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  1. The cliffs along the St. Lawrence and those along the tributary river St. Charles had three accessible points, guarded at the present day by the Prescott Gate, the Hope Gate, and the Palace Gate.

  2. Carmel, and thence to the brink of the cliffs in front.

  3. A good deal of lime is prepared in this Kioukdweng, and some portions of it in the rugged serrated appearance, remind one of the limestone cliffs on the coast.

  4. Watercourses as high up cliffs and hills as 100 feet above the river.

  5. The cliffs in which, or at the foot of which the coal is found, bound the Churra cantonments to the Westward.

  6. These cliffs in some places have suffered little from the action of the elements, as testified by the perfect nature of the opening of the caves, and the corners, etc.

  7. All the hills on the north side of the valley disintegrate on their south faces, forming cliffs of partial extent.

  8. Bold precipices of limestone cliffs ascend on either side of Sir-i-Chushme; then a little below, very copious springs issue from limestone.

  9. In these places they look much like sandstone, the fragments at the base of the cliffs are clayey, mixed with brown angular masses, occasionally shingle, and indeed, a low ridge near the north side of the range is chiefly of shingle.

  10. This gorge is the finest and boldest we have seen, the rocks forming precipitous cliffs 2,400 feet high, which often hem in the road, and confine it to a breadth of a few feet, sufficient merely for a gun to pass.

  11. From this point onward both the valley and the cliffs are filled with the traces of a numerous population, every mile of travel bringing many fresh ones into sight.

  12. Along the ledges of the cliffs on the right bits of ruinous masonry are detected here and there, but for a time there is nothing to excite close attention.

  13. On our side of the vast gorge the foot of the various precipices and cliffs was covered with detritus, making, near the bottom, a considerable slope, on which grew many evergreen trees.

  14. On the sides of the savage cliffs that wall in or overarch the canons are scattered in every crevice and wrinkle those strange and picturesque ruins which give us the name "Cliff-dwellers" to distinguish this long-forgotten people.

  15. More thunder and crash; more heaping up of resinous logs from the cliffs above them.

  16. Watch the overhanging cliffs and support as best you can.

  17. On my way I saw Jaffa, standing at the foot of the ladder, aiming at the top of the cliffs with a rifle.

  18. Looking inshore I could see the cutter pulling in under those cliffs from which that Afghan had fired at us.

  19. He looked so sad and "rigid" as the cliffs opened out and he saw the blackened mass of woodwork, all that remained of the dhow which had caused that tragedy of the morning, that I felt very nervous to leave him alone for the night.

  20. However, he only smiled a superior smile and patted his rifle, so I left him complacently oblivious to his danger, and took the Bunder Abbas through the channel in the cliffs out into the open sea once more.

  21. Sending back a message of thanks, and dragging them aboard, I went ahead again, wound my way through that extraordinary channel in the cliffs to the open sea, and by sunset found myself once more anchored in Muscat harbour.

  22. Another night he became talkative and began: "You remember that chap who fired at us--the first time we shoved our nose under the cliffs at Sheikh Hill?

  23. I kept wide of the cliffs (from which a terrific fire burst out) until the beach and the dhow herself came in full view.

  24. The dinghy was on our shore side, away from the cliffs and sheltered from fire.

  25. It was late in the afternoon when you could see, in the sunbeams over the shaded ravine, every insect; not a breath of air stirring the leaves, and the great cliffs overhanging, as if just ready to fall.

  26. On the cliffs overhanging the modern town of Maryport, are the manifest remains of a large Roman station.

  27. The traveller may here with advantage go to the north of the Wall, in order to examine the geological character of the cliffs he has passed; they are seen 'to rise in rude and pillared majesty.

  28. A difficulty will here present itself to nearly every mind; why was the Wall drawn along the cliffs at all?

  29. He came to Britain panting for renown--he resolved to reduce the whole island to his subjection--to make the sea-girt cliffs of Northern Caledonia his barrier.

  30. The stone used in the inside of the walls of the station, and for other ordinary purposes, has been quarried out of the cliffs in the sandstone ridge, along which the present military road passes.

  31. Between the cliffs and the river lay a strand covered with walnuts and other trees.

  32. On the strand between the water and the cliffs Champlain's axemen fell to their work.

  33. Above the point of the Island of Orleans, a constriction of the vast channel narrows it to less than a mile, with the green heights of Point Levi on one side, and on the other the cliffs of Quebec.

  34. But skill or fortune prevailed; and, on the first of September, the voyagers reached in safety the gorge of the gloomy Saguenay, with its towering cliffs and sullen depth of waters.

  35. In the still anchorage under the cliffs lay Pontgrave's vessel, and at her side another ship, which proved to be a Basque furtrader.

  36. Mules, however, are very surefooted; and will often clamber along the most craggy cliffs with nearly as much security as the goat.

  37. The cliffs which overhang this place are composed of red clay and gypsum, and capped with a stratum of the latter.

  38. The craggy cliffs which project from these mountains render the eastern bank of the river altogether impassable.

  39. The whole country seemed based upon this fossil, and cliffs and huge masses of it were seen in every direction.

  40. A small island near Skye, named Fladda-huna, is a great breeding haunt of Puffins, a species which arrives in the earlier part of May, literally covering the rocks and ledgy cliffs with its feathered thousands.

