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Example sentences for "headed"

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headboards; headborough; headdress; headdresses; heade; headedness; header; headers; heades; headfirst
  1. Indian Elephant-headed divinity), with tusks 10 feet long, to be seen at the British Museum of Natural History.

  2. Dorsal surface of bones of right anterior limb of Round-headed Dolphin (Globicephalus melas).

  3. There are traces to be observed of the double-headed attachment of the ribs to the sternum.

  4. The Doctor was a well-known character in the streets of Liverpool in the early part of this century, and in his daily promenade always carried an elaborate gold-headed cane.

  5. He had robbed three traps within the distance of a mile, and he was headed again straight over the trap line for Post Lac Bain.

  6. He headed due south, traveling so fast that at times he was lost to Carvel's sight.

  7. When he stopped, he was well out of the canyon and headed for the beaver pond.

  8. England would have had Italy submit to that Austrian rule which had been established over her by English influence in 1814, when even the perverse, pig-headed Francis II.

  9. At this time a plausible-looking, bald-headed man joined us, evidently waiting to take a part in the conversation.

  10. I fear I was given to hot-headed actions, otherwise I should never have dared to run the risk of arousing suspicion in Bullen's mind as I did during the hours that followed.

  11. I haven't yet told that thick-headed fool Redway about the fellow watching me in London.

  12. We shall have a swarm of thick-headed bunglers over here to-morrow.

  13. So I turned and walked up the corridor of the east wing to that fine long old room with its thousands of rare volumes that had been the chief delight of the white-headed old peer who had spent the evening of his days in study.

  14. The single window in the south wall is round-headed internally, and is partially splayed on one side and not at all on the other: indeed the wall here appears to have undergone some alteration.

  15. In the stage above are three round-headed windows with a shaft in either jamb and foliage on the capitals.

  16. Opposite to the blocked window already mentioned, which has an aumbry east of it, there is a late square-headed window of two lights, whose arches do not reach quite up to the lintel, but are connected with it by short perpendiculars.

  17. East of the above window a square-headed doorway opens into the apsidal chamber enclosed by the corner buttress.

  18. In the east wall there is also a round-headed recess of larger size, the meaning of which will be discussed later.

  19. They are as usual round-headed and plainly splayed, and their sills descend to the string-course in steps.

  20. To the right of this entrance is a square-headed lavatory with a projecting rectangular basin and a hole knocked through into the lobby behind.

  21. The trouble is that some of the hot-headed youngsters want to hold the poor niggers responsible, as I said just now, and the niggers are no more to blame than the chicken in a new-laid egg.

  22. He was glad to feel that his own views were also those of this keen, practical, hard-headed man of the world.

  23. Tidwell, who was the red-headed girl that raved so about Tolliver's curls?

  24. Minervy Ann found out where he was headed for, and I've followed him over here.

  25. An instant later he was himself down on all-fours, headed away from her and flinging his feet at her simultaneously and successively.

  26. In another dance, the pirouette and other figures dear to the bald-headed beaux of the modern play-house, were practiced in the familiar way.

  27. In the former there is a singular regularity to be observed, which led hard-headed old Leibnitz to the theory that our delight in music arises from an inherent affection for mathematics.

  28. In this book they form a party of five, including Jimmy Stone and Bret Hartson, boys of Ralph's age, and a shrewd level-headed sailor named Stanley Greene.

  29. Then, arranging to have the robbers sent to Harmolet for trial as soon as they were well enough, the boys and the professor entered the Comet and headed her once more back toward the farmhouse.

  30. This checked it almost like a brake, and, when he had considerably reduced the momentum, he shifted the rudder lines, and once more headed for the earth.

  31. With uplifted net the scientist headed for the very end of the Comet.

  32. He pressed down the accelerator pedal of the machine and headed the car for a narrow space that showed between the load of hay and the side rails of a bridge that the farm wagon was just crossing.

  33. Accordingly the Comet was headed for the strange aircraft which was slowly skimming along over the big meadow, at no great distance above the ground.

