, and protects and cares for the young fish.

  4. And there we fish for the bass and the pollock, and have jolly days along the shore, and toss and roll in the breakers, and sleep snug in the warm dry crags.

  5. He asked the bass and the pollock; but they were so greedy after the shrimps that they did not care to answer him a word.

  6. As for hearty good wishes, spoken in all kinds of voices, from the deepest bass to the shrillest treble, we are sure that they circulate throughout the little island, and are borne on the wings of the post all over the seas.

  7. A bass rolled lazily over, carrying with him his captured insect, leaving on the surface of the water concentric rings which widened and died away.

  8. The bass notes roared like the rumbling of thunder; the treble flashed like the dart of lightnings.

  9. They worked me for over ten months on scales and sustained tones until the break that came at E flat above the Bass Clef was welded from the lower tones to the upper tones so that I could sing up or down with no ugly break audible.

  10. Her glorious voice extends from D on the third line of the bass clef to C on the second leger line above the treble clef.

  11. Backed up by a bass player and a percussionist, the smooth, sophisticated Short sits behind the keyboard in a tuxedo, performing popular songs from the early 20th century to the present day.

  12. He did a lot of title roles for the baritone voice, and really split the bass and baritone roles very much.

  13. The eldest, 16-year-old Joseph, is already making waves as a bass player, both electric and orchestral.

  14. Seated at his drums in the center of the orchestra, he effortlessly mixes snare, tom-tom, bass drum and cymbals in a whirling, benumbing mass of sound.

  15. His parents taught him piano, violin and bass viol.

  16. Lines are to be reckoned: Sometimes likewise we find the Bass Cliff is removed to the middle Line, and upon such removal, that Line is F, &c.

  17. Flinders was given the command, and Bass was sent with him.

  18. Lieutenant Fitzmaurice was at Valparaiso in 1803, and he states that all British prisoners in Chili and Peru had been released, and that he had heard of Mr. Bass being in Lima five or six years before.

  19. Bass describes in detail all that Hunter tells in his despatch, but the intrepid explorer scarcely mentions the hardships and dangers with which he met.

  20. From his boyhood Bass wanted to be a sailor, but was apprenticed, sorely against his will, to a Boston apothecary.

  21. The ship was under the command of one Charles Bishop; but Bass sailed in her as managing owner and supercargo.

  22. The cause of this seizure was, says one unauthenticated account, because Bass requested permission to trade, was refused, and then threatened to bombard the town.

  23. When they parted with Mr. Bass and his crew, who gave them what cloaths they could spare, some tears were shed on both sides.

  24. The Venus arrived safely at Sydney, and Bass made a contract with the authorities to bring a cargo of pork from Tahiti.

  25. A soft bass answered: "I do believe, but I say it won't happen so soon.

  26. In the Potomac it has been known to weigh as much as six pounds, but bass of that weight are very rare, from three to four pounds being the average of what are known as good fish.

  27. Mr. McGrath, throwing the bass overboard to swim at the end of its leathern thong.

  28. The deacon's deep bass voice rose ever and anon in leading fashion, the other voices following suit.

  29. The habits of the black bass may be described as generally bad.

  30. He weighed four pounds six ounces, and furnished conclusive evidence that a bass of that weight can give a great deal of very agreeable trouble before he will consent to leave his element.

  31. I could not believe that a bass had taken it, but all doubt on the subject was dispelled by the shrill whir of my reel as the fine silk line spun out at a tremendous rate.

  32. I employed myself in bringing up my largest bass from the boat to sit for his picture in a little basin in the rock under the spring.

  33. I sat upon the bass in question, and rendered a verdict of "choked to death, and served him right.

  34. The bass has also a well-marked predilection for small frogs, or indeed for frogs of any dimensions.

  35. There were bass in the river from the Falls of the Potomac, near Georgetown, to a point as near its source as any self-respecting fish could approach without detriment to the buttons on his vest by reason of the shallowness of the water.

  36. In the spring or fall, when the water and the air are at a comparatively low temperature, a bass will live for eight or ten hours without water.

  37. In fact, bass will not be induced to decently decease by any civilized process short of a powerful shock from a voltaic pile administered in the region of their medulla oblongata.

  38. In Germany these instruments were called Diskant, Alto, Tenor, and Bass viols.

  39. The rest, consisting of a Concerto, Sonatas with bass accompaniment, and a Rondo also with bass accompaniment, remained unpublished.

  40. A bass can never be more distinctly and clearly brought out than by this instrument.

  41. There are also extant several cello sonatas with bass by him.

  42. Great Bass Viol de Gamba in three different tunings, with five and also six strings (also like the Contrabasso).

  43. The Violoncello compositions of Mara, which consist of two Concertos, twelve Solos with Bass accompaniment, a Duet with Violin, and a Sonata with Bass, remained unpublished.

  44. A bumble bee adds the boom of his double bass to the melody as he goes in his heavy, blustering way from blossom to blossom.

  45. They ate lunch, and Jenny drank Bass out of a bottle and spluttered and made queer faces and wrinkled up her gay, deep eyes in laughter unquenchable.

