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Example sentences for "dexterously"

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dexar; dextera; dexterities; dexterity; dexterous; dextra; dextral; dextram; dextrin; dextrine
  1. My desire to become acquainted with such things he used very dexterously to divert my attention by sending me forth as his dun, and to turn me away from my intention.

  2. As the Journal proceeds, you will see how dexterously he works the machinery which his letter has set in motion.

  3. In saying those few first words, he did it so dexterously that I could have sworn--if I had not seen him standing before me--Oscar was in the room.

  4. He was called upon to do so, and dexterously did he execute his design.

  5. By this appeal for help my companion dexterously turned the conversation, so that no further questions were asked about who set free the blacks.

  6. When the time came for leaving, one of the deputies dexterously left upon the table a bag containing six hundred pounds in money.

  7. First, he dexterously laid himself upon his back along the pole on top of the ladder.

  8. This it enjoys in a high degree, dexterously throwing with its horn the water and slime, when not of a sufficient depth to cover it, over its back and sides.

  9. Hall had dexterously succeeded in getting his steamer through the stakes by the same opening through which the junks had passed, and which barely afforded room for her paddle-boxes.

  10. They were all very neatly and cleanly dressed, and immediately set their fans most dexterously to work, taking their stations behind each person of the party.

  11. The Son of God descended upon earth to abolish his temple and his law; and, for the accomplishment of this salutary end, he dexterously transferred to his own person the hope and prediction of a temporal Messiah.

  12. The humanity of his predecessors had always remitted, in some auspicious circumstance of their reign, the arrears of the public tribute, and they dexterously assumed the merit of resigning those claims which it was impracticable to enforce.

  13. Vanquished in battle, he dexterously employed the arts of negotiation; a Roman army was seduced from their allegiance, and the chiefs who had trusted to his faithless promise were murdered by his order in a church of Numidia.

  14. These seasonable aids, the use and reputation of which were dexterously managed by the Roman general, revived the courage, or at least the hopes, of the soldiers and people.

  15. We have seen the beautiful Electress zealously soliciting Friedrich for help in that project; Friedrich, in a dexterously graceful manner, altogether declining.

  16. In this position she dexterously barred the only passage by which Mrs. Lecount could have skirted round the large table and contrived to front Magdalen by taking a chair at her master's side.

  17. This way," said the captain, dexterously profiting by the sudden change in her humor, and cunningly refraining from exasperating it by saying more himself.

  18. He smiled and smirked in the highest approval of the ingenuity of his own compliment--from which Captain Wragge dexterously diverted the housekeeper's attention by ranging himself on her side of the path and speaking to her at the same moment.

  19. But this maid was very useful in the family, in dexterously tending old Mr. Sedley, who kept almost entirely to his own quarter of the house and never mixed in any of the gay doings which took place there.

  20. In order to get this into the liver, make an incision with a narrow sharp knife, and without enlarging the aperture where the blade entered, move the point dexterously to and fro, to enlarge the cavity inside.

  21. While the former, well satisfied with the result of his day’s sport, is busy putting up his rod and tackle, the designing elder dexterously substitutes his own string of minnows for the other’s store of fine perch.

  22. Take it up with the perforated dasher, turning it dexterously just below the surface of the butter-milk, to catch every stray bit.

  23. When done, lay a hot dish bottom upward on the top of the pan, and dexterously upset the latter to bring the browned side of the omelette uppermost.

  24. Have ready a hot dish; turn out the pancake upon it, cover with powdered sugar, and roll up dexterously like a sheet of paper.

  25. He never felt the burden of great riches; as soon as he was safe he seemed to change his nature, and became the most dexterously benevolent of men.

  26. The heads of these canes were dexterously carved to imitate snakes, snapping turtles, eagles' heads, and Indian faces.

  27. He immediately turned, and dexterously catching the parasol as it swiftly glided past him, swam towards the ladies with the rescued article, carried dog-fashion, between his teeth.

  28. Her back was towards him, and dexterously abstracting the aforementioned placard from the side of the heifer, he transferred it to the shawl of his unsuspecting victim, just where its ample folds comfortably encased her broad shoulders.

  29. Two of these being filled, are dexterously placed with their mouths together and then luted with loam.

  30. At the end of this time the film of mould which has formed on the surface is dexterously and carefully removed, without breaking it or disturbing the liquid beneath it.

  31. But at lunch not a word was spoken about Donnegan even after she had dexterously introduced the subject twice.

  32. He drained his own glass, and Donnegan dexterously followed the example.

  33. The white man dexterously avoided the blow: the butt end of the musket, falling violently on the planks, was smashed, and the weapon was dashed out of Tamango's hand.

  34. With his left hand he worked the gun and with his right he used the sword so dexterously that he attracted a crowd of negroes round him.

  35. Tom ran to assist his brother, but could scarcely believe his eyes when he saw the little fellow had caught the fawn by the tail, and was struggling to hold the agile creature, forgetting how dexterously the deer can use his heels.

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