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Example sentences for "dexterity"

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dewty; dewy; dexar; dextera; dexterities; dexterous; dexterously; dextra; dextral; dextram
  1. Margaret of Savoy, Maximilian's daughter, he acquitted himself to the king's satisfaction, and obtained the praise both of diligence and dexterity in his conduct.

  2. The beauty and vigor of his person, accompanied with dexterity in every manly exercise, was further adorned with a blooming and ruddy countenance, with a lively air, with the appearance of spirit and activity in all his demeanor.

  3. Wherefore with his chisel he made with all the more dexterity certain soft and delicate hollows, both in human limbs and in draperies.

  4. If they know anything more now, no dexterity of mine can elicit it.

  5. Mr. Micawber, with a perfect miracle of dexterity or luck, caught his advancing knuckles with the ruler, and disabled his right hand.

  6. The saddle-horse adapted his movements with vigilant dexterity to the rolling and pitching aloft.

  7. There be men who outrival the weaker sex in the sinister effect they can throw into the faintest allusion to another's conduct, and in the dexterity with which they evade the consequences, and of such specimens the --th has its share.

  8. Not a few, indeed, were eager to exhibit their feats of horsemanship before their chieftain's fair daughter, whose bright smile every now and then offered rich reward for any superior display of dexterity or courage.

  9. As I survey the grinning, shouting multitude from my retreat on the roof, and note the number of widely-opened mouths, the old wicked thoughts about hot potatoes and dexterity in throwing them persist in coming to the fore.

  10. Our neighbours, the French, are much in this practice of extempore invention, and their dexterity is such as even to excite admiration, if not envy; but how rarely can this praise be given to their finished pictures!

  11. The directors were probably pleased with this premature dexterity in their pupils, and praised their despatch at the expense of their correctness.

  12. Let his failure teach us not to indulge ourselves in the vain imagination, that by a momentary resolution we can give either dexterity to the hand, or a new habit to the mind.

  13. It is an excellence that I believe every Artist would wish to possess; but unluckily, the manner in which this dexterity is acquired habituates the mind to be contented with first thoughts without choice or selection.

  14. That a premature disposition to a masterly dexterity be repressed.

  15. Hannah soon earned the praises of the officers for her dexterity in washing, mending, and cooking.

  16. I very soon was perfect," she adds, "and applauded by my officers for my dexterity in going through it.

  17. The color, stripe, and varnish job calls for no little dexterity in many cases, in placing the color directly over a hard, flinty surface of paint and varnish and making it stay for a reasonable term of service.

  18. These conditions, therefore, warrant the painter who deeply desires to command profits and success in cutter and sleigh painting, in cultivating a ready skill and dexterity along the lines of ornamental work.

  19. He ran at any one, when confined in the yard, with as much fury as a lion or tiger would have done, and he used his teeth and fore feet with as much dexterity as if he had been trained up to it from a colt.

  20. The dexterity and unexpectedness of the tale excite and entertain.

  21. It sometimes seems as if the whole tendency of modern life were in the direction of cultivating mental dexterity until the need of also learning mental concentration is in danger of being overlooked.

  22. A fondness for the latter is characteristic of the Spanish race every where; but in Peru the chief attraction is not the dexterity and courage of the performers, but the agony of the victims.

  23. I am willing to admit every degree of merit to the manual dexterity of the cloistered student.

  24. Tschudi, a recent German traveler, relates an instance which came under his own observation, which shows the certainty and dexterity with which the feat is performed.

  25. His great dexterity was in the art of special pleading, and he would lay snares that often caught his superiors, who were not aware of his traps.

  26. He first attacked the flag-ship of the vice-admiral Recaldo, and with such vigor and dexterity as to excite great alarm in the Spanish fleet.

  27. He was keen of intellect, active of frame, and showed such wonderful dexterity in manly exercises as to become unrivalled in the use of arms.

  28. He felt that at this giddy height neither dexterity nor audacity were of the slightest use to him.

  29. The master-painter controls the collectivity as well as the individual; he dissects the soul of the multitude, the spirit of the nation, with the same energy and dexterity as that of one man.

  30. Gogol, like Cervantes, shows less dexterity in depicting feminine than masculine types, except in the case of the grotesque, where he also resembles the creator of Maritornes and Teresa Panza.

  31. By the side of these evidences of dexterity and cleverness, some of the stratagems recounted of the times of our own Carlist war seem mere child's play.

  32. It is vigorous and powerful in no ordinary degree, and the sophistry of art, and the dexterity of learning, are often foiled and defeated {375} by the unaided and spontaneous efforts of his native good sense.

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