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  1. The bridge, to which the strings are fastened, is of ebony with an ivory nut which determines the one end of the vibrating strings, while the nut at the end of the fingerboard determines the other.

  2. The correct positions for stopping the intervals are marked on the fingerboard by little metal ridges called frets.

  3. The neck and fingerboard are made of hard wood, such as ebony, beech or pear.

  4. Cut the fingerboard tapering and fasten pieces cut from hatpins with small wire staples for frets.

  5. Glue the fingerboard to the neck and hold it secure with clamps while the glue sets.

  6. This fingerboard must be perfect in fit, put on with very hot, thin glue, and well cramped with three No.

  7. E string must, of necessity, be brought too near the edge of the ebony for firm stopping; so I have no sympathy whatever with a narrow or too thin fingerboard and neck.

  8. Then, before I fix the neck into the violin, I attach the fingerboard and nut--the latter in rough ebony, as I always work this neater with some wood over and above what I want.

  9. They should be trimmed to fit some fingerboard that has been ascertained to be just the thing in its arching.

  10. The next proceeding will be that of working down or levelling both the ebony fingerboard and the graft, or neck.

  11. The height, or rise of the sides of the fingerboard above the maple, three-sixteenths of an inch, which may be kept for the whole length.

  12. The cushion or sandbag must be brought into use, the violin put face downwards, the fingerboard resting in a hollow.

  13. It may be as well to observe that some violinists prefer using a rather flatter fingerboard than others, but the medium is without doubt the best, and is not difficult to arrive at.

  14. The parts outside the slanting lines may be hewn away, the surface running evenly with the outer lines of the fingerboard width so far as it extends, which will not be more than about an inch.

  15. Firstly, the nut having been cut to the width, or nearly so, of the narrowest end of the fingerboard and glued into position, it will have to be filed down to the height at which it is to remain above the end.

  16. Some repairers continue to varnish or polish along the sides of the fingerboard to the extremity.

  17. If I draw the bow above the fingerboard instead of keeping it near the bridge, I have a decided contrast in color.

  18. This color contrast may always be established: playing near the bridge results in a clear and sharp tone, playing near the fingerboard in a veiled and velvety one.

  19. As the strings break and are repaired, this stick is moved up the fingerboard until the strings are too short to play upon.

  20. Throw back your heads till your golden plumes are pointing backward to the north--so shall you have an honourable calling and travellers will be glad that I have made you a fingerboard on the plains.

  21. A good knowledge of the fingerboard is best learned at the instrument, no amount of diagrams or lengthy description of chords in the various positions, etc.

  22. Reverse the usual position of the instrument, that is, instead of having the fingerboard turned away, place the 'cello in such a position that the whole length of the fingerboard may be viewed from before.

  23. In scale passages it is wise to use the first and second fingers alternately for the purpose of plucking the strings, the thumb resting on the edge of the fingerboard as a support for the hand.

  24. But when Corrette wrote his work this limitation would hardly have been felt, as the higher parts of the fingerboard were little, and, only in exceptional cases, used by cello players and composers.

  25. A universally current method for the manipulation of the fingerboard and also for bowing had indeed not yet been attained in either of the two countries.

  26. Although they are composed for that part of the fingerboard on which there is no question of the thumb position, yet they contain difficulties of an extraordinary kind which Bach's contemporaries had not been able to master.

  27. The position of the thumb, by means of which the higher and highest positions on the fingerboard could alone be fixed and maintained with certainty, could hardly have been known before the beginning of the eighteenth century.

  28. From the violin were borrowed the outlines of the soundbox, the arched back, which the more ancient gambas, whose backs were flat, did not have; also the F holes and the fingerboard without frets.

  29. For the violin it has to a certain extent a meaning, as on that instrument it is possible to play a complete scale on all parts of the fingerboard without moving the hand.

  30. In order to increase the resonance, as many steel strings were introduced under the fingerboard and bridge, which were tuned to the same pitch as those above, like the Viola d'amore.

  31. First, the finger technique was wholly unlimited because the fingerboard had no frets, which, in regard to runs and cadences, as well as change of positions, opposed a substantial hindrance to the gamba player.

  32. The tuning of the strings on the fingerboard of the barytone was on the same principle as that of the gamba.

  33. Of the division of the fingerboard into diatonic as well as chromatic tones; 6.

  34. Schenk must have gone considerably above the seventh fret of the fingerboard in order to reach the twice-lined B flat.

  35. He has a fine, distinct tone, manages the fingerboard with ease, and is not only a distinguished solo player but also an excellent quartet player.

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