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Example sentences for "finesse"

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fineness; finer; fineries; finery; fines; finest; fing; finger; fingerboard; fingered
  1. How did Italian finesse and cunning blend and harmonize with the quick penetration and delicate tact of the Frenchwoman?

  2. Count de Vaublanc says again: "This wretched time proves thoroughly that finesse is the most detestable means of conducting great affairs.

  3. Nothing but finesse was opposed to the impetuous attacks of the Jacobins.

  4. Full of finesse in his self-love and in the pursuit of his own interest, he was, in reality, the least chivalrous of his sex, although he affected all the appearance of the loftiest chivalry.

  5. The German staff had supplied supreme finesse to this end.

  6. Should Z finesse and lose, Y’s suit would be blocked and the adversary would undoubtedly take out Y’s only re-entry card.

  7. The ace of hearts is now marked with B, and the Finesse Obligatory must be taken.

  8. The game is saved and cannot be won unless the finesse in the spade suit is successful.

  9. For In matters of emotional finesse the masculine instance is nowhere: it is blinded, befogged, befooled at every turn.

  10. Indeed, In no instance are a woman's tact and finesse so exercised as in playing off one man against another.

  11. Delicacy expresses soft and agreeable sentiments and ingenious praise; thus finesse belongs more to epigram, and delicacy to madrigal.

  12. Finesse is not exactly subtlety; we draw a person into a snare with finesse; we escape from it with subtlety.

  13. He seems to attack his plate not with the finesse of a meticulous fencing-master but like a Viking, with a broad Berserker blade.

  14. His line, surprisingly agile and sinuous, has the finesse of Goya--whom he resembled at certain points.

  15. Prince Kung was young in years and experience, but his finesse would have done credit to a gray-haired statesman.

  16. It was hoped to overcome Chinese finesse with counter finesse, and Sir John Bowring hastened to Shanghai with the object of establishing direct relations with the viceroy of the Two Kiang.

  17. This party will use considerable finesse in throwing, such as apparent attempts to throw the ball around the square, thus misleading the center players as to their intention and taking them unaware when aiming for the center.

  18. The runners will use all possible finesse in making it difficult to find their arrows, although it is a rule of the game that the arrow must be in plain sight, though not necessarily from the point of view of the course taken.

  19. A great deal of finesse may be used in this game; in appearing to hand the dumb-bell in one direction, turning suddenly and handing it in another, etc.

  20. The wolf may also exercise considerable finesse by running directly for the pen if he be in a position to reach it quicker or more directly than by chasing the sheep.

  21. Blunt is a good old English name; but it has not finesse enough for Italian, German, Spanish, or anything else but John Bull and his family.

  22. There would be something ridiculous, indeed, in seeing so much of the finesse of a master of ceremonies subjected to so profound a mystification!

  23. I knew you at a glance, and consider the worthy captain's introduction as so much finesse of breeding utterly thrown away.

  24. Captain Truck was no exception to the rule; for, while he was perfectly acquainted with a ship, and knew the etiquette of the quarter-deck to a hair, he got into blue water the moment he approached the finesse of deportment.

  25. The finesse can win only one trick, and it might lose five or six tricks.

  26. The king of spades must make against him while he has a finesse in the club suit.

  27. By forcing discards, you can often tell which adversary is holding and protecting an honour in the suit in question, and on which side the finesse should be taken.

  28. It is better to finesse on the second round of the suit than on the first.

  29. If he takes the finesse in clubs and it loses, the adversaries must make the entire heart suit.

  30. Z, in order to win three by-cards and the rubber, must take a finesse in spades; and so not only refuses to play the queen second in hand, but will not take the trick fourth in hand.

  31. As the finesse succeeds the dealer must place the lead in dummy so that he may again lead through the K of diamonds.

  32. Do not finesse with nine cards of a suit in the two hands, including both the Ace and King.

  33. After all the polite cunning of Isabella's letter, and the hard-wrung finesse of her minister's, it was easy to discern that truth was conveyed in neither.

  34. The same game of finesse was played at his own table; for there De Patinos had for some time assumed an air of civility.

  35. And Langdon was, and is now, such a past master of finesse that he compels the admiration even of his victims.

  36. I flatter myself I am a connoisseur of finesse and can look even at my own affairs with judicial impartiality.

  37. Her brief and witty Souvenirs (Memoirs), showing marvellous finesse in the art of portraiture, made her name immortal.

  38. Through her finesse and marvellous feminine penetration, her truthful, delicate and fine portraitures, which were widely imitated later, she has exerted an extensive influence.

  39. Tennyson spoke in high praise of his finesse in the choice of words, his feeling for the just word to catch and, as it were, visualize the precise shade of meaning desired.

  40. Not childishly and gushingly, although I was so young, but with all the finesse of the eternal game, for clever women are born with rouge on their cheeks.

  41. But it was a disappointing business; I didn't seem to make the impression I wanted to make; all my finesse went for nothing, except as signs of the affection of a ward.

  42. With it on my head I will finesse any argument whatsoever with you any night of the week.

  43. It was quite possible that Mr. Kirschell was to be relieved of his cash box with more address and finesse than by the bald expedient of ruining Mr. Kirschell's safe!

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