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Example sentences for "console"

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consociation; consol; consolation; consolations; consolatory; consoled; consoler; consoles; consolida; consolidate
  1. At first I wished to hurry on, for I longed to console and sympathise with my loved and sorrowing friends; but when I drew near my native town, I slackened my progress.

  2. I will not attempt to console you; but will simply relate the circumstances of the transaction.

  3. I compassionated him and sometimes felt a wish to console him, but when I looked upon him, when I saw the filthy mass that moved and talked, my heart sickened and my feelings were altered to those of horror and hatred.

  4. Such was my sentence, and on that night would the daemon employ every art to destroy me and tear me from the glimpse of happiness which promised partly to console my sufferings.

  5. Come, dearest Victor; you alone can console Elizabeth.

  6. This advice, although good, was totally inapplicable to my case; I should have been the first to hide my grief and console my friends if remorse had not mingled its bitterness, and terror its alarm, with my other sensations.

  7. An attendant priest endeavored to console him with the words: “Cast thy burden upon the Lord and he shall sustain thee.

  8. Depressed as she has been for some time, your return may perhaps console her.

  9. The Prince of Nagato tried to console him.

  10. God and the Devil have both conspired to make you unhappy, But never mind, do your best; comfort and console each other; the whole world is before you.

  11. Should he fail to produce the effects he has contemplated, he will yet be able to console himself with the reflection, that he has been actuated by good intentions.

  12. May God, in His mercy, look down upon you, and console you!

  13. He saw himself as the intimate old friend who comes to call right after the funeral, and by his presence console a little, and brighten, the bereaved.

  14. It was easy to console oneself remembering the poor lady's ignorance of art.

  15. To console us, Maria Antonia and her village gossips repeated to us in chorus the most edifying discourses on the future life.

  16. The best, it seems to me, is not even to attempt to console you for the loss of your father.

  17. If the Historical Procession does not console us, we are capable of dying of ennui at the politeness which people show us.

  18. From time to time I ran home to soothe and console my poor Mariette, and to snatch a mouthful of bread, for our purse was now so low that we did not dare to purchase anything else.

  19. If it is possible for anyone to console you for the loss of Imoinda, she will do so.

  20. The Sisters came up from the Convent to see the dear child and try to console her father and mother.

  21. Sam and Charley while bursting with laughter tried to console the boy, inviting him to look at their Pony.

  22. Madame de Valentinois came to me with tears in her eyes to repeat the cruel remark of the princess; the marechale de Mirepoix, who heard her, sought to console her by assurances, that it would in no degree affect her interest at court.

  23. I found myself becoming daily more attached to her, and her presence helped to console me for the many vexations I continually encountered.

  24. He assisted publicly at my toilet*, he walked out with me, left me as little as possible, and sought by every attention to console me for the impertinences with which my enemies bespattered me.

  25. This young prince, whose first impulses were always amiable, immediately burst into tears; the dauphiness endeavoured to console him.

  26. This room was square and low, with a carved console and straight-backed chairs thinly cushioned in faded blue to match the china.

  27. The portrait over the console there is his wife, your great-grandmother.

  28. It was double the size of the library, a parlor hung in striped yellow silk vaguely and tenderly faded, with a tall plate mirror set over a marble-topped console at either side.

  29. He very nearly tapped and went in to console her.

  30. His one idea in all this had been to console her, for he guessed a little what it meant when Hubert Brett was "in an awful way"; but now she seemed if anything more troubled.

  31. Let us hope that it was not there that she fell in with one whom in an hour of weakness she permitted to console her too tenderly for the absence of her crusading lord.

  32. In a few moments--when all is over--I shall return to support and console her.

  33. However she tried to console herself with difference in breeding, that fact, remaining, pricked.

  34. Now I expect my friends to come and console me.

  35. Isobel's lips were quivering, and I dared make no effort to console her.

  36. To console her on the subject of her husband was impossible; to ignore him, and so to console her, a task which neither my discretion nor my sense of honour, though sorely tried, permitted me to undertake.

  37. He contends that Cicero himself supports the doctrine of divination, in the poem on his Consulship, from which he quotes a long passage, sufficient to console us for the loss of that work.

  38. Mai cannot exactly state how much of the second book is wanting in the palimpsest, but he thinks probably a third part; enough remains of it to console the reader for the loss.

  39. Of the book on Military Discipline, a good deal has been incorporated into the work of Vegetius; and Cicero's orations may console us for the want of those of Cato.

  40. You have this to console you: he died reconciled to you, holding your hand in his to the last.

  41. You were too ready to believe that, and to console yourself.

  42. No; but I will tell you something that may console you under your disappointment.

  43. I find you in tears by his side, and he, by his attitude, endeavouring to console you.

  44. Time will console her,' I thought, 'and then we will begin a new life.

  45. Her grave was made in the solitude of the overshadowing forest, and her daughter, who had brought with her a fine, hardy, English constitution, lived to console her widowed father.

  46. There wasn't a dry rag between the four of us, and Pere took snuff to console himself, and that started him crying harder than ever.

  47. Would the smile fade away, would he feel as if all zest and interest had departed from the evening entertainment, or would he make the best of things in happy O'Shaughnessy fashion and console himself in Mollie's smiles?

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "console" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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