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  1. The fines must only be imposed by the oath of honest men of the neighbourhood.

  2. Fines are payments due to the lord of a manor on every admission of a new tenant.

  3. In some manors these payments are fixed by custom; they are then fines certain; in others they are not fixed, but depend on the reasonableness of the lord and the paying capacity of the tenant; they are fines uncertain.

  4. The advantage of fines certain, like that of a modus in tithes, is that a man knows what he shall get.

  5. Now, the Chief is empowered to write down a copy of these fines and place them in Little Chief's possession.

  6. But, Zan, to-morrow at our Council, we must speak of discipline and take up the matter of punishment and fines as outlined in the Manual.

  7. I will punish wealthy offenders like yourself by fines proportionate to their means.

  8. Heavy fines and imprisonment could not subdue their spirit.

  9. But many of the wealthiest drapers, glovers, and hop-merchants had been ruined by the heavy fines inflicted upon them by the grasping Parliamentarians, and the city had scarcely yet regained its former prosperity.

  10. They try to excuse their lukewarmness on the ground that they suffered so much from fines and sequestrations during the Civil Wars.

  11. That day two columns went out: one under General Gazelee, to collect the fines from one of the tribes; the other commanded by Colonel Hill, to punish the Chamkannis.

  12. Next day the whole force was encamped at Dargai, where they were received in a friendly manner by the villagers; who expressed themselves willing to pay their share of the fines imposed, and also to picket the hills.

  13. In case of inability to pay, the free negro is sold at auction, and if any overplus remain, after the fines and attendant expenses are paid, it is put into the hands of the public treasurer.

  14. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

  15. Heavy fines were imposed, and property was sold in fee.

  16. Repeated pretexts were sought or invented for plundering the inhabitants of the captured city, by fines levied and collected under threat of imprisonment at hard labor with ball and chain.

  17. Freedom of speech was suppressed by the imposition of fines on those using "seditious" language, and the demand of security for their future humility.

  18. All persons are forbidden to reproduce this work or to sell it when made elsewhere within the Empire or the Low Countries of His Imperial Majesty until after ten years, under the penalties and fines prescribed in the patent.

  19. He's on probation already for disobeying traffic rules of one sort and other, and his fines cost more than the entire upkeep of the car.

  20. Them's the guys the saps lay for and dust off regular in the shape of fines an' taxes an' the like uh that.

  21. He paid two fifty-dollar fines and was forbidden to drive a car "in the County of Los Angeles, State of California, during the next succeeding period of two years.

  22. Latterly, however, he fell out of favour, and, although he had been very rich, was impoverished by the fines which the king extorted from him.

  23. These fines completely protected the offender from the vengeance of the injured family.

  24. Educative value of law and of fines for disobedience.

  25. The law imposing fines for neglect of removal of garbage or of screening stables must be occasionally enforced in order to express degree of disapproval.

  26. I admit I had qualms about going to Lord's myself.

  27. That is my business, Spencer, and I will not allow you to speak so to my boy.

  28. Under the common law, in certain cases of feudal tenures, the fines for alienation were an incident of the tenure.

  29. The county pays just enough a-day to make poor men like to be on juries, and they never fail to attend, while them that can pay their fines stay away, and so leave the law pretty much in the hands of one party.

  30. The Audiencia and office of the captain-general receive those complaints kindly and very easily dictate measures humiliating for the alcalde, and impose fines on him, of which a copy is given to the complaining parties.

  31. Such will have the power of loading the Indians with pecuniary fines and of doubling the fees; and even perhaps there will not lack some who will avail themselves of trade and commerce to attain that end.

  32. Fines may properly be charged and collected for books detained beyond the allotted time without request for extension.

  33. Many farms were burned and great fines in money and provisions were exacted from those who had taken part in the rebellion.

  34. He listened to the complaints of the people, and punished with fines and imprisonment the Danish officials who ventured to exceed their rights.

  35. First, he wanted the fines and penances, payable to the Church in Troendelag, to be rendered according to actual weight in silver, and not in the coin of the realm, which was but worth half its nominal value.

  36. Private quarrels were settled, blood-wites or fines agreed upon for homicides and other injuries, and resolutions taken concerning peace and war.

  37. In order that no one should with impunity tread the law under foot, he fixed a scale of fines which offenders should pay in accordance with their birth and dignity.

  38. Endicott condemned them to fines of twenty, thirty, and five pounds, respectively, or to be whipped.

  39. After Bosworth, with a competent police force at hand to execute process, he had only to organize a political court, and to ruin by confiscatory fines all the families strong enough, or rash enough, to maintain garrisoned houses.

  40. The following April they were fined four pounds and put in confinement, where they lay till the 11th of September, when the legislature, after a hearing, ordered them to be discharged upon payment of fines and costs.

  41. Fines were showered down upon the towns and villages.

  42. So beneath Herr Mayor's haughty nose I put the omelette aux fines herbes.

  43. The entire property was held by lease of lives, and this rental was exclusive of fines paid on the renewal of leases.

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