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Example sentences for "dexterous"

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dewy; dexar; dextera; dexterities; dexterity; dexterously; dextra; dextral; dextram; dextrin
  1. This individual is believed to possess a magic influence over wild animals and snakes, and often comes out in public as a dexterous snake-charmer.

  2. An unwilling sheep was pushed into the ring, and the giant, after much struggling, tossed the animal bodily over his head with a dexterous fling that convinced most of the onlookers that he had really performed the feat with his teeth.

  3. The men watch at night the fields of the farmers, but they are not so dexterous at this as the Cad Curubaru.

  4. Mr. Fairfax lost four or five games in succession, excusing his own careless play every time by some dexterous compliment to his betrothed.

  5. Kendall, the chief of the Kitchen Cabinet, had once been tutor to Mr. Clay's children, and had won the favor of Jackson by lending a dexterous hand in carrying Kentucky against his benefactor.

  6. Jimsy, with a dexterous outward thrust of his foot, tripped the fleeing man, who came down heavily in the center of the road and started howling for mercy.

  7. Then, with a dexterous movement, Peggy threw in the spark and turned on the gasoline which the spark would ignite, thereby causing an explosion in the cylinders.

  8. The insurgents, led by dexterous intriguers, but without a great soldier at their head, could not approach the river; and those who came down from the opulent centre of the city missed their opportunity.

  9. It is in this way that the roguery of a very dexterous thief resulted in the opening of the imperial archives, in which the authentic records of the Revolution are deposited.

  10. Some day a dexterous hand might be laid on the excluded multitude congregated at Paris, to overthrow the government of the middle class.

  11. Therefore the power which the Feuillants acquired by their very dexterous management of the situation produced by the king's flight could not last; their radical opponents had time on their side, and they had logic.

  12. The burly labourers of the old Victorian times had followed that dray horse and all such living force producers, to extinction; the place of his costly muscles was taken by some dexterous machine.

  13. The little group of appliances for telegraphic communication attracted the Master so strongly that his delightfully prepared dinner, served by a number of charmingly dexterous girls, waited for a space.

  14. This was a dexterous mode of description, for the purpose of his argument; for what he alluded to was, a Sermon published by the learned Dr.

  15. Garrick professed to wonder by what artifice he could be introduced; but Mallet let him know, that by a dexterous anticipation he should fix him in a conspicuous place.

  16. They are preferred to men, on account of their being naturally more dexterous with their fingers, and therefore being found to require less training.

  17. Some are engaged in spinning, and a dexterous woman will keep from forty to fifty spindles in constant motion, some at carding, some at balling.

  18. We employ 850 women, and have them in preference to men, because they are more dexterous with the needle.

  19. A tasteful and dexterous trimmer can generally secure a good place and fair wages, but the majority of milliner girls are apt to be out of employment, except in the spring and fall.

  20. Transplanting Transplanting is always the work of women, since they are recognized as quicker and more dexterous in most work with the hands than are the men.

  21. When the pellicle has been pounded loose the grain is winnowed on a large round tray by a series of dexterous movements, removing all chaff and dirt with scarcely the loss of a kernel of good rice.

  22. A dexterous savage will lay a wager, at short shots, against many riflemen.

  23. A dexterous hunter will sometimes 'crawl upon' a gang of buffalo, on a perfectly level plain.

  24. These fingers of his were peculiarly dexterous to look at, and had even an unnecessary braggadocio air of dexterity when he was engaged in his favourite occupation.

  25. Then the dexterous management of a few individuals, base or dull, was the only means of success.

  26. Princes and nobles indulge in it, and even become dexterous at it.

  27. I have mentioned them, partly, that they may be compared with the dexterous doings of the neighbouring Chinese, whose skill in the chopping-off line is beyond description.

  28. Dangerfield, a subtle and dexterous man, who .

  29. He was very dexterous in avoiding saying that he would have no securities; but I think it is clear that is now his meaning.

  30. He next twisted the heavy gyves round and round, and partly by main strength, partly by a dexterous and well-applied jerk, snapped asunder the central link, by which they were attached to the padlock.

  31. She was exceedingly dexterous at this sort of work, and would have proved a formidable rival to many a juggler by profession.

  32. Military) Coup de manchette, certain dexterous cut of the sword on the wrist which puts one hors de combat.

  33. In the war of ideas, any party which imposes restraints on others to which it does not subject itself, is guilty of persecution; and the finest phrases, and the most dexterous special pleading, cannot alter the fact.

  34. By dexterous manoeuvring and skilful pleading, that litigious man, as the Tories call him, had managed to get two counts struck out of our Indictment.

  35. Nothing can be more difficult than to receive your letters; so that if Mr. de Valmont was not so complaisant and dexterous as he is, I should not know what to do; and it is still more difficult to write to you.

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