  34. A moment later the craft was a little steadier, for Jerry had headed her up into the eye of the wind, and her bow instead of the side was taking the breaking waves.

  35. On reaching the church porch, we found the parson rebuking the gray-headed sexton for having used mistletoe among the greens with which the church was decorated.

  36. In his place we find Psmith the hard-headed sub-editor.

  37. Immediately his "first sponsor" presents himself, a white-headed knight, a maternal uncle.

  38. Another weapon not infrequently used was the mace, an iron-headed war club with a fairly long handle.

  39. Shall the two-headed eagle, Marked with her double blow, Drink of her milk through all those hearts Whose blood he bids to flow?

  40. He had been known to be the unhappy man's friend, and because he headed the list with his fifty pounds it was said that no one liked to outdo that donation.

  41. He was thinking, Mrs. Day knew, of the fifty pounds which had headed the subscription-list.

  42. After all the girl is a lady," he said to himself, and the thought crossed his mind: was his empty-headed young brother likely to marry a better woman than this?

  43. The twins are far too clear-headed to be Potterites in that sense.

  44. But then her family are hard-headed business people, quite different from me.

  45. Their lion or eagle-headed prows tossed high in the air clouds of white spray.

  46. It had four short masts, and upon each top thereof a huge castle containing a score of Libyan bowmen with steel-headed arrows.

  47. Other sacred processions came advancing along all the streets, headed by their chiefs, each escorting the god of their temple in a gorgeous shrine, blazing with the radiance of precious stones.

  48. The miracle which destroyed their cattle was aimed at Apis, and Mnevis, and Amun, the ram-headed god of Thebes, and at the entire system of their worship of animals.

  49. But even admitting this as their avowed and chief object, they pursue it in an altogether wrong-headed and short-sighted way.

  50. Such a yell, right in his road, astonished him, and, as I expected, he headed sharp back.

  51. He then adduces the examples of the Hawk-Indra, from the Rig Veda, and of the Hawk-headed Osiris, both of them indubitably personifications of the sun.

  52. We headed them by a hundred and forty-seven; and then they gave in, as well they might.

  53. The Duke of Orleans and numbers of the hot-headed young nobles clamoured to be allowed to charge the English.

  54. The girl was fair too, though not so fair as her mother, and that curly-headed young esquire is of English stock too.

  55. Sir Eustace had taken the command at the rear, while Jean Bouvard headed the defence on the side opposite to that at which Guy was fighting.

  56. Passing along steadily and in good order, and headed as before by the knights of the Duke of Burgundy's household, they drew up before the palace of the Duke of Aquitaine.

  57. Already the adventurers had left behind the creatures of their kind, for Silvertip at the wheel was headed out into the lonely North Pacific, laying his course for the Island of Kon Klayu.

  58. The following morning found Ellen and her sister in hip rubber boots belonging to their men, headed for Sunset Point.

  59. Loll, however, was already headed for the first camp-site made when landing on the northeast side of the Island.

  60. He headed for the tundra and was startled by coming suddenly upon the skeleton of a whale whitening in the sand where an extra high tide had thrown the creature long ago.

  61. I was headed for there, too," he said simply, indicating the tree down the trail.

  62. The vessel swung gently until the bow headed into the current of the incoming tide.

  63. They headed for the windy heights overlooking the ocean, where nodding tundra grass fringed the space beyond.

  64. Also it had swerved in its course and now, broadside to the Island, it was headed south.

  65. With Harlan between the two front handles and Boreland at the rear, the odd vehicle was headed toward home.

  66. Leaving him busy with the frying-pan they headed northward toward the long sand-spit that pointed like an accusing finger in the direction of the mainland ninety miles away.

  67. One day Jean and Harlan were racing along the beach headed for the south cliffs to make their accustomed search.

  68. Kayak Bill, his hand on the tiller and his face turned resolutely away, headed the pathetic craft out into the treacherously smiling North Pacific and laid his course for Katleean.

  69. Loll tucked his nightgown up under his arm and headed for that unexplored territory, talking to Kobuk as he skipped along.

  70. All at once I saw a venerable, bald-headed old man coming down on me.

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