  41. In Scotland there are many large colonies, also in the cliffs by Flamborough Head, and on the Farne Islands.

  42. It builds its nest either in forests, choosing the summit of the loftiest trees, or among inaccessible cliffs overhanging the sea.

  43. Four patrols were pushed forward and found the ground clear to the bottom of the ridge, and as soon as the artillery had finished they scaled the cliffs and looked over the top into open country stretching away to Ali el Muntar.

  44. The preliminary move was to a position of readiness under the cliffs on the shore about 800 yards from the ford.

  45. Water was boiled in the shelter of the cliffs and tea was issued to the men, who were very glad to get it.

  46. On our flanks we were shut in by cliffs along the Aegean Sea on the left, and along the Dardanelles on our right.

  47. The sides of these nullahs were sheer cliffs often fifteen feet or more in depth so that they became really formidable obstacles to progress, though excellent places for shelter from artillery fire.

  48. We used to watch the big shells bursting over the cliffs and wonder how life could be possible on the beaches below.

  49. Under the shelter of the cliffs we had some tea and filled our water bottles, and then listened to the noise of battle, wondering vainly what was happening.

  50. But in the countries where hard limestone rocks prevail, in the ancient Peloponnesus, along the coast of Argolis and Arcadia, three and even four ranges of ancient sea-cliffs are well preserved, which Messrs.

  51. Bristow, at the suggestion of Sir Roderick Murchison, in consequence of their conspicuous appearance and well-exposed sections in the bold headlands and cliffs of that locality, in the British Channel, west of Cardiff.

  52. In the cliffs near Lyme Regis coprolites are abundant in the Liassic formation, and have been found disseminated through the shales and limestones along many miles of that coast.

  53. But there they begin and end, being scarcely recognisable except in Dorsetshire, in the sea-cliffs of which they were first studied.

  54. Under the cliffs at Whitstable an oval-shaped flint-tool was found in what had probably been a fresh-water deposit, and in which bones of the Bear and Elephant were also discovered.

  55. The second section of this series consists of the oolitic limestone of Portland, which is quarried in the Isle of Portland and in the cliffs of the Isle of Purbeck in Dorsetshire, and also at Chilmark in the Vale of Wardour, in Wiltshire.

  56. The cliffs and river sweep round the angle and shut in this retired nook, which, thus separated from the world, appears a fit resting-place for those whose waking will be in a world more glorious than this.

  57. The cliffs are covered with forests of oak, beech, and other fine trees.

  58. Precipitous cliffs shut in this beautiful valley, round which a brooklet runs singing.

  59. There is a fine view from the cliffs behind the cloister, and the walk hence to Beilstein is very agreeable, as the banks are all richly wooded, and of a great height.

  60. Sheltered by the hills which rise at its back, it faces the bold cliffs that now have arisen on the left bank of our river.

  61. There was a short cut across the park, and she and Columbus took it, hastening over the dewy grass till they reached a path that led to the cliffs and the shore.

  62. Their career of conquest, from the rock of Gibraltar to the cliffs of the Pyrenees, was as rapid and brilliant as the Moslem victories of Syria and Egypt.

  63. Cliffs they saw in plenty, but as yet none enclosing a valley so as to imprison an unfortunate aeronaut, whose runaway balloon had dropped with him into its depths.

  64. Didn't we conquer one battery of cliffs that were said to be insurmountable, when we sailed in our dandy little monoplane up to the crown of Old Thunder Top, and snatched that silver cup for a prize?

  65. So, guided by the master hand of Frank Bird, the aeroplane rose above the line of those hateful and cruel cliffs and for the first time since his captivity the man of science saw the blessed outside world again.

  66. The night was so clear that I was able to make some outline sketches of the cliffs from the ranch where we changed mules.

  67. In company with a throng of men of all races, all tongues, and all trades, such as a Californian steamer can alone collect, I came coasting southward under the cliffs of Lower California.

  68. No more cliffs and canyons--all is rounded, soft, and warm.

  69. Close on our right hand rose the Government bush out of which we get our firewood, standing grand and gloomy amid huge cliffs and crags; even the summer sunshine could not enliven it, nor the twitter and chirrup of countless birds.

  70. In the afternoon I went for a walk alone along the cliffs and passed the place where we began Les Miserables.

  71. Mrs Housman took me to the cliffs and began reading out Les Miserables, which I have never read.

  72. Millions of rivers have run into it, yet it is not over full; cliffs have been wearing away and falling into it for six thousand years, yet is it not filled up.

  73. She was always ready for a clamber along the cliffs with him, or a ride across the bare country on her sure-footed little pony.

  74. Between the cliffs and the road the sides of the island gradually increased in slope and became more and more wooded with the thick, gnarled, and stunted growth peculiar to the islands of this salt lake, the Basin of Minas.

  75. The summit was wooded like the cliffs on either hand along the shore followed by the boat.

  76. Here and there the crown of forest extended down the face of the cliffs like a cape, while in other places the soil was red and stood out in sharp contrast to the black or darker portions of the trap formations.

  77. Their merry laughter echoed along the cliffs after this speech.

  78. All are at one now, roses and lovers, Not known of the cliffs and the fields and the sea.

  79. Her children, hid The cliffs amid, Are gamboling with the gamboling kid; Or down the walls, With tipsy calls, Laugh on the rocks like waterfalls.

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