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  1. For more than a week before, the ladies of the palace had caused a number of chairs to go in and out by the several gates in order to familiarize the guards with the idea that they were paying many visits.

  2. So when, early in the morning, two women's chairs were carried out by the attendants, the guards took no special notice.

  3. He turned out his boxes and drawers, shovelled forth the contents of bulging portfolios, mounted on chairs to unhook old canvases that had been severely "skied.

  4. The stalls are forbidden them, the boxes are a quarter of a mile from the stage and the balcony is a delusion save for a few chairs at either end of its vast horseshoe.

  5. We have had some vacant chairs in the mess lately.

  6. Of an afternoon you would sit on comfortable chairs at a neat table covered with a fair cloth and talk to your hostess.

  7. That more ancient edifice had been built in the days of Alfred, and its nave was closely packed with the clergy of Oxford and the neighbourhood, save a circle of curule chairs reserved for the members of the Council.

  8. Chairs were almost as scarce as thrones, being used for little else, and chimneys were not more common.

  9. They rose amid the sound of chairs scraping back, and once more McCalloway felt the contraction of his throat and the dimness in his eyes.

  10. So the householder stood bewildered, pressing a hand against his forehead, and as he did so several gentlemen rose from chairs before his own blazing hearth.

  11. With deprecating apology the two newcomers watched them go, and when the place had been vacated save for the three, McCalloway turned and bowed his guests to chairs before the hearth.

  12. Instantly everything was in a ferment in the salon; the young men hastened to engage partners, the chairs were moved away to make room, and the guests who did not dance were requested to retire to the corners.

  13. Why did all the men walk in that direction and stand, with their noses in the air and a smile on their faces, watching the chairs turn?

  14. Thus the auditorium was certain to be entirely filled, for the last rows of chairs were thrown open to some of the villagers.

  15. So I extricated myself, not without difficulty, from the chairs and legs and dresses that surrounded me.

  16. But this evening we shall have several sedan chairs and Bath chairs.

  17. But an elderly couple arrived, dragging their chairs after them; the woman planted herself directly in front of me, almost resting against my face, while her husband deprived me of what little view I had by standing beside her.

  18. She and her husband were sitting as usual in their respective easy chairs on either side of the fire.

  19. The chintz hangings and the carpet were of soft colours and in good harmony; chairs and lounges were comfortable; a great many books lined the walls, so many indeed that the room might have been styled the library.

  20. They drew up two rush-bottomed chairs to the table and sat down.

  21. When, a little breathless, she joined him in the garden, she found that he had already taken two rocking-chairs into a shady corner which was out of sight of the white villa and of its inquisitive windows.

  22. The whole population seemed to have poured itself out in the open air on this sunny day; even the shopkeepers had brought chairs out of their shops and sat on the pavement, gaily laughing and gossiping together in the eager way Parisians have.

  23. When her lamp was well alight, the soothsayer drew three chairs up to the round table, and motioned the two strangers to sit down.

  24. There was a small sofa, covered with cheap tapestry, and four uncomfortable-looking chairs to match; on the sham marble mantelpiece stood a gilt and glass clock and two chandeliers.

  25. They strolled off together towards the house, and Sylvia walked blindly on to the grass and sat down on one of the rocking-chairs of which M.

  26. The furniture consisted of a round table standing on an unpolished parquet floor, of six cane chairs set against the wall, and of a walnut-wood buffet, on the shelves of which stood no plates, or ornaments of any description.

  27. But, no; nothing but the round table, and the six chairs stiffly placed against the wall, met her eyes.

  28. We could have that corner where there are the pretty blue chairs for our drawing-room, and we might pay visits.

  29. We've only been playing at hiding among the chairs and sofas.

  30. Madame Nestor sat down on one of the chairs with Roger on her knee and began drawing on his stockings.

  31. He drew forth two easy-chairs and motioned to them to seat themselves.

  32. Your feet sank in the thick Turkey carpet; the easy-chairs were models of artistic design and comfort.

  33. Old friends are best, my dear," said the Prince in his most agreeable tones, as he seated himself in one of the luxurious easy-chairs and lighted a cigarette.

  34. There's a fleshy table and chairs with a knock out chick that looks like my Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

  35. If you are not, what business have you in these chairs of state?

  36. Then he swaggered over to the long table, thrust the other Greek and the Goanese into chairs on either side of him, and yelled for food.

  37. So we moved our chairs into position for a better view.

  38. Coutlass showed tobacco-stained teeth for answer, and his friends rutched their chairs clear of the table, ready for action.

  39. At that we took chairs and announced our intention of staying until the collector should come or be fetched.

  40. Schubert cursed them and drove them to the chairs again.

  41. At last we really made up our minds to go to bed; and then she really came, appearing at the bend in the stairs just as I set my foot on the lower step, so we trooped back to our chairs by the window.

  42. He sat on the black iron bed, and we grouped ourselves about on chairs that had very likely covered the known world between them.

  43. We brought our chairs to the table, she sitting at one end and we together at one side, Fred nearest her and I farthest away.

  44. A piano was installed on the stair-landing and one hundred chairs of the folding type used at public gatherings were arranged along the walls of the two dance rooms.

  45. We’ll make you inside sentry,” and without further loss of time, Wilbur set about arranging a row of chairs upon which he stretched his lanky frame.

  46. The command was to a white servant who obeyed promptly, but Madame Johnson herself had already shifted the chairs for the guests, and had taken their deerskin cloaks.

  47. There were also chairs of wicker, and a lounge covered with haircloth.

  48. The door stood open and a table was set in the front room, with four chairs drawn up to it.

  49. Zeb was also escorted to a room--so grand and beautiful that he almost feared to sit in the chairs or lie upon the bed, lest he might dim their splendor.

  50. One of the chairs pushed back from the table, and this was so astonishing and mysterious that Dorothy was almost tempted to run away in fright.

  51. St. Cloud and the great Trianon were the especial residences of Buonaparte, and I looked at his bed and tables and chairs with some curiosity.

  52. Then he lifts him, and places him upon two chairs just as he would do with a simple board.

  53. He places the head of the subject upon the seat of one of the chairs and the heels upon that of the other.

  54. The strangers arrived, and Edem with them, and chairs and mats were placed for them in the court.

  55. They made a ring of chairs on the playroom floor, and in this corral Teddy crept around on his hands and knees, pretending to be a wild Western pony.

  56. We'll make a corral of some chairs and I'll be a bucking bronco.

  57. We'll make a place with chairs where they keep the cow ponies and the broncos.

  58. They place their papers or their brief cases on the desk before which the prospect is sitting, hitch their chairs up as close as they can, and talk with their breath in his face.

  59. A litter of office boys sprawling untidily over the desks and chairs in the reception room is as bad, and a snappy young lady of the "Now see here, kid" variety is worse.

  60. Down sank the Squire on one of the hall-chairs as he spoke, as though he could not hold himself up a minute longer, but was dead beat with tramping and disappointment.

  61. An old carpet on the floor, chairs covered with tumbled chintz, and always a good blazing fire in the grate.

  62. And I have some sympathy in your habit of feeling for chairs and tables.

  63. I only used to upset them) break up the tables and chairs and chiffoniers, and dash the china to atoms.

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