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Example sentences for "brainy"

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brained; braines; braining; brainless; brains; braise; braised; braising; braized; brak
  1. She'd get engaged to some brainy clever chap worth a dozen of his own mediocre self.

  2. But everything will adjust itself in time and the theatrical syndicate, headed by the brainy Erlanger, will destroy all enemies of the drama.

  3. Ryley, ordinarily a brainy chap, showed unexpected lack of appreciation of talent and refused point blank to produce the farce if the young woman from America appeared in it.

  4. I wandered round to Comrade Rossiter's desk just now with a rather brainy excursus on "The Eternal City", and was received with the Impatient Frown rather than the Glad Eye.

  5. A brainy and admirable step,' said Psmith, approvingly.

  6. I followed him to the card-room, and watched his very remarkable and brainy tactics at bridge, and he accused me of causing him to revoke.

  7. Gentlemen, I am what would be called a poor but brainy man.

  8. You may say what you will, or think as highly as you like of your own place in society, but the world is not run or pushed on by the brainy people.

  9. We have made some of the brainy people understand this already, but the hound is still chasing the hare, and he is several jumps behind.

  10. You're that delightful, sensible, really brainy girl with the smooth black hair.

  11. Well, there are no brainy men in our set.

  12. She's a brainy woman, but she'd be a damn sight brainier if she kept her mouth shut and didn't let so much of her brains ooze out that way.

  13. Calibree is a good man, and you'll find his wife is a mighty brainy little woman, bright as a dollar.

  14. The brainy woman will have to marry the manly man.

  15. Off his eschaipe out off that cumpany, Rycht wondyr glaid was this gud chewalry: 535 Fra tyme thai wyst that Wallace leiffand was, Gude expensis till him thai maid to pass.

  16. Got to have a brainy man over there day after to-morrer.

  17. I always did hold Spackles was a brainy cuss.

  18. Also, my brainy friend, if our launch is where we left it, you may be sure there is a police guard there waiting for us to return.

  19. You went ahead on your thieving way, and I told you that no criminal could be successful for always, no matter how brainy a man, and that some day you'd make a mistake.

  20. You and I are the brainy unstable kind, topside or nothing.

  21. Over the mantel is a huge lump of white coral rock and several big fossil bones, and above that hangs the portrait of a brainy gentleman, sliced in half and displaying an interior of intricate detail and much vigour of coloring.

  22. We need more brainy men with nerve enough to stand up and insist upon a consideration of the welfare of our properties ten, twenty or fifty years hence.

  23. Perhaps all this is a happen so; perhaps much of it is due to big, brainy men whose policies were not narrowed by specialization in departments.

  24. Some of the worst rotters the world has ever been cursed with have been brainy enough--men and women.

  25. It seems her father wasn't brainy and her mother was.

  26. I'm not too sure that you like brainy men.

  27. Brainy fellows like us," he explained, "just seem to need more rest.

  28. It was splendid, brainy work, Joe, and I'll never forget it.

  29. His weakest spot was the keystone bag, but he's made a deal with Chicago this winter and got Ebers, the most brainy man who ever played second base.

  30. Half an hour in the society of this over-trained young person left one exhausted and disillusioned with brainy women.

  31. As a rule the brainy people of the world are not born of very youthful parents; you will find youth gives physique, maturity gives brains to offspring.

  32. He was Everson when he sat down to the table that morning, and he was still Everson when he left the room, though why this little brainy Crab should have gotten off without a nickname is far beyond me.

  33. Gibbs, big, strong, and brainy as lots of these boys are who came from Canada, was pretty tired from the long ride with no activity, and at bedtime went to bed and to sleep with no apparent thought of the hard work before him the next day.

  34. Building a Channel Tunnel is as big a job as building the Gigantic any day, and Hare is as brainy as Tom Arthurs!

  35. We're a brainy lot of lads, and I'm the brainiest of the lot!

  36. He was a very brainy man, and a good citizen.

  37. They're brainy men languishing under an effete system which, when you take good holt of it, is England--just all England.

  38. The World Managed by Fat People ΒΆ When he is brainy the fat man never stays in the lower ranks of subordinates.

  39. Thus they miss many of the good things less brainy and more aggressive people gain.

  40. Of course you're twice her age, but that don't count with brainy people.

  41. Nothing ages a man so quick as to let his muscles sag on him--but you brainy people always forget you've got muscles except in your heads.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "brainy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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