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Example sentences for "consoled"

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consol; consolation; consolations; consolatory; console; consoler; consoles; consolida; consolidate; consolidated
  1. We needn't have two more," Sophy consoled him.

  2. It consoled her to remember that in the higher mathematics of existence as of numbers there was an "incalculable quantity.

  3. We shall be there in half an hour--easily," he consoled her.

  4. Pangloss, smarting under one of the worst things that ever was supposed to come from America, consoled himself with the reflection that it was the price we have to pay for cochineal.

  5. When it was too late, I remembered that I had not spoken to Mr. Lee, but consoled myself with fancying that Jessie would tell him, or that I should have an opportunity in the morning.

  6. Somewhat consoled by these resolutions, we separated for the night.

  7. My blamers say of me, He is consoled And lie!

  8. Shall I be consoled when Love hath mastered the secret of me, viii.

  9. Indeed I am consoled now and sleep without a tear, iv.

  10. Miles felt mildly aggrieved, but consoled himself by the reflection that the Captain seemed a decent sort of fellow with plenty to say for himself.

  11. Lorrain, the widow of a major in the Imperial Army, whom he was said to have consoled on the loss of her husband.

  12. No use crying over spilled milk,” consoled Jerry.

  13. It consoled her to see again two who were one.

  14. And she consoled herself with the thought that there was no need of any language but that which she knew.

  15. She had nursed the sick, she had entertained the weary, she had consoled the dying.

  16. He consoled himself with the thought, however, that, after all, he was not without affection.

  17. On these ventures he first consoled himself with the thought that with the seven hundred dollars he had he could still make some advantageous arrangement.

  18. No one visited her, no one consoled her, no one helped to dissipate her weariness.

  19. Yet to these good Christians that doctrine was an unshakable conviction, a truth which consoled their heaviest afflictions.

  20. Octavia might still become in her hands an engine for political purposes, and Agrippina constantly embraced and consoled her.

  21. She recovered from the virulent fever which she had caught in the prisons, and consoled the drooping years of her husband, Aulus Plautius.

  22. I am imperfectly consoled for this disappointment by the sacred pledge, the perished flower.

  23. How it made me restless to think of her weeping to others, or being consoled by others.

  24. She consoled herself for her actual servitude by her habitual simulation of independence; she called Assur-bani-pal Kandalanu, and this new name allowed her to fancy she had a separate king, distinct from the King of Assyria.

  25. He contended with the crowd of fashionable novelists whose books consoled the leisure of Mrs. Wititterly as she reclined on the drawing-room sofa.

  26. We should be prepared to find Mr. Hardy, with his remarkable aptitude for the perception of natural forms, easily consoled by the influences of landscape and the inanimate world.

  27. So puzzled had I become that I consoled myself by cursing Sir Runan's memory.

  28. I consoled Philippa as well as I could, but she kept screaming.

  29. Jack's practical philosophy consoled the weeping girl, who collected more eggs, and soon recovered from the distress of her adventure.

  30. I consoled him with quoting the celebrated song of Maysunah, the beautiful Badawi wife of the Caliph Mu’awiyah.

  31. They failed; but we were consoled by seeing through a gap in the Western hills a heavy cloud discharge its blessed load, and a cool night was the result.

  32. The woman was utterly amazed, and then consoled herself with the thought that it was merely child's play.

  33. As Linton went along, he searched his pockets for the epistle, but consoled himself by remembering how he had left it at home.

  34. A woman must have many charms and much art to weep agreeably; lacking those, she runs the risk of not being consoled for a long time.

  35. And she, feeling that he was almost her own son--she had taken him when he was a month old--consoled him with soft words.

  36. They consoled her as well as they could, my kind young ladies, whose hearts were always full of sympathy.

  37. Then all her troubles were forgotten, and every one rejoiced, save perhaps the three unsuccessful Princesses, who consoled themselves by saying there was magic in it, and so possibly there was.

  38. I love like you: I mourned so much when you left us; the house without you seemed empty, but I consoled myself with the thought that Eva will soon come back again.

  39. How unmerciful we were, and--how easily our lovers consoled themselves!

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