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  1. The work of a genuine poet is apparent in the canvases of R.

  2. Some of the qualities we have learned to look for in vain in the canvases of Bierstadt we find emphasized in the paintings of Thomas Hill, who succeeded him as court painter to the monarch of the Rocky Mountains.

  3. Some of his canvases suggest the landscapes of Constable.

  4. Occasionally a suggestion of talent is evident in those canvases from which the stiff ruffles and bands of the Puritans stare forth at us.

  5. He is a poet moved by a powerful imagination, idealizing what he sees, and possessed of a memory similar to that of Turner; and thus some of his most striking canvases are the result of a tenacious memory allied to a vigorous observation.

  6. Now the light was strengthening, he observed a pile of canvases standing against the wall by the side of the bed.

  7. After the artist's death a number of his best known canvases were collected for permanent exhibition in the Waterloo Gallery of Windsor.

  8. About this time Turner's canvases began to command fabulous prices.

  9. Boucher is represented by no less than 21 canvases at Hertford House, some of them of considerable historical interest.

  10. Canaletto filled large canvases with mathematical perspectives of city and water.

  11. Palma seems to have had no other aim than to fill his canvases with expanses of fair flesh and yellow hair.

  12. It is this seizing on peculiarities, on local and characteristic details, that makes Longhi's little canvases so curious.

  13. Prominent also at a first visit to a London exhibition stands out the hesitancy; of English artists to deal with large canvases and life-size figures--their strict confinement to genre of a domestic or bookishly arch├Žological type.

  14. If we look through the catalogue of a Royal Academy exhibition, we notice the preponderance of scenes illustrative of English or other literature--of canvases that tell a story or point a moral or bear a punning or a sentimental title.

  15. It spread over everything he had done for the last six months when he found himself alone with his canvases and whole-hearted toward them.

  16. In her anxiety to put space between them she bad walked to the furthest and untidiest corner of the room, where half a dozen canvases leaned with their faces to the wall.

  17. On the top shelf of a closet in the wall a small pile of canvases gathered dust, face downward.

  18. When the wood engraver simulated the actual cracks in the canvases of the subjects he was copying on his block he showed a decadence which shortly led to his extinction.

  19. But the canvases of Mignard and Le Brun both hang together in the leading galleries of Europe.

  20. If one who did not know her may say so, there is written on the canvases that Miss Dicksee has left behind the evidence of a most lovable nature.

  21. On the other side of the lantern you may have Watts, and the painted canvases of a Whistler.

  22. Blue eyes look out, so blue, from happy sunburnt faces, so sunburnt, that take their places on her canvases as in a drama to tell us something of her thoughts and of themselves.

  23. This royal peacemaking we have always thought one of the most amusing of Rubens's great canvases at the Louvre, as he very cleverly gives the impression that neither the Queen nor her son is taking the matter seriously.

  24. But the vastness of their canvases had remained a thing of intention, a thing of large and pretentious decoration.

  25. There are to be found in every picture gallery canvases attributed, not to any single painter, but to an atelier, to the school of some great master.

  26. For there is in their canvases little trace of the substance that causes people to cherish an individuality, and makes a name to be remembered.

  27. Nothing was really finished she saw, as she turned the canvases back to the wall, one by one.

  28. In the intervals of pot boiling he had been working on several canvases that he hoped to exhibit in the spring.

  29. Also a number of canvases were scattered about.

  30. It may have been in front of one of his canvases glowing with the luminous rosiness of half a dozen of these happy soul-buds that Guido exclaimed, 'Does Rubens mix blood with his paint?

  31. Then it came out and flooded his drawings and his canvases with a glory unseen before in art.

  32. I thought of my work, of the canvases I meant to cover, but I felt the charm--and I felt it stirringly.

  33. On the opposite wall was a confused mass of canvases piled one against the other, leaning helter skelter against the slanting wall of the room.

  34. The candle light lit up the men's flushed faces and the crude banana yellows and arsenic greens of the canvases along the walls, against which jars full of paint brushes cast blurred shadows.

  35. Most of Diepenbeck's important canvases are in continental galleries.

  36. But Diepenbeck spent much less of his leisure on canvases than on glass-painting.

  37. This condition, no doubt, accounts for the presence of fifty-two of the master's panels and canvases in one of the rooms at the Dresden museum.

  38. But many canvases of high merit, artistically and historically, still grace the walls of these galleries.

  39. The galleries at the Louvre contributed to the new Versailles museum all the canvases of French artists that it possessed.

  40. Some of these paintings, including the Joconde by da Vinci, and famous canvases by Titian, del Sarto, Rubens and Van Dyck, still hang on the walls of the first national gallery of France.

  41. The kings of France, the members of their families and immediate entourage, great French warriors, statesmen, artists, men of letters and science are depicted on canvases that line the immense halls of Versailles.

  42. Little by little the canvases were dispersed, until, at the end of the Empire, the Versailles Museum of French Art ceased to be.

  43. Saphir himself was at Gretz, but he came over to Barbizon, breakfasted chez Siron, and examined his pupils' canvases with kindly, twinkling eyes.

  44. Several large canvases were turned to the wall.

  45. His women were women of the people, picturesque and repugnant; the only flesh that he had shown on his canvases was that of a sweaty laborer or the chubby child.

  46. The "star" examined the canvases which covered the walls.

  47. Some American millionaires, surprised that a Spanish painter should be mentioned abroad and that the principal reviews in Europe should reproduce his works, bought canvases as objects of great luxury.

  48. To forget his remorse, he amused himself by counting the canvases which reproduced his wife's dainty little face.

  49. The Pope was ailing just at that time and the painter, in the hope of his death, was preparing canvases of all sizes, striving to guess who would be his successor.

  50. Sometimes Josephina unexpectedly appeared in her husband's studio and chatted with him while he painted, praising the canvases that had a pretty subject.

  51. Modern rooms, small and soberly decorated, were not fitted for the large canvases that ornamented the walls of drawing rooms in the old days.

  52. He divined with a sort of pride what all the mouths were whispering, what all the eyes were saying, fixed absent-mindedly on the canvases only to turn toward him.

  53. Esther at all events painted many canvases and panels, good or bad, some of which had been exhibited and had even been sold, more perhaps owing to some trick of the imagination which she had put into them than to their technical merit.

  54. It is not always easy to realise what Reynolds' work was like at its best, because so many of his canvases have either lost their original tints or have suffered the final indignity of restoration.

  55. Mr. Sumner had commissioned Malcom to go up to his studio and gather into boxes all his canvases and painting materials; and soon all three were working as fast as they could, with the design of following the others the next morning.

  56. There were some canvases which Forsyth said he would paint out and use for other subjects, but which, when he came to look at again, he found really not so bad.

  57. It is at least only fair to believe that the light which shines from so many canvases is the true expression of many a life which is clouded to our superficial view.

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