  46. He sends us a postcard sometimes with a picture of a bed or a bottle of Bass on it which is all he thinks about.

  47. There was the Emperor with bass voice and mustaches trailing to the ground to be continually trodden on by humorists of every size and sort.

  48. Jones, and he was about to apply the knocker again, when a deep bass voice from a window above addressed them in a language with which they were unfamiliar.

  49. The tenor and bass could scarcely have been better, and altogether it was a concert worthy of the praise of that, or any other, audience.

  50. Two double-basses give only a semitone, which half a double-bass renders of itself.

  51. The bass voice ranges from lower F, first space below of the F or bass clef, to D, second space above of this clef.

  52. The bass thumped down upon the bandstand.

  53. Ziggy, our bass fiddle man, had nearly sliced off two fingers while opening a can of Saturnian ice-fish, thus decreasing the number of our personnel by a tragic twenty-five per cent.

  54. John Smith was peculiar, but he was the best bass man this side of a musician's Nirvana.

  55. Our bass man can't be here, but we've called the Marsport local for another.

  56. The tones that surged from that monstrous bass were ecstatic.

  57. The aperture in the vesonator was like that of any bass fiddle.

  58. I cuss harder when I think how we were robbed of the best bass player in the galaxy.

  59. Suddenly, sweeping across the dance floor like a cold wind, was a bass fiddle, an enormous black monstrosity, a refugee from a pawnbroker's attic.

  60. Even Dickey Bass uttered a fervent "Amen," and Harry felt that God had indeed been merciful to him.

  61. Happy are those who are prepared to enter another world, as I know you are, and I hope Mr Bass is too.

  62. Harry and Bass did as he advised, and as yet they did not find their strength much diminished.

  63. I thought Mr Champion was as brave as any fellow in the ship," observed Dickey Bass to Harry.

  64. As the ship approached the harbour, and Harry and Bass were congratulating themselves that their emancipation drew near, the captain ordered them to go down into the cabin.

  65. In the meantime he sent Bass to summon Tom and his companions.

  66. Bass did not make so much progress as the rest, and began to grow very weary of the life he led.

  67. This they were very glad to do, as they still felt weary, and Bass complained of aches in all his limbs.

  68. Still the weary seamen slept, although Harry and young Bass did not for a long time close their eyes.

  69. By Tom's advice Harry and Bass clung to a stanchion near which they had taken their post.

  70. I'll give you work to do;" and Harry was sent to assist Bass in blacking down the rigging.

  71. Morning and evening Tom had offered up a prayer, Harry and Bass and one or two of the seamen joining him, though others showed no inclination to do so.

  72. Jethro Bass had not been in Coniston since William's arrival.

  73. On the morning following this extraordinary conversation, Jethro Bass and his wife departed for the state capital.

  74. Isaac Worthington had been impelled to reveal his plans and aspirations, but Jethro Bass was as powerless in this supreme moment of his life as was Coniston Mountain to move the granite on which it stood.

  75. It is not likely that they will tell Beacon Hatch, or us; that they are going to town meeting and vote for that fatherless ticket because Jethro Bass wishes them to do so.

  76. Seated in the moonlight, the minister wondered vaguely whether Jethro Bass were troubling the girl.

  77. Jethro Bass started, and flung back his head like a man who has heard a voice from another world, and then he looked at the child with a kind of stupefaction.

  78. Jethro Bass was rich beyond the dreams of avarice--for Coniston.

  79. Jethro Bass Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, in the honored place of Deacon Moses Hatch!

  80. Worthington did not dream of the Truro Railroad and of an era in the haze of futurity, it did not occur to Jethro Bass that his ambitions tended to the making of another era that was at hand.

  81. Jethro Bass was plodding in the same direction, and Isaac Worthington, out of the goodness of his heart, invited him into the sleigh.

  82. Mr. Dudley Worthington, now a mill owner, had found a substitute; Heth Sutton of Clovelly had been drafted and had driven over the mountain to implore Jethro Bass abjectly to get him out of it.

  83. No one knew that Cynthia Ware and Jethro Bass had ever loved each other.

  84. The trouble is that when women get on the platform they try to sing bass or try to speak as a man speaks.

  85. Open the gate, please," said some one in a hollow bass voice.

  86. Cerulea Bass looks at it for a moment with her hard, round, ebony eyes, and calmly wonders that people will make such fools of themselves.

  87. Further, that the conducting of the concert should be intrusted to Umlauf and Schuppanzigh, and the solos to Mesdames Unger and Sonntag, and to the bass singer Preisinger.

  88. If he attempts any of his usual impertinence on this subject, I will sing him in person a bass aria in his warehouse which shall cause it and all the street (Graben) to ring!

  89. I ought also to mention that Herr Drechsler is the unsalaried professor of thorough bass at St. Anna's, and has been so for the last ten years.

  90. So write it in this way; in the first Allegretto, mark the signs of expression in all the four parts: [Music: Treble and Bass clefs.

  91. The resolute, forceful bass tones, with which the left hand enters from time to time, seem like the impetus of a strong will giving momentum to earnest purpose.

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